Canada’s Most Haunted Places

Have you visited any of these haunted places?

These are Canada’s most haunted places. From the ‘whooping’ woods to the ghost of a drowned boy that appears in a high school swimming pool, we count 10 of the most haunted places in Canada.

10. Dungarvon Woods, Blackville

This is one of the most haunted places in Canada

Deep in a forest in central New Brunswick, Canada the ghost of a murdered logger reportedly cries out in the night.

The story follows a man known as Ryan who worked as a cook at a logging camp in the Dungarvon woods in Blackville. One day, he was left alone with the boss of the camp as the other loggers all went out into the forest. When the loggers returned, they discovered that Ryan had been murdered, the boss claiming he suddenly became ill and died.

They buried him nearby and that night, screams and loud whooping noises echoed through the camp. The noises continued through the next day, and the camp was abandoned. Years later, when a different group of loggers wanted to use the camp, they started hearing the same noises. Eventually a priest was brought in to put Ryan’s spirit to rest.

Here, accounts differ. Some reports say the screams stopped and the priest was successful. But others say that when the skeleton was unearthed and the priest began his work, the screams only got louder and the priest ran. Screams and whoops are still reported to be heard today.

9. Seal Island

This is one of Canada's most haunted places.

Seal Island is located off the coast of Nova Scotia and is haunted by a woman named Annie Lindsey.

Lindsey was a stewardess aboard the SS Ottawa, which was shipwrecked near Seal Island. She drowned in the lifeboat while trying to reach safety. Several days later, she was buried on the island.

Her ghost has been seen many times wandering on the island. Her spirit stands on the shore looking ominously out to sea before vanishing. Reportedly when her grave was disinterred, there was evidence that she had been buried alive.

8. Mahone Bay

One of the most haunted places in Canada

In June 1813, the ship Young Teazer sank in Mahone Bay. While being chased by British warships it’s thought that a crew member deliberately blew up the hull, setting the ship aflame. The crew was forced to abandon ship, leaving it to sink in the bay. Thirty crew members died that day. The survivors were badly burnt and clinging to debris when they were rescued by people from the local village.

For years there have been many sightings of the ship re-sinking, the event referred to as ‘Teazers Light’. Sightings increase in their frequency around the anniversary of the ship’s tragic accident.

7. Auberge Le Saint-Gabriel

This building is a haunted place in Canada
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Montreal has numerous haunted locations, the most famous being the Auberge Le Saint-Gabriel inn.

Built in 1754, the inn is the oldest in North America. In the early 19th century the building caught fire. Tragically a young girl was trapped in one of the burning rooms and lost her life.

Since that fateful day, she has been seen by many people throughout the years. Guests often report seeing her down the end of the Auberge’s long dark hallways. She stares at them then disappears eerily through the wall.

6. Fairmont Empress

This hotel is one of the most haunted places in Canada.

The Fairmont Empress hotel, located on Vancouver Island, is notorious for its ghosts. It was named one of the world’s most famous hotels by Reader’s Digest.

There are reports that the architect of the hotel, Francis Rattenbury, still wanders around the hotel – his spirit eternally attached to the property.

Then there’s the ghost of Lizzie McGrath, a chambermaid who tragically fell to her death. One day while cleaning one of the rooms she attempted to step out onto the fire escape but instead plummeted several stories to the ground below. Unknown to her, the fire escape had been removed for construction and repairs. Now some guests say they’ve heard terrible screams outside their windows.

And the most unsettling of all, an unnamed elderly woman is said to knock on people’s doors. She urgently leads guests to the elevator, where she then disappears.


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