Scary Videos That Can’t Be Explained

These videos are creepy!

4. African Dog Man Spotted

In 2017, strange rumours began circulating of a half-man, half-dog creature living in South Africa.

Footage was released showing a bizarre creature walking on all fours among a pack of stray dogs.

The clip, which goes for several minutes, was filmed by a passing motorist who noticed the strange animal. In it you can see several dogs walking alongside a much larger figure. It looks to have strong, muscular hind legs. The front ‘legs’ look to bend inward much like a human elbow.

The video, which was allegedly taken in a remote village in Limpopo, South Africa, sparked fierce debate. Because of the rural location and low socioeconomic status of the area, there was suggestion of witchcraft, black magic, drugs and feral children. Locals became worried that a genuine dog-man lived in the area.

However, just as the rumours were hitting fever pitch more information was unearthed. It turns out that the footage was not from Limpopo as first thought. It was later revealed that it was taken in Uppington in Northern Cape, South Africa and the half-dog, half-man was nothing more than a regular human. Phillip Oliphant is a young street performer who can run nimbly on all fours, imitating dogs and other animals.

This footage here shows just how talented young Oliphant really is, as he runs and jumps about on all fours.

So while there is an explanation to the original piece of footage, the witness can be forgiven for thinking otherwise as it’s not every day you spot a person running on all fours among a pack of stray dogs.

3. Strange Creature Caught on CCTV

In 2016 a security camera at a petrol station in Peru captured a strange creature lurking in the bushes.

Several pump attendants noticed the bizarre creature which was standing several metres away.

In the clip you can see the employees get startled by the figure. It looks to be small and silver with several legs. At first it appears out of nowhere and looks as though it’s crawling across the ground. But then as one of the attendants moves in for a closer look, the strange object begins to hover into the air.

It’s very hard to tell what the object actually is. It appears to be metallic and can crawl and hover above ground.

When the clip was shared to Youtube it immediately got millions of views. Opinions on the object ranged from an extraterrestrial being, a mythical creature of some kind or a robot.

According to the employees of the petrol station, the mysterious object, whatever it was, was hit by a passing lorry as it drifted onto the road.

The footage has since been analysed by renowned ufologist Dr Anthony Choy who said: “According to preliminary data and to the testimony of the witnesses, a strange creature or robot less than a meter high, with several legs… faced a group of 10 workers.”

Since the incident, the footage has baffled authorities and anyone who attempts to analyse it. It’s difficult to extract any hard conclusions and at present the creature or object remains unknown.

2. Haunted Radio Station

A popular South African radio station called East Coast Radio posted this unsettling clip to their Youtube channel in 2013. They posed the question whether a ghost visited their station.

The clip shows one of their DJ’s on air when suddenly the power cuts out. Everything turns to black and the DJ is left wondering what’s going on. A few moments later an eerie hooded figure, glides past the window. The figure is dressed all in black and doesn’t appear to be walking, rather it slides along in a fluid motion. The DJ spots the eerie figure and begins to look through window.

When the clip was shared to social media, people were hesitant, claiming that the radio station had faked the footage for publicity. However, the producers maintain they have no idea what caused the power outage and can’t explain the mysterious hooded figure.

Was it just other employees playing a prank on this poor DJ? Or is this evidence of something a little more sinister?

1. Ghostly Child Carries Balloon

This is some scary footage that was posted to a Youtube channel called PC333.

The clip was taken in 2008 by two separate security cameras in the Chapelfield Mall in Norwich, UK.

You can see a red balloon float by itself, after hours, along an upper mezzanine of the shopping complex. It drifts eerily along, as if being carried by some unseen force. It heads to the escalators, which were off at the time, and descends down them. The footage then cuts to a second security camera that is tracking the movement of the balloon. It floats off the escalator and into what appears to be a food court. The footage zooms in, giving a more detailed look at the rogue balloon. Eventually, it comes to standstill at the edge of the cafe.

The footage, which is akin to something out of Stephen King’s It, has naturally spooked thousands of people. The original poster posed the question of how exactly the balloon was moving on its own. They noted that perhaps the balloon was moving via a breeze created by the air conditioning but mentioned the units are always switched off after hours to conserve energy. Again, the escalators were switched off too which rules them out playing a role in the movement.

Naturally viewer opinion has drifted into the realm of the supernatural with many claiming that a ghost child is carrying the balloon.

Love to get your opinion on this unsettling footage. What do you think is causing this balloon to move about so decisively?

Well there’s our look at these scary videos that can’t be explained. Which of these scary videos do you think was the creepiest? Let us know in the comments below or on any of our socials.