These Scary Clips May Show Paranormal Activity

For most of history, it was difficult, if not impossible, to prove the existence of ghosts, demons, and other paranormal entities. However, with cameras on every phone and CCTV cameras just about everywhere, scary clips of paranormal activity are much easier to capture. Let’s take a look at a few scary clips that are downright haunting.

6. Scary Clips – Haunted Supermarket?

Creepy footage from a grocery store in Ontario Canada from r/OfficialSlappedHam

Do ghosts get the munchies? If this video submitted by Redditor EquivalentComment120 is any indication, it seems that death may not be enough to stop us from craving our favorite treats.

The video was recorded by the Redditor’s cousin, who does overnight cleaning at various businesses in Wiarton, Ontario. When he took this job, he never expected that he would be using his phone to record scary clips. However, a grocery store that he cleans seems to have a ghost with a bizarre routine.

Every night at exactly 1:15am, strange things start happening in the frozen foods section of this store. The paranormal happenings begin when the hanging sign labeling the desserts section begins to slowly swing back and forth. The video clearly shows that there is no one near enough to move the sign. Moments later, the door to the freezer case just below the sign inexplicably swings open on its own.

It isn’t often that supernatural entities have such a strict routine. Perhaps this spirit is a former customer who isn’t ready to give up on their midnight snacks, even in death. The fact that this alleged spirit is able to open the door to the freezer case suggests that it is a poltergeist: a specific type of ghost powerful enough to interact with physical objects. Most poltergeists, such as the one that seems to be at work in this video, are merely playful. However, some can be quite dangerous. As long as the grocery store keeps the ghost’s favorite treats in stock, hopefully their resident spirit remains happy.

5. Figure Caught on Security Camera

Off of security camera outside my house. Thoughts? from r/Ghosts

When Redditor 1ondo1ance set up CCTV security cameras outside their house, they weren’t really expecting any scary clips of paranormal activity. When something strange popped up in the footage late one night, they were at a loss to explain it.

The video clip shows a deck in the back yard of the house, and was filmed sometime between 2 and 4 in the morning. The camera only switches on when it detects motion. After a few seconds, it becomes clear what triggered the camera: a strange figure lurking on the deck. Because of its distance from the camera, it’s hard to make out exactly what the figure looks like. Viewers have suggested a small girl in a fairy dress floating above the ground, or perhaps an arm holding some sort of bag. Whatever the entity is, it only lingers for a few seconds before hastily moving into the house.

According to the Redditor, the spot where the figure disappears is a sliding glass door leading to the kitchen. They insist that the door is never left open at night, so for the figure to move the way it does in the clip, it would have to move through the glass door.

Some viewers have suggested that this could be a glitch in the video, but others believe that the clip clearly depicts some sort of strange entity. Unless the figure returns to provide more video evidence, details about this bizarre paranormal activity remain a mystery.

4. Scary Clips – Headless Man?

@cybermoves_.02Huminto kmi sa pg praktis kc may dumaan,.nung pinanood nmin ung vid,.kinabahan kami kc wala syang ulo,.♬ original sound – CYBER MOVES

When TikToker cybermoves_.02 created a dance video to share with his followers, he never expected to end up with any scary clips of bizarre paranormal activity.

The video begins as many TikToks do: with a dance. Two young men walk into view of the camera as the music begins, and quickly start performing their dance. They bust out their moves, not even noticing when someone walks past in the background. On first glance, this intruder doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. However, if you look more closely, there is definitely something strange going on.

The stranger who walks past in the background of the video appears to have no head.

Some viewers believe that the figure in the background was just an ordinary person, and a glitch in the video made him look headless. However, nothing else in the clip is off; at the same moment that the headless man walks by, the two dancers and their surroundings are in perfect focus. So, who is this strange headless figure? For now, his identity remains a mystery.

3. Eerie Activity

Caught this on my security camera at home yesterday. My wife was at work screen recording it at the time. The 2 white dots at the end are from her fingers zooming in and out on her phone. from r/OfficialSlappedHam

Redditor DopeIslandSkate seems to be living in a haunted house. In a series of scary clips, he records several incidents that seem to suggest that something paranormal is going on in his home.

