10 Craziest Plastic Surgeries You Have to See to Believe

These are the 10 craziest plastic surgeries. Whether a multi-millionaire musician or Instagram model, the lure of plastic surgery has caught all kinds of people, turning them into addicts for face lifts, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and breast implants. People are just given too many ideas about what beauty is. Now there is nothing wrong with having plastic surgery done, however, you should make sure that you have it done with a professional who knows exactly what to do. It is also important to make sure that you know when to say enough is enough. This list focuses on the most extreme, craziest plastic surgeries, but many of the people on this list love their accentuated looks and have paid millions of dollars to alter their faces and bodies. If you’re interested in having some surgery done, visit an experienced surgeon to ensure the surgery goes to plan… unlike these mentioned below!

From nose jobs to teeth implants to split lips, these individuals are famous for having one strange plastic surgery after another. While some on this list wanted to get more in touch with a spirit animal, others simply could not help altering their face. Who is to blame? The patient or the plastic surgeon who didn’t stop providing some of the craziest plastic surgeries?

10. Cooking Oil is Not Collagen: Hang Mioku

These are the craziest plastic surgeries ever performed.
Daily Mail

The most famous of all plastic surgery cases gone wrong is Hang Mioku. In a situation named one of the weirdest plastic surgery incidents, Mioku performed her own botched plastic surgery after being denied by her previous plastic surgeon.

This 48-year-old South Korean woman started getting plastic surgery when she was 28. Over time, she became addicted and escalated her procedures until she injected cooking oil into her own face.

Mioku’s appearance became so disfigured that her surgeon refused to operate on her. So the patient became the doctor. Due to her enlarged appearance from the cooking oil, she got the nickname ‘standing fan’ because of her small body and ‘wide’ face. She eventually went on television and garnered support to reduce the damage. During the procedure, 60g of foreign substance was removed from her face the first time. However, the second procedure removed 200g from her neck. Many plastic surgeons refused to perform the surgery due to the impossibility of ever fixing Hang’s face.

9. Nose Job Addiction: Michael Jackson

These are the craziest plastic surgeries

Throughout the 1980s, Michael Jackson was known for his dashing, boyish good looks. However, what Jackson did needs no explanation. Over the next two decades, Jackson had more than 10 plastic surgeries, turning his nose into a sculpted cartilage nightmare. It was rumoured that his nose frequently had to be applied on to make it seem normal for public appearances.

8. ‘I May Lose My Nose’ : The Human Ken Doll

These are the craziest plastic surgeries.
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In a bizarre twist of strange plastic surgery cases, Rodrigo Alves may be unknown to you, but to Instagram and YouTube, he is known as the human Ken Doll. Due to multiple plastic surgeries and an MRSA infection in his nose, Alves was recently featured on Botched after he almost lost his nose entirely. The plastic surgeon was also unable to properly examine Alves because there was nowhere to insert the otoscope – his nostrils were completely blocked.

Alves has undergone 51 plastic surgeries and 105 aesthetic treatments, totallying $465,000 in medical bills.

7. $4 Million Face: Jocelyn Wildenstein

These are the craziest plastic surgeries
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Affectionately known as ‘The Bride of Wildenstein’, Jocelyn Wildenstein has spent almost $4 million on plastic surgeries over the course of her life. She has one of the most recognized faces but for the opposite reason than most would want.

Due to the hundreds of cosmetic surgeries completed on her face, her eyes, nose, lips, and skin have changed drastically, to the point that she resembles a cartoon more than a person.

Why would a young woman do this? Rumors have it that she wanted to win back her husband through plastic surgery by making herself look more like the 21-year old that her husband had an affair with. Needless to say, it didn’t go as planned.

6. The Catman: Dennis Avner

These are the craziest plastic surgeries.
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Dennis Avner is one of the more extreme cases of plastic surgery that deals more with a personal transformation into an animal spirit than for ideal beauty. Dennis Avner is known as Catman for the multiple surgeries that have turned his face, including his teeth, into a cat. He also goes by his Native American name ‘Stalking Cat’. He has undergone extensive cosmetic surgeries to resemble a tiger, including cheek implants, teeth implants, eye surgeries, chin implants, rhinoplasty, and tattoos. The transdermal implants also allow whiskers to be worn.


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