Dogs With Human Hairstyles

Human hairstyles on dogs just don't quite work!

There is something so funny about dogs with human hairstyles. You just can’t help laughing. Even though dogs are covered from head to toe in fur, it is just so hilariously wrong when a canine rocks a human hairdo.

“When my owner asked if I wanted pigtails? This is not what I had in mind!”
Dogs with human hairstyles look funny. This dog has cute pigtails.


I pity the fool who doesn’t think this dog is hilarious

Dogs with human hairstyles look hilarious. This dog looks like Mr T.


This pooch belongs in an 80’s rock band!

Dogs with human hairstyles are weird. This Dog's hair looks like it belongs to an 80s rock star.


Dogs with afros = Badass!

Two white dogs with afro hairstyles.


This pint-sized pooch will f@#$k you up boy!

A small dog with a big beard.


Is that a dog with a goatee or Spike from Gremlins?

A dog with a goatee beard.


This bitch is fine!

A cute dog with long pigtails.


This dog’s lederhosen keeps him from exposen…his bone!

A big dog with shaved fur that looks like pants.


The classic Rover comb-over!

A furry dog with a comb-over hairstyle.


One thing is for sure, these dogs with human hairstyles definitely need to find new owners!