20 Random Facts To Soothe Your Curiosity

I couldn't believe No.1

Facts, facts and more facts. You all want ’em, we got ’em. From space beer to Hitler, here are 20 random facts to soothe your curiosity.

20. Alan Magee a World War 2 pilot fell over 22,000 feet without a parachute, smashed through the glass roof of a train station and survived.

19. There are more than 2000 flash light apps in the Apple App store.

18. One in four US ‘self-made’ billionaires dropped out of college.

17. The Hippopotamus’ closest living relatives are whales.

16. Back in 2009 liquor giant Sapporo made a beer out of barley that was grown in space. There were only 250 six-packs of the space beer produced which was sold through a lottery system for $110 each.

15. For every species of marine life that we know exist there are at least three more yet to be discovered.

14. After the Titanic sank the Mayflower Curling Club in Nova Scotia Canada was used as a makeshift morgue for hundreds of dead passengers.

13. 60% of all apps in the Apple App Store have NEVER been downloaded. Not once.

12. The average major league baseball game runs for about 3 hours but actual playing time is under 18 minutes.

11. Half of all the oxygen we breathe is produced in the ocean, thanks to sea weed, sea grass and phytoplankton photosynthesising.

10. There are 12 million millionaires in the world but only 2325 billionaires.

9. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an enormous plastic soup floating in the North Pacific Ocean. It’s made up of chemical sludge, plastics and other man made debris. Reports on the size of the garbage patch vary but some estimate that it could be up to two times the size of continental United States.

8. The Taiping Rebellion was a massive civil war in Southern China that ran from 1850 to 1864. It was lead by a man claiming to be the younger brother of Jesus Christ. Over 20 million people died and it is considered one of the deadliest military conflicts in history.

7. Despite their athletic builds, Lions are actually inactive for about 20 hours of the day.

6. The Dingo Fence in Australia is the world’s longest fence stretching an enormous 5614 kilometres. It was built to keep dingoes out of the fertile lands of southern and eastern Australia.

5. In Japan nearly 4 million golfers carry hole-in-one insurance. An average policy will pay out around $3500 dollars for holing an ace. Typically the money is used to celebrate the golfing achievement and host lavish parties.

4. Only 3% of the Earth’s water is freshwater, the majority of which is frozen in Antartica.

3. There is more ‘Monopoly’ money printed in the US each year than real money. According to Parker Brothers, the makers of the game, they print $30 billion every year.

2. A group of pugs is called a grumble!

1. In 1938, Adolf Hitler was Time magazine’s Man of the Year and just one year later was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.