Scary Ghost Sightings No One Can Explain

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These scary ghost sightings have left viewers on edge. From a shadowy figure filmed at an old English castle to a haunted Texas dorm room that left one student traumatised. Take a look at these scary ghost sightings that no one can explain.

7. Ghost Sightings – Ghost in Old English Castle

An old English castle does seem like the type of place where spirits with unsettled dramas might linger. That’s why it’s pretty easy to believe a man named Tony Ferguson when he claims that he captured a ghost on film at Hurst Castle in Hampshire, England. The tale seems even easier to believe once you know that this haunted estate dates back all the way to the time of Henry VIII.

Tony Ferguson is actually an unlikely ghost hunter. He is a personal trainer who just happened to visit Hurst Castle to investigate claims that something supernatural was happening at the estate. What’s interesting about this ghost encounter is that there wasn’t much of an “encounter” at all. Ferguson didn’t actually know that he had seen a ghost on the grounds until he spotted a figure with glowing eyes while he played back his footage.

As you can see in footage from Caters News, movement can be spotted in the castle window just before a figure with glowing eyes makes its appearance. Ferguson’s initial reaction when he saw the figure in his footage was that someone was playing a prank on him. However, he learned after conducting research regarding the castle grounds that the window in question can only be accessed by an ultra-narrow tunnel.

While Ferguson didn’t actually “see” the ghost in person, he did feel as though he wasn’t alone during his castle visit. He explains that he simply felt that something was watching him. He also had the sensation that something was following him from room to room. However, the skeptical accidental ghost hunter simply dismissed it as his mind “playing tricks on him.” He isn’t a skeptic after watching a playback of his own footage though.

Who or what did Tony Ferguson encounter during a visit to Hurst Castle in Hampshire? He believes that he encountered the caretaker who supposedly haunts the castle grounds.

6. The Slamming Door, Poland


It’s hard to know what you’re getting into when you first catch sight of what appears to be just a normal yellow room located somewhere in Poland shared by a YouTube user called The Slamming Door. Normal things like a desk, chairs and some gaming gear can be spotted around the room. However, it becomes obvious that something very strange is going on about 15 seconds into the clip. The uploader of the video flashes a message on the screen letting the viewer know that he has been forced to install cameras after enduring bizarre events in this very room.

The really interesting part occurs about two minutes in. Suddenly, we hear a series of hard knocks on the door leading to the room. Items are thrown around the room by some violent, unseen force. The man recording the footage on his carefully positioned cameras appears trapped and unable to escape.

Unfortunately, the fact that the man is speaking in Polish means that we don’t have a clear idea of what he is saying through his exasperated pleas. It is also unclear whether he is experiencing a panic attack or some type of possession as he gasps and pants. However, a little bit of research did pull up what appears to be a blog that’s maintained by the man who uploaded the “slamming door” video documenting his tormenting experience. Let’s talk about what there is to know.

The haunting activity allegedly began at some point in February of 2015. It began with odd noises and random, mysterious music that played in the man’s house. However, it quickly escalated into violent thrashings and movements. The man who allegedly endured the haunting actually uploaded about two dozen videos chronicling his disturbing encounters. However, the last one was uploaded in 2016. Did he finally smarten up and simply move out of his house to stop the torment?

I highly recommend you check out the channel.

5. Ghost Sightings – The Haunting at Islamabad Airport


The fact that ghosts and spirits can supposedly travel through matter without being confined by the laws of the material world does make you wonder why a ghost would be hanging around in an airport of all places. However, footage from the airport in Islamabad seems to show some pretty concrete proof that something supernatural is afoot. Ghost sightings don’t happen at airports every day. However, Islamabad’s new airport is no ordinary airport.

The newly built airport in Islamabad has been plagued by ghost sightings and rumors that it is haunted ever since it was finished in 2018. In fact, some passengers have simply decided to stay away from the airport entirely after snaps of bizarre hooded figures and mysterious clawed feet that were supposedly taken here were shared online. Several Twitter users have shared stories of ghosts supposedly interfering with pilots on the airport’s runways.

In addition, tales have been circulating about workers having strange experiences during the airport’s construction. The most common complaint among those who spent hours at the site building the airport was a feeling of unexplained and sudden pressure on their chests. In fact, the paranormal activity has been so overwhelming in some portions of the airport that security guards have actually fainted.

Hysteria or haunting? We do have one specific snippet of footage that may convince you that Islamabad’s new airport is full of something other than passengers and luggage. In a clip uploaded by Just Videos Tv, we can clearly see what appears to be a shadowy figure making its way through a portion of the airport beginning at around 2:57. It was captured after hours, on the airport’s CCTV system. The figure looks amorphous and translucent. It slowly hovers from right to left before disappearing.

