10 Trail Camera Photos That Cannot Be Explained

These Creepy Trail Camera Pictures Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

While trail cameras are usually used to photograph local fauna, they can sometimes capture some very creepy things. From the image of an inquisitive alien to photos of ghosts, monsters and sinister rituals, we count 10 trail camera photos that cannot be explained.

11. Inquisitive Alien

 Alien caught on trail camera - 10 Trail Camera Photos That Cannot Be Explained

This startling image was captured by a hunter who had set up several trail cameras on his property. When reviewed the photos, he could not believe his eyes. The camera appears to have captured a close up image of some sort of creature that looks very much like an alien grey. It has a huge, dome shaped head, large, black pupil-less eyes, a tiny mouth and flattened nose.

Could this hunter have actually captured an inquisitive alien staring into the lens of his camera? If so, what was the creature doing on the property in the first place and why does it seem so fascinated with the trail camera?

10. Baby Bigfoot

Ape-like creature captured on trail camera - 10 Trail Camera Photos That Cannot Be Explained

Wide Open Spaces

In 2013, a trail cam set up in the mountains of Southwestern Virginia captured this very strange photo. The image shows some sort of unidentified animal rummaging through the fallen debris. It has long, ape-like limbs, no visible tail and it is covered in dark, shaggy fur. When this photo first surfaced, many were quick to suggest that the mysterious creature could actually be a young Sasquatch foraging for food. Some thought it may have been a chimpanzee that had escaped from a local zoo while others thought it resembled a malnourished bear.

The owner of the trail camera, a man by the name of Roger Williams told a local newspaper that the creature seemed to possess several human-like features “It appears that the right arm (of the creature) shows fingers as the animal grasps the base of the tree stump. It also has elongated feet similar to a man’s appendages. Its fur is matted on the back but thin on the arms and legs.”

Juvenile Sasquatch caught on trail camera - 10 Trail Camera Photos That Cannot Be Explained

Outside Online

The beast had experts drawing comparisons to this famous photo that was snapped in 2007. Bigfoot enthusiast Rick Jacobs managed to capture this striking image on a trail camera in the forests of Northwest Pennsylvania. It too appears to show an ape-like creature rummaging through the undergrowth. When this photo surfaced, several Bigfoot researchers believed it to be evidence of a juvenile Sasquatch.

As you can see, the beast captured in this photo bares a striking similarity to the one taken by Williams.

What are these mysterious creatures? Could these images really be proof that Sasquatches are roaming the countryside? Or are they actually escaped chimpanzees or sickly bears? Perhaps they are something else entirely? What do think the animals are on these trail camera photos?

9. Night of The Living Dead

Zombie caught on trail camera - 10 Trail Camera Photos That Cannot Be Explained

Outdoor Life

In 2012, these creepy trail cam photos surfaced, said to be taken in Luneberg County, Virginia. It looks as though they have captured a zombie, possibly even two, stumbling through the thicket in the middle of the night. If you take a closer look at the second image, it appears that the creature closest to the camera has had flesh torn from its chest, exposing the rib cage underneath.

Zombie filmed on trail camera - 10 Trail Camera Photos That Cannot Be Explained

Cyber Breeze

The figure has glowing white eyes and looks as though it is screaming. Could this be a real zombie risen from the dead, out looking for human flesh to feast on? Or is it just a well orchestrated prank? Either way it makes for a very creepy photo.

What do you think is going on in these photos? Let us know in the comments section below.

8. Creepy Onlooker

Creepy girl caught on trail camera - 10 Trail Camera Photos That Cannot Be Explained


There is very little information about this photo other than it was taken in Big Spring, Texas. It paints a very disconcerting picture nonetheless. Whether it’s the grainy quality of the image or the fact that it was captured at night, the little girl has a ghostly look about her. Then there’s the startled buck. With its keen ability to sense danger, surely it would have heard the girl approaching long before she got this close. It is almost as if the little girl just appeared there without making a sound.

If you look closely, the lower half of the girl also appears to transparent. You can see the ground right through her dress!

Has this trail camera actually captured a ghost wandering silently through the woods at night?

7. Lost Patient

Robed figure caught on trail camera - 10 Trail Camera Photos That Cannot Be Explained

Viral Nova

This trail camera photo appears to have captured an old woman wandering through the woods, alone in the middle of the night. The fact that the woman is wearing a long white gown has lead some to speculate she might have been a patient in a nearby hospital. Perhaps wandering off and getting lost in the darkness.

Others think that it may be a ghost or even someone about to take part in some sort of sinister ritual. Whatever or whoever it is, it sure makes for a terrifying photo.

6. From The Darkness

Flying squirrel chasing a deer - 10 Trail Camera Photos That Cannot Be Explained

Guilty Fix

This woodland trail camera appears to have captured a deer being chased by a flying squirrel. It would seem that the deer had stopped to eat some of the apples on the ground when it became startled and ran.

But perhaps there is more to this photo? Could it be that both animals are actually running for their lives? Perhaps they are being chased by something else lurking in the darkness?

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