Underwater Dogs in Swimming Pools

Dogs underwater! Enjoy!

These underwater dogs in swimming pools will make you laugh and then cry…with more laughter. There is nothing more awkwardly adorable than submerged pooches chasing their balls!

This dog is too excited to be in the pool!
Underwater dogs in swimming pools are hilarious.


This pooch loves his ball way too much!

Underwater dogs chasing tennis balls.


This dog never misses a photo opportunity.

Underwater dog with a ring in his mouth.


‘Look Mummy, I can swim! I’m a big dog now!’

Dog chasing tennis ball underwater.

Frenchie Mania

This dog is too thirsty after his run!

A dog stepping into a pool to get a tennis ball.


This puppy is just a natural poser!

Cute puppy dog swimming underwater.


There is nothing more clumsy and adorable than a Boxer in water!  

Boxer dog underwater in the swimming pool.


This dog has a face that only a tennis ball could love.

Dog biting tennis ball underwater.

La Razon

This dog just doesn’t know what is going on!

This dog looks like he is confused about being underwater.

Chelsea Dogs

‘I’m ready for my closeup!’

Close up photo of a cute dog underwater.

Awesomely Cute


These fantastic photographs of underwater dogs in swimming pools are from the amazing photographer Seth Casteel. Check out his website for more epic underwater dog pics and stunning photographic books!