Do you believe the Islamabad International Airport is haunted? Let me know in the comments below.

4. Ghostly Activity Caught on CCTV


Youtube channel Scary Chiller shares some footage that has us wondering just how frequently ghosts float about in common places without anyone noticing.

This CCTV footage appears to show a quiet, abandoned street late at night. We aren’t given any information about where exactly the footage was caught. However, the date stamp indicates that it was filmed in September of 2014. Nothing happens in the short video until about 55 seconds in. It is there that we see what appears to be a dark image simply materializing up from the ground. The figure then lumbers slowly along the street much like a person might take an evening stroll. Unfortunately, the darkness of the night makes it difficult to make out any sort of shape or outline of the figure. In fact, it’s difficult to even tell at all if the image is a “human” ghost or some type of mist-like figure.

This is one of those ghost sightings that might make you think twice about taking an evening stroll.

3. Ghost Sightings – Ghost Crosses Road?


This clip uploaded by Abe Mar shows what appears to be raw footage from a car’s dashboard cam. It’s also one of the more “public” ghost sightings on record.

We see what looks like just a normal boulevard lined with stores and restaurants on a typical day. We can also see from the footage that the traffic pattern appears pretty heavy and steady. This certainly isn’t a spot where you would choose to cross the road.

The terrifying moment happens at about 20 seconds. The figure of a girl or women suddenly pops up out of nowhere right in the middle of traffic. The figure seems to drift through what appears to be a large truck. Of course, the footage does raise some questions. It’s possible that the “ghost” was simply a woman crossing the road or exiting a vehicle midway on the boulevard. The black-and-white nature of the film makes it a little more difficult to get a good read on who or what the figure might be.

If you slow the footage down, she does indeed appear to materialise out of thin-air. A few seconds earlier it does look like there’s a person standing on the nature strip of the road. However it doesn’t quite match the trajectory of the mysterious woman.

Is this a ghost or a just a reckless person with no regard for their own safety?

2. Tormented Texas Dorm Room


Is a student apartment on the campus of Texas A&M Corpus Christi the site of a poltergeist? One student who had to endure living in this room of horrors certainly believes so!

This is one of those rare hauntings where the footage is actually shared by the original uploader. A YouTube user called fiffertysor claims that he was forced to break his lease after being tormented by violent ghostly outbursts in his college apartment.

The student takes us on a tour of his small apartment to showcase what a real-life haunting looks like. He breathlessly records incessant knocking sounds, a door that open and shuts on its own repeatedly and signs of tussled furniture. However, the most convincing and disturbing piece of activity is a levitating mattress. Yes, the ghost in this student’s apartment seems to be so strong it can lift an entire mattress with ease.

The student finally escapes the room and heads down the hallway. Genuine haunting or bored college kid? It’s hard to say. However, this student’s experience is far from an isolated experience on the A&M campus.

Texas A&M Corpus Christi is continuously the subject of alleged ghost sightings. The campus was actually built on an island that is adjacent to mud flats that supposedly serve as burial grounds for Native Americans. Students who live on campus have been reporting odd sightings and encounters for years. Could it be that this institution of higher learning inhabits a sacred space that is a hotbed for hauntings?

1. Ghost Sightings – Alcatraz Ghost Snapped by British Tourist

British Tourists at Alcatraz – photo taken in through the window of an original working office not accessible to the public. Woman figure not seen at time of photo being taken. Zoom in on the face. Real deal. from Ghosts


Alcatraz is widely known to be one of the most haunted places in America. After all, a maze of steel cells set apart from society by ripping tides that just happens to be full of the most hardened and brutal of criminals is the perfect recipe to create a place where souls can’t rest.

Reddit user Brock-Murphy shares an up-close version of the photo. However, the incident was also widely covered by news outlets ranging from the San Francisco Gate to the Daily Mail. The original picture was actually captured by a woman out of Birmingham named Sheila Sillery-Walsh who visited Alcatraz while on vacation in April of 2014.

Sheila Sillery-Walsh Alcatraz ghost photo
Sheila Sillery-Walsh

The snapshot reveals what appears to be a shadowy girl staring out the window from the portion of the prison where inmate guests would wait prior to visitations. Interestingly, Sheila claims that she did not see the image of the girl at the time that the photograph was taken. It only materialized in her photograph after the fact.

It is unlikely that the figure is simply a fellow tourist visiting Alcatraz who just happened to be passing by when the photo was taken. The big giveaway is that she appears to be styled for the 1930s or 1940s. It’s unlikely that Sheila would have missed a “costumed” woman in person during her tour. Sheila claims to have been a skeptic about ghost sightings prior to this curious encounter. She now wonders if the image she snapped could be the spirit of a woman who visited one of the prisoners inside Alcatraz when the prison was in operation.