11 Creepiest Things Fishermen Have Seen at Sea

Fishermen see some weird stuff!

The human race has only explored about five percent of the ocean, so perhaps it’s no surprise that this vast unexplored habitat is filled with strange things seen at sea. Here are only a sample of the creepy things seen at sea and found near the shore by fisherman.

11. A Bag of Human Hands

These are the weirdest things washed ashore

A Siberian fisherman was shocked to find a bag containing 54 severed human hands in March 2018. Surely one of the most creepy things seen at sea, the bag of hands didn’t overly concern the local authorities. They were able to trace the gruesome find to a local forensics laboratory, which is thought to have improperly disposed of the body parts.

10. Brian Allison’s Skull

These are the Creepiest Things Fishermen Have Seen at Sea
Daily Mail

Brian Allison and his stepbrother Robert Temple were the two-person crew of the fishing trawler
Jann Denise II. The trawler sank in the North Sea in 2004.

Three years later, fisherman Barry Hunter, who had been a drinking buddy of Allison’s, reeled in a net of fish. Among his catch was a human skull, a skull that investigators later learned was that of Brian Allison.

9. A Brick of Cocaine

These are the Creepiest Things Fishermen Have Seen at Sea

Fishing off Marathon Key in the Florida Keys in 2011, 50-something brothers Thomas and Kenneth Swindal discovered a rectangular, white object floating nearby. They hauled it on board and suspected it was cocaine; the Florida Keys are a hotbed of drug smuggling activity.

Their impression was confirmed by Thomas, who decided to ingest some of the substance himself. Apparently he was no believer in moderation. Thomas Kendal began acting bizarrely, and his brother had to rush him to the nearest emergency room, where Thomas, sadly, passed away from a cocaine overdose.

8. The Giant Eyeball

These are the weirdest things washed ashore

In October 2012, a giant blue eyeball washed up on the beach in Pompano, Florida. No signs of the creature it belonged to were found nearby. The peeper was large enough that an adult needed both hands to hold it.

First thought to be evidence of a giant squid, the eyeball is now thought to belong to a more common sea creature, likely a swordfish or a marlin. According to biologist Sönke Johnsen, people often don’t realize how large a swordfish’s eyeball is because most of the eye is hidden inside the head. Biologists think the eye was removed and discarded by a fisherman before it washed up on shore.

7. The Hecla and Fury Strait Noise

These are the Creepiest Things Fishermen Have Seen at Sea
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This creepy, unexplained thing isn’t seen at sea so much as heard. Since at least 2016, the largely Inuit population of Nunavut, Canada has reported a strange “pinging” or “humming” noise that vibrates the hulls of boats used by hunters and fisherman. The noise travels underwater, and wildlife seems to actively avoid it.

While the Canadian military has investigated, no one is quite sure what causes the phenomenon. Some guesses include industrial activity of the Baffinlands Iron Mines Corporation, research stations studying the Arctic environment, or even conservation efforts by Greenpeace. Yet no one can quite explain how these things would cause the eerie vibrations.

6. Japan’s “Boats of the Dead”

These are the Creepiest Things Fishermen Have Seen at Sea
The Sun

In November 2015, twelve boats washed up on the shores of Japan off the coasts of Fukui and Ishikawa Prefectures. Between them, they carried approximately 22 partially-skeletonized dead bodies. These boats were found by the Japanese Coast Guard, but these “boats of the dead” are not an uncommon occurrence in Japan, with 65 ghost ships being found in 2014 and a stunning 80 of them in 2013.

Experts think the unfortunate people who lost their lives on these boats originated in North Korea. They may have been defecting from the so-called Hermit Country, or they may have been fishing, drifted off course, and faced starvation. The eeriest thing about these strange things seen at sea is that several of the bodies have been found with their heads missing.


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