Mysterious Footage That’s Sure to Creep You Out

Can these clips be rationally explained?

Just when you think the internet is oversaturated with ‘terrifying’ content, leaving you numb to their effect, along comes new mysterious footage to send shivers down your spine. Watch these six eerie videos that are sure to creep you out.

6. Mysterious Footage: White Entity Caught on Camera

An anonymous follower of the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook page never expected to have their own mysterious footage to share with the paranormal fans of the world. However, on a dark, misty night, their outdoor security camera captured footage that left them feeling wary about going outside at night.

The person who recorded the footage shared that they live on a very old piece of property. The original house, next door to where they live, has been there for centuries. Like many old houses, this one likely has a history of death, which made itself known on this particular evening when the outdoor security camera picked up a ghostly mist moving around the property.

We first see the white mist near the sidewalk, appearing from behind some shrubbery. The mist is amorphous and constantly shifting its shape, never taking on a recognizable form. As it moves closer to the house, it becomes more transparent and difficult to spot. It eventually returns to where it originated and disappears. The homeowner states that the ghostly mist appeared several times over the course of the night. At one point, it was even joined by a second semi-transparent form.

Some paranormal experts call this type of spirit Ecto-Mist: a ghost that appears as a vaporous cloud that swirls unnaturally several feet above the ground. Sometimes, the Ecto-Mist remains in this form, while other times, the spirit eventually becomes more corporeal. These misty spirits are thought to be harmless, keeping themselves at a distance from anyone who happens to be nearby. So while this mysterious footage is creepy and bizarre, the anonymous homeowner is most likely safe.

Is this really a ghost caught on camera? Or is there a more logical explanation. Let us know in the comments below.

5. Mysterious Paused Plane



YouTuber Sebastian Barajas was spending a carefree day in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. However, he quickly hit record when something truly bizarre began happening in the sky above his head.

Anyone who has been to a beach town in the United States knows that it’s not uncommon to see planes flying overhead. Pilots of small aircrafts are regularly hired to tow large advertisement banners over the beach and boardwalk to attract customers. However, this particular plane drew the attention of beachgoers because it suddenly stopped flying.

In the middle of the air, the plane simply stops moving for several minutes. The physics of flight make this impossible: these types of planes need to be moving forward to produce the necessary lift to keep the plane in the air. To make matters even more strange, the banner being towed stays suspended in the air behind the plane. The air currents from the plane’s movement are what allows these banners to stretch out in the air, so if the plane isn’t moving, the banner should be hanging straight down.

Viewers of the video have compared the mysterious footage to a glitch in the matrix. Some have suggested that high winds pushing the plane backwards while it attempts to move forward could have caused the bizarre phenomenon, but many are skeptical. Was this a simple optical illusion, or is something paranormal happening in the sky?

4. Strange Find in Thailand



Amazing Mystery Videos is well-known for its mysterious footage. Their latest clip has shocked many viewers with evidence of a unique cryptid that many had never seen before.

According to Buddhist mythology, Naree pon are fairy-like creatures that originate in the jungles of Thailand. These tiny creatures are believed to be half human, half flower, and are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They are a tad mischievous, throwing rocks at those traveling through the jungle while perched in the branches of their special, sacred trees, which they are most likely trying to protect on behalf of their patron gods. Many Thai museums display specimens of dead, fossilized Naree pon, but there is little footage of the cryptids while alive. This cameraman believes he has captured evidence of a live Naree pon.

Late one night while the room was dark, this cameraman thought he saw something fly through the window. The video shows a small, flying creature moving through the shadows. We can only see the creature because of the dim light reflecting off it, making it seem to glow in the darkness of the room. Although it flies around the room for a while, we never get a clear look at the creature.

Some who have viewed the video believe the creature captured in the mysterious footage is nothing more than an insect that flew through the window. Others are certain this video is proof of the existence of the elusive Naree pon.

3. Mysterious Footage: Shadowy Figure Follows YouTuber



YouTuber Dan Bell regularly visits old, abandoned locations looking to record mysterious footage. In this video, he explores the site of a former asylum that many believe is haunted by the spirits of former patients. This particular asylum specialized in treating children, so there could be youthful ghosts causing mischief in the abandoned building.

As Dan explores the ruins of the former asylum, several bizarre and creepy things occur in the shadows of the run-down rooms. Throughout the visit, he hears strange noises above him that he believes to be animals at first. Then, a few minutes into his exploration, he walks around the post of a stair railing. At the time, he was looking up, examining the staircase above him. However, when he later watched the footage, he saw something that greatly unnerved him: the shadow of what appears to be a person disappearing through a nearby doorway. Could this person or spirit have caused the sounds he heard earlier?

A few minutes later, he enters a larger room with several closed doors. As he enters the room, the camera captures movement through a hole in one of the doors. It’s like someone was watching him through the hole and then ran away when he got too close.

Some viewers are certain the old asylum is haunted. However, Dan believes there is a less paranormal, but just as creepy, explanation. He theorizes that a former patient of the hospital has returned and is secretly living in the abandoned building. Whether human or ghost, knowing he was secretly watched throughout his exploration left this YouTuber understandably unnerved.

2. Garden Gnome Caught Moving on Camera



In another bizarre video from Amazing Mystery Videos, a homeowner was shocked to discover something unusual living right in their backyard.

In this video, we see a small, cluttered backyard. The light in the area is dim, so it’s hard to make out any details. However, we can see what appears to be a garden gnome with dark skin, a white beard, and a tall, white hat. At first, nothing seems unusual, then the gnome begins to move. The creature walks around a small area of the yard before disappearing behind some foliage. The camera is shaky, so the details of the gnome’s appearance are hard to make out. We can mostly see the bright white of its tall hat reflected in the light.

According to Renaissance mythology, gnomes are small humanoid creatures that typically live underground. They are usually described as being about a foot tall and reluctant to interact with humans. They spend most of their time below ground, moving through the earth as easily as humans move through air. Often, gnomes are tasked with guarding some sort of underground treasure.

If this is in fact a gnome, the homeowner most likely has nothing to fear. However, the creature could turn nasty if anyone were to go searching for its underground treasure.

1. UFO Performs Mysterious Move on Live TV

As an expert talks about weather tracking technology being used to gather data on the storm, the screen behind him is taken up with footage from a weather camera in an area affected by the storm. The shot shows a gray, stormy sky, along with some trees blowing in the fierce winds. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until a strange circle of light makes an appearance.

As the camera records, a large ball of light appears to fall from the sky towards the trees. Just as it’s getting close, it suddenly changes direction and flies into the sky once again. This is clearly not a falling object, as such a manoeuver would be impossible for an object in free fall. The perfectly round shape of the object also doesn’t resemble any type of aircraft known to man. Besides, who would be foolish enough to fly during a category 5 hurricane?

According to many viewers of the video, the shape and movements of the strange ball of light had to have been caused by an alien craft. They believe that only extraterrestrial technology could move in this way, especially during the fierce winds caused by a hurricane.