Real Creepy Encounters Caught on Camera

The internet seems to given those with creepy encounters unprecedented freedom to share their footage with supernatural enthusiasts and experts. Videos now have the potential to be seen by thousands, if not millions, of open-minded individuals.

The following videos are disturbing, each in their own right. And they will likely go on to find fame on the internet for years to come.

6. Creepy Encounters: Glowing Entity, Peru



Like many such creepy encounters boosted in popularity by the internet, this one remains unexplained. Posted to YouTube channel JvoxProductions, this video provides the viewer with three different views of the same odd incident.

Both zoomed out and up close, the identity of the figure featured in this video is up for debate. Eerie and glowing, it emits a strong blue light. This light is so strong, in fact, that its exact shape is indistinguishable.

The figure moves quite quickly throughout the video. Shown on the side of a road, the figure appears to attempt to cross the street throughout the clip. It seems not to know what to do exactly. It appears to get in the way of a vehicle at one point, only to continue crossing the street.

There is some debate as to what is seen in the video. Many viewers agree the figure is a humanoid of some sort. Based on the context of the other objects in the video, it appears to be about human height or slightly taller. Some viewers think that because of the low quality of film, it might actually just be a person on a bike with reflectors or lights attached. Others have refuted this theory, claiming it’s some kind of extraterrestrial.

The figure’s eerie appearance and erratic, indistinguishable movements make it difficult to make out what exactly one is seeing in this video. However, the footage has yet to be either properly debunked or interpreted. What do you think we are watching?

5. Person Seen Escaping Buckingham Palace



Some creepy encounters earn their title more so due to their disturbing content rather than supernatural affiliation. Such seems to be the case in this highly disturbing video uploaded by YouTube user Burak Ersemiz.

The disturbing footage captured here appears to show a young, naked man outside Buckingham Palace. Distressingly, the boy appears to be lowering himself from a high window using bed sheets or a curtain. The boy quickly loses his grip and falls out of sight.

Some viewers claim this video was faked for a television show. They note the odd reactions of those who witness the event. The people in the video just casually laugh and don’t find the incident shocking at all. It’s possible that the people in the video are innocent bystanders but think it’s a staged event or some kind of stunt being filmed for TV or a movie, this might explain their careless reactions.

Either way, it’s a very odd video that has left viewers divided and confused as to what actually is going on.

What do you think, hoax or bizarre royal escape? Let me know in the comments below.

4. Man Finds ‘Witch Bottle’ in New Orleans

A photo posted to Facebook by user Shane Mears, a New Orleans man who seems to go looking for creepy encounters, appears to have captured a legendary “witch bottle” recovered from the wild.

Mears, a native to the area and bartender, shares that looking for buried treasure is one of his favorite hobbies. It seems to have paid off for him in this case. However, some experts may disagree with his handling of the discovery.

Mears found this bottle while digging around the property of a home from the 1800s. It appears to date back to the same period of time. The contents of the bottle may appear to be highly disturbing to those unfamiliar with “witch bottles”. However, Mears knew what it was he found when he made his discovery.

“Witch bottles” are historically seen as a type of counter magical device used by superstitious townsfolk. They date as far back as the 17th century, first seen in England and later in the United States. The bottles are often placed inside the walls of homes and typically contain herbs, wine or other liquids, nails and hair. These magic potions were thought to ward off evil energy or repel curses enacted by witches.

Inside the bottle discovered by Mears was a tooth, human hairs, a pitcher beetle, and urine. It’s believed the bottle was placed near the property in order to protect it. Mears was quite pleased with his find, however some locals weren’t. Some people believed that moving the bottle might bring about catastrophic bad luck to those living nearby.

Interestingly, there have been less than a dozen “witch bottles” discovered in the United States.

Many people think the bottle would be best returned to the property before Mears himself, or other townsfolk, face any occult retribution. Would you be returning it, or waiting for the consequences?

3. Creepy Encounters: Eerie Face Stalks Henry Cavill

This video seemingly proves that even celebrities aren’t immune to creepy encounters. Uploaded to Instagram by actor Henry Cavill, this video gained a lot of attention within the gaming community.

Known to be quite the gamer, the Witcher actor famously petitioned Netflix to allow him to play the lead role of Geralt. It came as little shock to anyone when Cavill chose to spend some of his time in lockdown constructing a brand new gaming PC.

Choosing to document the momentous occasion and involved process, Cavill uploaded this edited version of the clip to his Instagram.

Given the complexity of the task, it is no surprise that Cavill may not have noticed anything eerie happening around him. However, roughly two minutes into the video an odd face is seen just outside the actor’s window.

Easily tracked throughout the rest of the video, the appearance of the face in question raises several safety concerns for the actor. Supernatural, stalker or something else? The actor appears to be oblivious to the face following his every action, making this footage pretty disturbing.

With both Cavill and fans focused on the PC building action, the disturbing presence of the face in the window has apparently gone without comment. However, once you see it, it is quite difficult to unsee. While it could simply be a reflection of something off the window, the large dark eyes and eerie grin give off an unsettling vibe nonetheless.

2. Pregnant Woman Home Alone Spots Eerie Figure

Was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on this. It happens at the end and this is a video my pregnant little sister took originally because the baby was moving and she thought her kitty was crying because his companion had just had to be put down. from r/Ghosts

Few videos of creepy encounters leave viewers as concerned with the safety of others as a clip such as this one. Posted by Reddit user malakaijamess, the uploader explains the video was captured by his pregnant sister.

Seemingly alone in her home, the woman began to capture a Snapchat video of her baby bump as she felt the baby begin to move. There is a cat meowing loudly in the background.

The poster explains that his sister originally thought nothing to be out of the ordinary regarding the cat’s meows. She assumed the cat was grieving his companion who had been recently put down.

However, rewatching the footage had the poster’s sister quickly believing otherwise. As Snapchat videos are only able to last a certain amount of time, this video ends just as the distressing incident in question begins. We see a dark shadowy figure at the foot of the bed just at the end of the video. Watching the video back, it almost appears the footage captured the dark shadow of a head popping up from out of nowhere.

This video was captured at someone else’s place where the sister was staying for a week. However, she did clarify that something felt off about the home during the entirety of her stay. Who else would be packing their bags and running?

1. Creepy Encounters: Faceless Woman Appears in Video

This video was captured by Mr. Huang in Taiwan in August of 2017. It took awhile for the the creepy figure in this video to be noticed. Many creepy encounters go unnoticed by those who capture them. For the Huang family, it took them years to see the disturbing figure that made an appearance in a family video.

It’s likely the family lived with this supernatural being for years without knowing. While reviewing some old footage of his young daughter dancing at his in-law’s home, Huang noticed a distressing figure in the background.

If you slow the footage down, it looks to be either a woman with long hair facing the opposite direction or a dark, featureless figure.

Mr Huang

While the family is unsure why such a figure would pay them a visit, Huang later learned that the daughter of his in-law’s neighbour was buried that same day. Apparently the girl’s funeral was being held in the neighbours house right as this footage was taken.

Mr Huang told several media outlets that he was certain he was alone with his daughter that day and that no one else was in the room.

The family is unsure if there is a connection between this strange figure and the deceased neighbour, but the ghost’s disturbing appearance has left some viewers hoping the spirit is friendly either way.

Who knew watching old footage could reveal so much!