8 Weird Photos That Shouldn’t Exist

These photos are bizarre!

From a photo of an eerie alien visitor to to a mysterious monster seen lurking near the Great Wall of China, we take a look at 8 weird photos that simply shouldn’t exist.

8. Alien Visitor


In early 2018 a father submitted this eerie photo to Reddit asking the community for an explanation.

The user, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he was taking some photos of his son. He took a whole series of pictures of his boy playing around the living room.

Several hours later, when the user reviewed the photos, he was shocked to discover one image that seemed to show a mysterious figure standing in the room behind his son.

The photo clearly shows a humanoid figure with a long, slender neck and a small, bulbous head. It has large black eyes and looks to be wearing a silver shirt with black pants or a skirt. It’s legs are distorted, short and thin.

The user said he was terrified someone had broken into their house as he was adamant it was just him and his son home at the time. The dad quickly searched all the rooms looking for someone that had entered their home. However, there was no one to be found anywhere.

Once he thoroughly searched his house and property, he sat down and took another look at the photo. It was at this point he almost fainted at the realisation that it wasn’t a thief or human intruder. The Reddit user now believes he was visited by an extraterrestrial. He is convinced that the strange proportions of the visitor and deep black eyes have to be that of an alien from outer space.

Fellow Reddit commentators agreed that the figure was unusual and couldn’t quite explain the image.

A whole slew of explanations were considered including ghosts, ghouls, aliens and even angels. More level headed viewers suggested that it might be a glitch in the camera, merging another image with this one. Others said it was an outright hoax, blaming Photoshop for the whole thing.

So what do you think? Has the camera captured the split second an alien visitor appeared or is there another explanation?

7. The Notice

Here is one of many weird photos that shouldn't exist.

Imagine walking along a street walled in by tall apartments only to see this very unsettling notice sticky-taped to a pole:

‘While you are reading this there is a man in one of the windows high above you who is taking your photograph. He will then make a wee model of you and put it with other wee models of other people then he plays weird games with them.’

It’s enough to make anyone’s skin crawl.

6. Ghost in the Mirror


In January, 2015 Japanese pop star Sayaka Yamamoto posted this eerie photo to her Twitter.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when the member of girl band NMB48 tweeted to her audience saying she was about to eat some Strawberry Daifuku:

‘Today is the Night together! Strawberry Daifuku and Kishino (^ ω ^)’

However, moments after the tweet went live, several fans noticed something unusual in the photo. If you take a look in the mirror at the rear of the room it appears to show an extra person sitting in the vacant seat next to Yamamoto. In the reflection you can see the back of the pop star’s head and to her right there is another long haired figure but in the foreground the seat is completely empty.

According to Japanese folklore, mirrors can sometimes reflect images of spirits that have unresolved energy – ghostly entities that are trapped in limbo.

What do you think has been captured in this mysterious photo?

Experts who have analysed the image have struggled to provide a reasonable explanation. One professional even admitted if it’s a Photoshop job it’s one of the finest he’s ever seen.

Several journalists contacted Yamamoto for further comment but she declined to elaborate.

Could this Japanese pop star have really captured a spirit on camera? Is this a soul lingering in the room trying to make contact?

5. Photo Appears Out of Nowhere

This is one of many real, creepy photos that will give you chills

This chilling photo was uploaded to Reddit in 2013.

The user said he found it inexplicably in a drawer in his grandmas house. No one in the family could explain it or identify the woman in the photo. What makes this far worse is what the poster said happened the night before discovering this creepy photo.

He said he was staying at this grandmother’s house which the family hadn’t visited in many years. During the first night there, he woke up at around 3:00 am to a creaking door sound. He assumed it was his sister but realised the door to the room was closed. When he opened his eyes to have a look he said he saw the partial figure of a girl float towards his bed. She was pale and translucent and hard to focus on.

His breathing became tight and restricted as the figure eerily hovered towards an old cabinet in the corner of the room. The strange presence vanished and he ran out of the room immediately.

The following day, he told his mum and grandma about the encounter. They said they didn’t know what it could be maybe he should ask his uncle about the incident.

Later that afternoon while looking for a pen, the Reddit user opened a drawer and discovered this photo. His heart nearly stopped right then and there as the photo had a similar energy to the figure that had visited him the night before. On the back of the photo was the single word ‘look’, scrawled in pen.

When he asked his uncle about the photo and the incident, his uncle believed him immediately saying he had all kinds of strange encounters in the house. Once he had workmen renovating the house leave in a hurry saying they couldn’t work in the building after some kind of incident. He found shattered glass in his garage along with a single shackle found in the attic that he said mysteriously vanished.

No one in the family can explain the photo or where it came from and they have absolutely no idea who the woman in the photograph might be.


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