Famous People Who Sold Their Souls to the Devil

Could it really be true?

5. Angelina Jolie

Famous people who sold their souls to the devil

Angelina Jolie is indisputably a member of Hollywood’s A-list. She has appeared in countless successful films and her relationship with fellow superstar, Brad Pitt, has kept her name in the headlines for years.

Jolie has been a controversial figure ever since it came to light that she regularly wore a vial of her ex-husband’s blood around her neck. This was the beginning of the rumors that Jolie has a place in Satan’s roster.

These rumors reached their peak in 2016 when a private video began making the rounds on the internet. The footage was supposedly filmed in 1999. In the video, Jolie purportedly describes a ritual in which Hollywood stars join the Illuminati. She states, “during the Illuminati ritual you are indeed tied up, sodomized, and tortured by other members.” The person who was responsible for leaking the video stated that it was in this ritual that Jolie’s soul became a possession of Satan.

Here’s a version of the leaked video that has been heavily edited:

4. Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is a legendary singer-songwriter who made history in 2016 by becoming the first songwriter to receive the prestigious Nobel Prize in literature. It was an honor that few expected a pop culture icon to receive, and it only fueled the rumors that Dylan’s success originates from the power of the dark.

Talk of Dylan’s deal with the devil was sparked largely by an interview in which Dylan talks about holding up his end of the deal he made with “the chief commander” of a place “in this earth and in a world we can’t see.” Many argue that Dylan could have been referring to God, but critics point to the evasive and cryptic nature of Dylan’s response as evidence that he had a darker meaning. Celebrities are rarely shy about crediting and thanking God for their successes, so why would Dylan be so vague if it was God to whom he was referring?

3. Oprah Winfrey

Famous people who sold their souls to the devil
Mark Edly

Over the years of her career, Oprah Winfrey has become a household name. She is most famously known for her highly successful talk show, but she has also starred on the big screen. Her story of rising out of poverty to become the richest African American in this century has been an inspiration to many.

However, not everyone is inspired by Winfrey’s success. According to some critics, Winfrey gained her fame and fortune through a secret pact with Lucifer himself. Winfrey’s detractors point to the fact that she refers to her talk show as a ministry as proof that she is attempting to use her fame to spread the word of Satan. Winfrey’s “ministry” famously calls her fans to get in touch with their feelings, which her critics state is exactly what the devil wants. Christians believe that by living according to our desires, man will quickly walk down a path that leads away from God.

2. JK Rowling

Famous people who sold their souls to the devil

How could the author of a popular series of children’s books get tied up in accusations of Satanism? When the books center around wizardry and witchcraft, Satanism isn’t a huge leap to make.

JK Rowling is widely known for being the author of the wildly successful Harry Potter franchise. Her works have influenced and entertained an entire generation. It is this influence that has landed her in hot water with some critics.

In 2005, the Harry Potter series was banned from numerous schools on the grounds that it promoted witchcraft and devil worship by depicting a school in which children are taught to use magic. Shortly after, Rowling’s critics began to speculate that the author achieved her astounding success (and $1 billion net worth) in a deal with the devil.

Rowling laughed off the claims and even attempted to cleanse her image by becoming the first person to drop off the world’s list of billionaires because of her charitable donations. However, her detractors still speculate about her alleged Satanic ties.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Famous people who sold their souls to the devil

Ever since he sank to the bottom of the ocean after a brief, but harrowing, love affair on the Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio has been a household name. He quickly progressed from a teen heartthrob in the 90s to a renowned leading man respected for his acting talent.

DiCaprio had his first major role at the young age of 11 when he appeared in the popular show, Growing Pains. He starred in countless roles in the following years, gaining fame and fortune along the way.

However, it is not these successes that are the root of the rumors that DiCaprio is in league with the devil. It is actually the one victory that took him almost 30 years to earn that makes many speculate that he has turned to satan for the win.

For years, DiCaprio was the butt of many internet jokes about his inability to take home an Oscar despite rave performances in countless roles. Then, in 2015, he finally walked away with the prestigious award for his performance in The Revenant. Was it a deal with the devil that finally put the award in DiCaprio’s hands? Many believe that it was.