10 REAL Mermaids Caught on Tape


5. The Israel Mermaids

This is some wild footage taken in Israel in 2005. It claims to show a real mermaid sunbathing on a rock in the ocean.

Two tourists began filming on their phones when they noticed a strange figure down on one of the rocks. They film for several minutes, calling out to attract the attention of whatever is lying on the rocks. The creature becomes startled and dives backwards into the water. As it does so it seems to reveal a long tail and finned feet.

Curiously, mermaid sightings have become so common in Israel that a mayor of a coastal town has even put up a bounty for anyone that has irrefutable proof. Kiryat Yam in the Haifa Bay district of Israel, has a US $1 million dollar reward for anyone that can show proof that mermaids exist. Dozens of locals claim they have had encounters. One man even says a mermaid touched his leg while swimming in the bay. He was so enamoured by the encounter that he hopes he’ll find the mermaid once more claiming the brief rendezvous was like heaven.

Could this footage be proof of the Israel mermaid? And is it strong enough evidence to claim the $1 million reward?

4. Science Vessel Footage

This footage was allegedly taken in 2006 by a NOAA deep sea research vessel.

The camera was lowered deep into the ocean to investigate and repair an oil tank used by the research team. As the camera scans the drum for damage various types of fish float nearby. However, right at the end of the footage a strange, long-finned creature darts by the camera. It only appears for a brief moment but doesn’t look anything like the other fish.

Some claim that the camera has caught a mermaid swimming by a great speeds, perhaps curious about the intruding vessel. Others think it’s nothing more than a deep sea eel or large fish.

The clip is far too brief and grainy to make any definitive commentary but none the less it has caused quite a stir across the Internet giving some people hope that mermaids may actually exist.

3. Sea Creature Washed Ashore

In 2014, startling reports began surfacing that a mermaid had washed ashore in Mexico. The photos show a well preserved specimen that resembles the mythical half fish, half human creature from ancient folklore.

The face of the animal is slender, with high cheek bones, full lips and black eyes. The skin almost sparkles in the sun. The upper body which has vaguely human anatomy blends seamlessly into a fish tail lower half. The tailpiece is thick and strong looking, most likely used to propel the creature through water.

When the photos spread across social media people thought the images were too good to be true and they were right. As it turns out, this so called mermaid was an elaborate prop created by Joel Harlow for the film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. There a loads of photos and videos of Harlow creating the model thus proving the washed up Mexican mermaid to be fake.

2. Caught Mermaid?

These fisherman caught something truly bizarre while in rough waters in the north Atlantic.

A shaky handy-cam seems to have caught the moment a strange sea creature was brought up in the trawlers fishing nets.

The men frantically fall about the deck of the boat as rough waters batter the ship from all sides. The mood is clearly tense as they realise they’ve caught something unusual in their nets. As the cameraman gets closer, something very large is clearly thrashing about in the net. A webbed hand can be seen reaching out moments before the catch falls back into the water.

What do you think this footage has captured? Is it a mermaid or some other wild sea creature that has yet to be classified?

1. Mermaid Spotted in Australia

This short clip shows what could be a mermaid swimming among a reef.

In 2007, a diver off the coast of Australia claimed to have encountered a real-life mermaid.

In the footage we see a diver filming a school of tropical fish in an unknown reef. In the distance we see a humanoid figure swim towards the camera. It appears to be half human, half fish with a long scale covered tail. The enormous fins appear to propel the creature effortlessly through the water.

When the clip was uploaded to the internet it caused a speculative frenzy – some heralded the footage as strong evidence of mermaids.

Analysts have noted that the creature swims easily through the water without the use of its arms, instead it uses its long finned tail to glide forwards.

The footage is also unusually clear, something not often seen in hoax videos.

Could this diver actually have captured a real mermaid swimming in the sea?


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