Scary Videos That Can’t Be Explained

These videos are creepy!

Experts are struggling to explain these scary videos. From video evidence of a child teleporting to inanimate objects moving on their own, the following creepy footage is sure to give you the chills.

8. Teleporting Child

On December 13, 2018, Twitter user @TewkesburyLeak posted this startling piece of footage.

During a segment that aired on the BBC, you can see a boy materialise out of thin air. A journalist is interviewing a lady on the street and the boy just appears from nowhere to the left of screen.

It’s an interesting piece of footage because it doesn’t look like a cut in the frame in which the boy just appears. There actually seems to be some materialisation. In slow motion he appears from head to toe in a wave.

The mysterious clip has gone on to receive millions of views with thousands of retweets. Many viewers are saying the boy was caught teleporting on live television. Others called it a glitch in the matrix, inferring that this reality is just a simulation and that this is evidence that we’re all just plugged into some sort of virtual reality.

Several editing experts chimed in claiming it was nothing more than a bad cutaway with a morph transition, making it look like the boy teleports in. Some believe this explanation to be a little too convenient and that the BBC is trying to cover something up.

What do you think? Teleporting boy, we’re in the matrix or a simple editing mistake? Love to hear your thoughts on this one in the comments below.

7. Ghost Moves Can?

This eerie piece of footage was sent to us on Instagram. It seems to show a Coke can moving on its own.

User, WifeytoMikey said that they had suffered a miscarriage in August 2018. Since then they claim strange things have been happening around their apartment.

The viewer said that her husband normally leaves his coke can next to the TV. However, for about a week it kept moving all on its own. At first they thought it might be condensation causing the can to slide, however the can would move in unusual ways. Finally, the couple decided to film the can as much as they could and eventually they captured something on film.

Sure enough, in the footage, you can see the can slide across the cabinet on its own. It appears to stop unnaturally. If it were condensation or even a fan blowing from off camera, the can wouldn’t stop so suddenly as it does in the footage.

The couple reported other strange happenings around the house too. The viewer said she had been waking up with strange bruises and an eerie vibe could sometimes be felt in certain rooms. One time their bedroom door wouldn’t open despite being unlocked – almost as though something was forcing it closed.

Is this can being moved by some supernatural force? Has a spirit really taken up residence in their apartment? Or is there a simpler explanation?

6. Poltergeist in Malaysian Office

This is some CCTV footage captured at an unknown Malaysian office.

It shows an office worker going about his day when suddenly a chair to the right of screen moves all on its own. This catches the man’s attention and he begins to see what happened. Then to the left, another chair moves by itself. Finally, a pile of papers inexplicably fly off the desk. This clearly freaks the man out as he looks around for an explanation. He grabs his phone and calls someone as the footage cuts away.

Unfortunately, there’s very little information about the clip. The location is unknown and the original poster didn’t give any further information.

While it’s possible something like this could be staged with a few wires, the man’s reaction does appear to be genuine.

Is this evidence of a poltergeist trying to make contact? Or is it all just an elaborate hoax? Sadly, we may never know.

5. Man Disappears on Camera

This CCTV camera in Henderson, Kentucky seems to have captured the moment a transparent man disappeared into thin air.

The clip was originally posted to a Youtube channel called _fluffyqueen88 Carter, who claims that this mysterious character has been seen walking in the front yard a number of times.

In the footage you can see a partly translucent person walking along the street in front of two vehicles. The figure, which has been dubbed a ‘ghost’, appears to walk with a strange purposeful strut. It takes a number of steps before getting more and more transparent then disappears altogether.

The clip was taken out the front of the home of local residents Pamela and Rick Carter. They claim to have seen the ghostly figure a number of times stating it was “marching like Caesar down the pavement… He was gone and I can’t explain it.”

Some viewers think the footage is nothing more than artifacts showing up in a malfunctioning home security system. Others however, think that the footage, coupled with the witnesses’ testimony, makes for a compelling argument that this street is indeed haunted.


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