10 Worst Infomercial Products EVER

Have you bought any of these?

There’s always been something so absurd about infomercials. They soak into your eyeballs late at night when you’re at your most vulnerable. The hype marketing, the limited time offers, the bizarre contraptions that seem to solve problems you never even knew you had. The merchandise is all mostly crap but join us as we take a look at 10 of the worst infomercial products ever.



10. The Comfort Wipe

Are you out of breath by the time you sit on the can? Can’t be bothered reaching down to wipe your own arse? Well thanks to the Comfort Wipe you’ll never have to manually wipe your butt again. Simply attach paper to the mechanism and revel in the shame and embarrassment of having to use a toilet wand to clean yourself.

9. The Hawaii Chair

The Hawaii Chair is an office chair that rotates your hips while you work and that’s about it. The cushion oscillates at a rapid pace making it hard to do simple office tasks like typing and talking on the phone.  With a slogan like ‘if you can sit, then you can get fit’ I’m surprised people everywhere aren’t tearing at their pockets for this product.

8. The Tiddy Bear

The Tiddy Bear solves a problem no one’s ever had. This bizarre little bear is designed to be attached to your car seat belt to create a gap between your person and the belt itself, apparently allowing people all over America to drive again. Pricing in at $14.95 you’d probably get more satisfaction stuffing your money into a paper shredder than buying this product.

7. Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask

Have you ever wanted to look like Michael Myers while getting a rejuvenating facial treatment? Well thanks to the Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask you can look like an axe murderer and have a questionable workout all at the same time. Sit back and relax as 26 electrodes zap your face beautiful – what could possibly go wrong?

6. The Free Flexor

You may have seen this one floating around the internet. It’s the highly homoerotic Free Flexor. Essentially it’s two balls attached to a bar that wobble about. It was pitched as the revolution in workouts. Simply jiggle it and wiggle it and watch the patented floppy ball motion go to work, delivering the most stimulating and embarrassing workout you’ve ever had.


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