These Creepy Clips Are Messing With People’s Heads

Can You Help Explain These Creepy Clips?

These creepy clips are messing with people’s heads, and with good reason! There are some strange happenings in these videos. Watch for yourself and you be the judge.

6. Ghostly Encounter Inside Store



This creepy clip, uploaded to YouTube by Anais Reynua will have you thinking twice next time you stop by your local store.

The video opens with a man talking about an experience that he had in the vicinity. He appears incredibly animated, yet also slightly agitated. He is using wildly exaggerated hand motions to paint a picture of what’s been going on.

We have a great view of the entire store as he speaks. It is looking pristine with everything in its place. We can see the sun pouring in from the background. What kind of creepiness could occur here at this time?

The camera holder pans over the area. Everything is still and seems as it should be. Once we think that nothing is going to happen, a bag of chips falls from one of the shelves in the distance. Both the man and woman present seem incredibly shocked.

They cautiously approach the bag. Suddenly, it flies across the floor as if being held by some sort of unseen hand. The pair then quickly run for the door just as the footage cuts out.

There are many clips on YouTube of items appearing to mysteriously move by themselves. Skeptics often point to the fact that they could simply be manipulated by a piece of string or fishing line controlled by someone off camera.

What do you think? Does this clip really show paranormal activity? Or is there a simpler explanation for the chip packet’s ghostly movement?

5. Poltergeist Haunting Caught on Camera



This creepy clip, uploaded to the YouTube channel, Paranormal Dwellings certainly appears to show something supernatural happening in this house!

The video opens up to reveal a well-lived in home. There are a couple of articles of clothing and random items scattered about. The camera holder sounds as though he is breathing quite heavily and it quickly becomes apparent that there is something that is not quite right.

The camera focuses on a screwdriver that has suddenly begun to move. The man immediately opens the cabinets below in order to film inside. It’s clear that there is absolutely nothing that could be manipulating the screwdriver in any way.

The video then cuts, revealing a view of the ceiling. There is a loud thumping noise coming from above. The camera holder then takes a metal stool from the kitchen and slowly opens the manhole in the ceiling to get a better look. The attic is completely dark except for the light that is peeking in from the small hole where the man is standing. He cautiously asks if anyone is there, but doesn’t receive a response. The attic appears cramped and littered with insulation and other construction material. It’s obvious that if there was someone in there, they couldn’t even stand up, let alone be responsible for those terrifying thumping noises!

The video then cuts out, leaving the viewer wondering what could possibly have happened next.

Have you ever had a sudden eerie event occur that made you reach for a camera? If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

4. Ghostly Hand Reaches Out of Cupboard



This next creepy clip, uploaded to YouTube by Paranormal News quickly went viral in Mexico where it was filmed.

In it, a father films his daughter playing in a small kitchen cabinet. As she attempts to fit under the sink, he comments on how adorable she is and how she looks like she is going to get stuck underneath the various pipes! However, what the father doesn’t notice is the mysterious, ghostly hand that suddenly reaches out towards his daughter as if trying to grab her by the arm.

There are several Mexican folklore stories about how supernatural beings seek to lure young children and whisk them away. The ghosts are said to attempt to gain the child’s attention by knocking something over or making something otherwise equally mysterious happen. Since the innocent children are usually so curious, they seek to investigate the strange happening. It is only then, isolated from all other family members in hidden parts of the home, that the ghosts are said to make their move. It is not uncommon for this to happen in gaps, dark corners, between the walls, and even underneath or within various types of furniture such as cabinets.

This is certainly a very mysterious video. There doesn’t appear to be any way that there could be another person hidden in such a tight and confined space. There is also something about the hand itself and the way it moves. It seems to have an almost otherworldly, ethereal quality to it.

What do you think? Does this video actually show proof that ghosts could be lurking in the dark corners of our homes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Strange Activity Caught on Security Camera


This chilling paranormal evidence was uploaded to the official Slapped Ham subreddit by kittyk38.

The footage opens up to a night vision view of a room with a large plastic sheet hanging at the end. For the first few seconds, everything remains still and there is an eerie silence that permeates the atmosphere. However, one can just tell that something scary is about to happen.

Suddenly, a white, misty shape appears to leave the room just before the plastic sheet begins to move! Soon after the camera detects motion in the room. However, it’s clear to everyone watching that there is nothing moving that is visible on the screen.

All remains calm for some time before a flashlight that is lying on the floor mysterious switches on. The clip then continues uneventfully before finally cutting out.

While unmanned security footage is often the source of many creepy clips uploaded to Reddit, this video potentially rates among the most chilling. The combination of the moving plastic sheeting, the ghostly orb and the flashlight suddenly switching on all make for some very spooky viewing.

What do you think is going on here? Could this be real evidence of a paranormal haunting? Or is there another explanation for this scary video?

2. Shadow Figure Spooks Girls

…..So…What???? from r/SlappedHam

Sometimes, creepy clips don’t intend to be very frightening in the first place. Terrifying paranormal events are often captured unintentionally. This footage, uploaded to Reddit by umsamiguess, truly illustrates for us all that these types of things can occur when you least expect them.

The video opens up with a teenage girl attempting to prank her sister by startling her in her bedroom. However, after her prank is successful, the pair suddenly hears a mysterious thudding sound coming from the staircase outside the bedroom. Thinking quickly, they immediately run towards the kitchen.

As they make a dash for safety, the camera inadvertently catches what looks like an entirely blackened-out shadow of a humanoid figure making its way towards the bedroom. At first, the girls don’t seem to notice the figure. However, what happens next ensures the viewer that the girls are well aware of the potentially sinister presence.

The pair soon muster the courage to continue their search of the house in order to get to the bottom of the mysterious sounds. As they enter another room the camera holder turns and manages to capture a shot of what appears to be an arm quickly disappearing from sight. Although only seen for a split second, it seems to have the proportions of an older human.

The shady figure seems to disappear into the bedroom so the brave pair give chase. However, as soon as they enter the room the creepy figure is no where to be seen.

The silhouette-like shape seen in this video has all the hallmarks of a shadow person – a mysterious, dark entity said to sometimes lurk on the edge of our vision. They are thought to leave witnesses scared and confused about what it was that they actually just saw.

Regardless of whether this video shows a supernatural entity or a human intruder, this is certainly some very chilling footage. Of course, there is also the chance that these teens simply concocted it all as part of a spooky prank.

1. Haunted House?

@poisonivey87😐😱 ##paranormal ##ghost ##haunted ##hauntedtiktok ##hauntedhouse ##scared ##scary ##fyp ##foryoupage ##over30 ##momsoftiktok #♬ original sound – poisonivey87

This scary TikTok video was uploaded to the platform by poisonivey87. The footage begins with the uploader explaining that lately, there has been a series of paranormal happenings occurring in her home.

The clip then cuts to a view of a large mirror hanging on the wall that is slowly moving.  The camera holder focuses on it closely as it swings back and forth like a pendulum. A television can be heard playing in the background, and it’s obvious this house is not your stereotypical haunted manor.

The uploader is in the middle of explaining that the mirror has actually been moving in the same motion for 15 minutes when the reflection reveals one of the kitchen cabinets suddenly swinging open. She is then heard screaming from the top of her lungs just as the footage abruptly cuts out.

What do you think? Does this clip really show evidence of a haunting? Or is there something else going on?