Here’s What’s Trending On Youtube – 26/03/15

This Week's Viral Videos

This week we take a look at what’s trending on Youtube. They’re garnering millions of views, the world can’t help but click and watch. From a sneaky octopus to Iggy Azalea’s white Ferrari – here’s what’s trending on Youtube.

First up, it’s the shell stealing veined octopus from the Youtube channel Earth Touch. At the time of writing, this clip had collected a whopping 1,195,875 views with tens of thousands more pouring in. With hilarious tongue in cheek commentary, we watch this cheeky octopus roam about the ocean floor looking for the perfect shell. Will he ever find it?

Next up is ’73 Questions with Iggy Azalea’ brought to you by Vogue’s Youtube channel. Here we find Iggy casually drifting through her Hollywood mansion as Vogue fire off their iconic 73 questions. She saunters through a state-of-the-art at-home recording studio, past her Ferrari, finally sitting down on her deck over looking a smoggy California skyline. At the time of writing, this video was well on it’s way to getting half a million views in just a few days.

And finally here is Jimmy Fallon’s ever popular Youtube channel delivering us Pie Golf with Bubba Watson and January Jones. Fallon and Watson go head-to-head chipping Velcro balls at a target. First player to stick their ball on the target gets to watch their opponent cop a cream pie to the face delivered by January Jones. Fallon’s clips on Youtube are never low on views with videos trending every week and this one’s no exception, garnering hundreds of thousands of views even as I type. Enjoy!

And that’s what’s trending on Youtube this week. Check back every week for the freshest Youtube content from around the globe.