Creepy Photos That’ll Chill You to the Bone

These Photos Sure Are Super Creepy!

Have you ever come across creepy photos that send chills down your spine? With modern technology, we are taking photos much more frequently. In fact, it seems everyone these days has their own smartphone on hand. With this in mind, it isn’t surprising that the chances of capturing something paranormal have also risen.

From those who actually go on the hunt for the supernatural with their cameras ready to others who were simply taking an innocent photo and spotted something eerie in the background, it seems the supernatural has the power to crop up anywhere and everywhere.

Here are six creepy photos that will chill you to the bone.

6. Doorbell Camera Catches Hooded Figure

Photo taken from a doorbell camera.


These creepy photos were posted to Reddit by user Westsidewillie87 in an attempt to find some answers. While the first photo doesn’t show anything out of the ordinary, the second will likely give you chills.

Photo taken from a doorbell camera that shows a creepy, hooded figure.


The doorbell cam has seemingly captured an image of a hooded figure lurking outside the uploader’s house. This has led to several questions about who or what it might actually be.

The uploader asserts that the figure stood eerily outside their home for five minutes before turning around and leaving. They also note that the figure seemed to have spotted the doorbell camera and decided to remain hidden in the darkness. By avoiding the motion sensors, they have left the residents without a definitive answer as to their identity.

The figure’s appearance and eerie behavior have caused quite a stir online. Some have even questioned whether it was a human prowling through the front yard or possibly something supernatural?

Some assert that, if you look closely a cell phone can be seen in the figure’s hand. The uploader’s family have even suggested that it appears to be a woman in a dress – perhaps a wedding dress. Others think that the figure looks as though it is wearing a hooded cloak.

Could it have been a member of a mysterious cult performing some sort of sinister ritual?

Human or ghost, these creepy photos have left the uploader feeling understandably shaken – and bereft of any answers.

5. Creepy Face Watches From Above

Photo of a girl smiling with a creepy face above her.

Chocolat Chan

When photographer, Chocolat Chan captured this image, she was probably not expecting it to reveal something creepy? While everything seems normal at first glance, there is one section, in particular, that seems to show otherwise.

Chan mentions that she was having fun with her cousin taking pictures in front of this old building when her cousin suddenly spotted someone or something watching them. Chan reviewed the photo and was shocked to see a creepy face peering out of the darkness.

Close up of the creepy face.

Chocolat Chan

While it is barely visible, if you zoom in you can see that there is indeed something there. It’s pale and appears to have dark, sunken eyes. Eerie and out of place, the face seems intrusive and voyeuristic.

While there is no information of whether the building itself was supposed to be abandoned, one’s imagination can easily conjure up images of ghosts roaming the property’s dilapidated hallways.

What do you think has been captured in this photo? Does the face belong to an inquisitive, old man? Or could it actually be a ghost peering down from above? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. The Mysterious Girl in the Mirror

Photo of a girl with a creepy reflection.


This screengrab posted on the Memedroid website by Troll_com1, seems to have captured an especially eerie and inexplicable supernatural reflection.

While some creepy photos have clear, or at least plausible explanations that dismiss any idea of paranormal activity, it seems that even skeptics might have a hard time debunking this one.

The photo appears to have been originally posted so the uploader could show off a quilt that she had made. The girl is seen posing on her bed, with the quilt pulled up to her chin. She looks directly at the camera – but she’s not the only one to do so. If you take a closer look in the mirror behind her, you can see that her reflection also appears to be staring at the camera!

However, this might not be the case at all. It seems that the girl in the mirror might actually be someone else. At least one keen eyed viewer thinks he has spotted some very slight differences in the position of the quilt and the girl’s face.

While a clever photoshop job might explain the mystery of this photo, there are no indications that it has been edited in any way. Could there really be something supernatural responsible for this bizarre image?

Unfortunately, there is very little information available which makes it difficult to comment any further. That said, this is certainly a very creepy photo and without a good explanation, viewers may never know the true identity of the mysterious girl in the mirror?

3. Mysterious Face Appears in Selfie

Selfie of a girl with a creepy face hiding behind her.

Jaez Duca

Captured by photographer, Jaez Duca, this seems to be yet another image that could potentially show paranormal activity.

Duca notes that she took the photo in 2015 while standing in her kitchen with an empty cabinet visible behind her. However, there is also the face of what appears to be a young child visible behind her.

In this case, it is exceedingly clear. Given the angle the photo was taken, it seems unlikely that a child would have been positioned behind the uploader on purpose.

As Duca herself seemed shocked by the appearance of the mysterious face, one wonders if it might actually be some sort of supernatural intruder?

The face is pale, with much of it being obscured by shadow. A single hand reaches forwards, gently gripping the photographer on the shoulder.

In instances such as these, it is not uncommon for the person who took the photo to be able to recognize the potentially ghostly intruder. They often associate them with the spirit of someone they’ve known in life. However, in this case there is no indication from the photographer as to who or what this face might belong to.

Could it potentially be the ghost of someone who had lived in the same house? If this does turn out to be the case, one can only hope that the spirit was just passing by, rather than planning on sticking around.

2. Ghostly Presence Caught on Camera?

Photo of an empty room.


Posted by Reddit user repteq, the circumstances behind these creepy photos are certainly chilling.

The uploader explains that their grandmother had recently passed away and that these two images were captured in her old room.

The first, shows the room in broad daylight, providing the viewer with some sense of scale and context. It shows the corner of a bed, a closet and a small desk-like alcove. At the far end of the room is a window with open curtains.

Photo of a ghostly figure in the darkness.


The second photo has been taken in almost exactly the same place as the first yet, in this one there appears to be a dark figure standing by the window. It certainly looks human is shape and compared to the window sill seems rather short.

While it could be easy to jump to the conclusion that the mysterious figure is most likely the ghost of the uploader’s deceased grandmother, the uploader them-self has dismissed the idea.

They believe that the dark figure is far too small to be their grandmother and that it gave them a fairly bad feeling, something that their grandmother would never do.

Creepy and distinct, this photo surely now has the uploader wondering just what sort of spirits could be wandering the halls of this particular residence?

1. Creepy Figure Watches From Window

Photo of a creepy face staring through a window.


The last of the creepy photos on our list was uploaded to Reddit by user FliqpyHTF. Again, like many of the previous images, it seems fairly innocuous at first glance. However, a more careful inspection reveals a sinister looking face peering into the room from the darkness outside.

In this case, the face appears to be somewhat skeletal. It has dark, sunken eyes and the look it is giving is certainly not a welcoming one.

The uploader explains that they were alone in their room at the time the photo was taken and that there were no posters on the walls, eliminating the possibility that the face was simply caused by a reflection.

As expected, viewers opinions are divided over what the photo actually shows. Some think it could be a creepy prowler watching from outside the window. Others think that the face looks supernatural, suggesting that it could be a ghost.

While it is certainly a very creepy image, several skeptics have suggested that the face might be little more than a case of pareidolia caused by a tree’s branches brushing against the window.

Whatever the situation may be, one thing is for sure. The idea that something could be staring at you from outside your bedroom window while you sleep is certainly enough to give most people nightmares.

What do you think this photo shows? A prowler perhaps? A supernatural entity? Or are we simply seeing something that really isn’t there? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.