Cute Baby Animals Of Australia

Australian animals are so cute and cuddly!

There are so many cute animals in Australia – koalas, kangaroos, wombats and platypus’. When these animals are babies, they are even more adorable. Join us as we trek through the outback in search of cute baby animals of Australia.

These cute baby sugar gliders can fit in the palm of your hand! 
Two baby Australian sugar gliders in a man's hand.


This baby Australian quokka knows exactly how to greet his guests! 

Smiling quokka

Pli Pli

This rarely seen baby tree kangaroo looks just like a cuddly teddy bear!

Cute tree kangaroo

All That Is Interesting

This adorable baby platypus just needs a nap!

Cute baby platypus

Cute Baby Animals

This fuzzy baby koala just can’t let her handler go.

cute baby koala

Hello Giggles

This baby emu is wondering ‘Are you my Mummy?’

Baby emu

Backyard Chickens

This baby wombat is out for a stroll.

A cute baby wombat looking at the camera is one of the cute baby animals of Australia.


This adorable baby kangaroo just thinks he’s people!

A kangaroo wearing pants is definitely one of the cute baby animals of Australia.