The first clip was recorded on a CCTV home security camera. The footage shows a view of a living room and part of the kitchen. We see the Redditor and his dogs walking around the room, going about their daily business. At one point, the dogs seem to hear something, cocking their heads and sharing a strange look. Moments later, a plastic bottle falls from the kitchen table. There was no one close enough to the table to knock it off. Some viewers have suggested that the bottle was pulled off with a string, but if there had been a wire or string attached to the bottle, the dogs would almost certainly have gotten caught in it as they moved around the room.

A little context. I was washing my clothes and my heating element on my dryer stopped working. So I just put all the laundry together to take to the laundry after work today. I sat down and started watching tv and kept hearing things. So I started recording. The original video is about 17 mins long. from r/Haunted

The second clip takes place in the laundry room. When the Redditor was doing laundry, they started hearing odd noises. He took out his phone camera and began recording, hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever caused the noises. As he records, the sliding door leading to the laundry room slowly begins to open. When the door is entirely open, he goes into the laundry room to investigate, finding nothing to explain the strange event.

It seems that this house may be the haunting grounds of a poltergeist. So far, the poltergeist activity has been minimal, and not terribly violent. However, this Redditor would be wise to avoid angering his resident spirit.

2. Scary Clips – Strange Moving Lock

Ghost of an old abortion clinic parking lot, now a dental office. I have seen this lock swing wilder before and while my secretary tried to argue that this was nothing I know the truth. from r/OfficialSlappedHam

Redditor Wipsterq is a believer in the supernatural, even if his coworker isn’t. In this bizarre clip, he records some subtly strange activity that seems to defy explanation.

This strange footage was recorded on a cell phone camera in the parking lot of a former abortion clinic. It is unclear from the footage if the building is currently in use. The property is enclosed by a tall, wrought iron fence. It appears that the gate is sometimes locked, but in this video, the lock and gate are hanging open. It is the lock that becomes the focus of this video. As the Redditor records, we see the lock moving around all on its own. According to the Redditor, this happens regularly. He claims that on other occasions, the lock’s movements were even wilder and more erratic than what we see in this footage.

The naysayer who accompanies him as he captures this footage suggests that it is merely the wind blowing the lock around. He turns the camera to the trees, showing that there is no wind blowing the branches. He also asserts that a metal lock would be too heavy to be moved by a gentle breeze. He also waves his hand around the lock to show that there are no strings or wires attached to it that could be responsible for the movements.

The Redditor doesn’t provide any additional information about the history of the property, so it’s hard to determine what could be causing this strange activity. Knowing that it used to house a medical facility, it is possible that someone tragically lost their life here, and hung around even after death. Yet, the identity of this spirit remains unknown.

1. Haunted B&B



YouTubers ETFW regularly visit allegedly haunted locations. In this episode of their YouTube series, they visit a supposedly haunted Presbytery in the Blue Mountains in eastern Australia. The stories about the locations claim that the place is haunted by the spirit of a priest who used to reside there.

The YouTubers decide to spend the night at the property, bringing along a Ouija board to attempt to communicate with the spirit haunting the location. They also set up cameras to hopefully capture some paranormal happenings. At the very beginning of their Ouija session, their EMF detector begins making terrifying noises. Twice, a voice on the EMF cries out the word “scream.” Other words come through, such as “knock” and “stop.”

The cameras set up in the ghost hunters’ rooms provide even more evidence that this location could very well be haunted. At 2:15am, one of the ghost hunters gets out of bed to use the bathroom. A hallway camera shows that after he passes through a doorway at the end of the hall, the door begins to slowly close behind him. There is no one in the hallway who could have closed it. One hour later, this same doorway again shows activity. There is a washer and dryer just on the other side of the door. Inexplicably, a porcelain teacup falls from the top of the machine, crashing loudly to the floor. The hallway is entirely empty when this occurs.

The sound awakens the ghost hunters, who get out of bed to investigate. They discover the fallen cup, and also realize that the front door is wide open. Neither of them recalls opening the door. They theorize that a draft of wind might have been able to cause these bizarre paranormal events, but they can’t be sure that they weren’t the work of a ghost.