10 REAL Mermaids Caught on Tape


Are these real mermaids caught on tape? From a mermaid spotted swimming in a cave in Mexico to a strange sea creature washed ashore in the UK, join us as we take a look at 10 real mermaids spotted in the wild.

10. Mermaid Spotted in Mexico

This amazing footage surface in August 2016. It appears to show a mermaid swimming through the murky waters of a Mexican underwater cave.

The diver claims he was swimming with some friend in what’s known as a cenote near Cancun, Mexico. Cenotes are natural sinkholes that open up when bedrock limestone collapses, creating a deep pit of water. These natural wonders are hot spots for tourists who flock to swim in the enormous ponds.

In the footage you can see the diver swimming about in the cave. He films his friends who are also busy exploring the grotto. Then in the distance you can clearly see a humanoid creature swimming through the shadowy waters. It has a long tail with an enormous fanned fin at the bottom. The creature glides effortlessly through the water.

Experts who’ve analysed the footage are stunned at what’s been captured. They claim that no CGI has been used nor has the clip been edited in any way.

Is this proof that mermaids exist? Have they been hiding in deep water caves all these years, just waiting to be discovered?

9. Mermaid Found on UK Beach

Startling footage of an alleged mermaid washed onto the Internet in 2016 and caused quite a stir.

Photos and footage were posted to Facebook claiming to show an unknown sea creature that had washed ashore in the UK. The beast appears to have an upper body remarkably similar to a human. The skull and chest cavity resemble human anatomy however the lower half looks like a fish.

The gruesome remains are far flung from the classical depiction of a siren mermaid, leading some to believe that this footage might actually be real.

When the photos went live on Facebook opinions were divided. Most were quick to call the images fake while others were stunned at what they saw, hoping that a genuine discovery had been made.

Could a new species of deep sea animal really have just washed up on the beach? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

8. Jamaican River Mermaid

This brief clip seems to show some kind of creature swimming in a Jamaican river.

The footage was captured at Flat-bridge, 23 km west of Kingston. Several kids were playing by the murky river when they spotted a strange figure by the bank. They quickly started filming on a phone in an effort to capture proof of their encounter.

Sadly, the video is very brief and only shows a head bob into the water. You can just make out a body swimming through the muddy river.

What do you make of this footage? Have these children captured a river mermaid playing in the water?

7. Four Breasted Mermaid

This is some bizarre footage that surfaced in December, 2017.

It shows an unknown aquatic beast tied up on a box. It has the head and tail of a fish but has four breasts and a bloated belly. The skin around its mid-section is clearly different to that of its head and tail. For safety reasons, the creature’s arms have been tied behind its back. You can see its throat pulse in and out as it gasps for air.

Allegedly, several fishermen caught the mermaid off the coast of Paradip in Odisha, India.

Unfortunately, details are scarce and the origins of the clip are unknown. Some claim that the creature is nothing more than a sculpture while others insist that this is irrefutable proof of a deep sea creature that has yet to be cataloged by science.

6. Icelandic Mermaid

This is some extraordinary footage captured by scientific deep sea explorers.

While filming off the coast of Iceland, this team of researchers captures something truly startling on film. As they maneuver through the murky waters, some kind of unknown creature presses a webbed hand onto the glass of the vessel. It has four pointy claws, connected by some webbed tissue. Note the opposable thumb too, a feature normally associated with land dwelling primates. A split second later you can just make out the head of the animal, it has large black eyes and a small defined mouth. Unfortunately, the mysterious creature darts off into the darkness as quickly as it appeared.


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