10 Creepy Video Game Glitches You Have To See!

Video games are meant to be a safe haven. A sanctuary from the terror of the outside world where players can roleplay in a secure environment. Sometimes though, it can all go terribly wrong. Sometimes the games glitch out. Then you’re all alone in a dark room with some freaky mannequins or disfigured donkey lady. You scream, ‘Mum. Mum!’ But it’s too late, the horrors are permanently etched into your mind. So get ready as we countdown the top 10 creepy video game glitches!

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10. The Ghosts of Halo

Just one of the creepy video game glitches

The ghosts of Halo are unidentified players that spawn out of nowhere during multiplayer games. These rare and bizarre sightings have been known to occur in Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo Reach.

These ghostly characters don’t have gamertags and don’t appear on the scoreboard. They tend to move erratically and can be aggressive if provoked.

So what causes these spectral characters to haunt the halls of Halo? Some gamers have speculated that it may be due to heavy traffic on a network or extreme lag. However there’s been no official explanation.

9. Is Minecraft Haunted?

Just one of the creepy video game glitches

Herobrine is a mysterious character said to haunt the depths of Minecraft. He is portrayed as an non-playing character, appears to have the default skin type with ghostly, all-white eyes.

A creepypasta evolved out of a thread that was first posted on the Minecraft forums on August 30th, 2010. It suggests that Minecraft’s creator, Notch, had a brother who passed away that used the gamer tag – Herobrine. Could Notch’s brother be haunting Minecraft?
Notch sent a tweet denying that Herobrine was in the game and that he doesn’t have a dead brother. Then on May 31st, 2011 patch notes were released that explicitly stated: ‘Removed Herobrine’.

8. Doc Mitchell: Demon Spawn

Just one of the creepy video game glitches you have to see to believe

At the beginning of Fallout: New Vegas there is a scene with a character named Doc Mitchell. In a few early builds of the game, as the character babbled some exposition, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve slipped into a acid induced nightmare. Doc Mitchell’s head would slowly turn a full 360 degrees. He’d float at you in this sort of awful half-squat with a melted neck all the while calmly explaining the storyline as if nothing’s happening. All aboard the Nope Train – Chugga chugga chugga – NOPE NOPE!

7. The Pokemon Suicides

Here one of the creepy video game glitches you have to see.

This one’s not so much a glitch as an urban legend. Lavender Town is a game area in Pokemon Red and Green where Pokemon are buried after they die. The town’s music is a haunting tune that is said to cause children to commit suicide. The Lavender Town Syndrome refers to a peak in childhood suicides in ages ranging from 7 to 12. It is said to have occurred exclusively in Japan after the release of the game on February 27th, 1996.

While this sensational story does make the skin crawl, it origins can be traced to a Creepypasta that was uploaded to Pastebin on February 21st, 2010. So thankfully, Japanese children probably weren’t killing themselves on mass after listening to this creepy tune.

6. Ghost Cars of GTA San Andreas

So this guy is just chillin’. Flying around the woods at night with his jetpack – nothing unusual. But then out of nowhere this ghost car manifests and rolls down the hill. Look there’s no driver either!

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According to cracked.com the glitch occurs when roaming the hilly, country areas of the game. As cars only spawn in the immediate vicinity of the player they can often appear and just roll down a hill until they hit something. Super creepy.

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