10 Strangest Things Discovered in Backyards

These finds are incredible!

Most homeowners have gone into their backyards and found a rare flower, a strange looking insect, or a beautiful rock. There are other people, however, who have found very strange and unusual things in their backyard. Below is a list of the strangest things discovered in backyards. Some of the things that these homeowners came across are shocking.

10. A Ferrari

A Ferrari is one of the strangest things found in backyards
LA Times

The Los Angeles Times ran a story in February 1978 about two children who found a Dino 264 GTS Ferrari in their backyard. According to the story, the vehicle was in perfect condition except for a small hole over the taillight.

In 2012, Mike Spinelli, a writer for the website Jalopnik, wanted to learn more about the buried Ferrari. He contacted Dennis Carroll, one of the detectives who worked the case in 1978. According to Carroll, the police got a tip from a snitch about the car. They wanted to cover the snitch’s identity, so they faked the story about the boys finding the car. It turned out that the owner of the vehicle hired a few men to stage a theft so that he could collect the insurance money. Since the police couldn’t prove that the man was involved, they couldn’t arrest him.

When the vehicle was lifted out of the ground, it was a mess. A mechanic bought the car and put a lot of work into it. He is still driving around in it today.

9. An Entire Cemetery

A cemetery in New Orleans is one of the strangest things found in backyards
Daily Mail

In 2011, a man named Vincent Marcello was planning to put a swimming pool in the backyard of his home in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

When he started digging in the yard, he found a lot more than dirt and rocks. Under the ground, there was an 18th-century graveyard. There were 13 graves in all, each with 13 caskets that contained human remains.

According to Mr. Marcello, he knew that his home had historic value, however, he didn’t realize how much historical value that it actually had.

Of all the strange things found in backyards, this is by far the creepiest.

8. A Woolly Mammoth Femur

Woolly Mammoth bones are one of the strangest things found in backyards
Daily Mail

In July 2010, a family from Iowa made an amazing discovery while walking through their backyard.

The man, who was only identified as John stated that he was walking near a creek behind his Oskaloosa, Ohio home with his two sons. They saw something that they thought was a bowling ball at the shallow end of the creek. When they pulled it out, they discovered that it wasn’t a bowling ball at all. It was actually a bone.

After they found the bone, they brought it to Marlin Ingalls from the Iowa State Archaeologist’s office. According to Mr. Ingalls, the bones appeared to be 12,000 years old. After further excavation of the creek, they found several smaller bones, leading Mr. Ingalls to believe that the mammoth died in the spot where the bones were found. The bones were in great condition and Mr. Ingalls stated the find was incredibly exciting.

7. $10 Million In Gold Coins

$10 million worth of gold coins is one of the strangest things found in backyards

A couple from Sierra Nevada, California who chose not to be identified, took their dog for a walk around their property in 2013.

While they were walking, they noticed the top of an old canister that had been buried in the ground. When they went into the house, they opened the canister. Inside, they found several gold coins from the 1890’s. Right after seeing what was in the canister, they went back out to the place where they found the first canister and they found seven more just like it.

In total, there were 1,427 coins buried in their yard. The face value of the coins was $27,980. The couple took the coins to a professional to be restored and valued. It turned out that the coins were worth $10 million!

6. A Hunting Rifle

A hunting rifle and a cell phone was discovered on this property making it one of the strangest things found in backyards

In August 2014, a man from Calgary, Canada who asked not to be identified, was walking between his garage and his fence when he found a pillowcase containing a loaded hunting rifle and a cell phone.

He told the police that he rarely ever walked in that section of his yard. The police took custody of the rifle and the phone. After a thorough investigation, the police couldn’t determine the owner of the gun and the phone or how it got into the Calgary man’s yard.


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