10 Creepy Video Game Glitches You Have To See!

5. The Sims 3 – Creepy Babies

This first demon child can sometimes happen when customising a baby’s outfit. Marvel at it’s long, slender digits and groin face, what mother wouldn’t swoon for over this gentle creation.

Here's one of the creepy video game glitches you have to see!

Next up we have a baby stick. Yep, that’s right that long rod there is actually a cute little bubba – nawwww.

Another very creepy video game glitch.
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And lastly we have a rather disturbing glitch that demonstrates how not to hold your baby.

A creepy video game glitch!

4. The Karazhan Crypt

One of the creepy video game glitches!
Wow Archivist

Back in the days of vanilla wow there was an area that was off-limits to all but a select few players. It was filled with intense scenes of torture, so much so that the developers at Blizzard eventually blocked it off permanently.

In the village surrounding Karazhan there was a crypt locked shut by a gate. By exploiting different spells like Polymorph you could slip you through the metal bars and gain entrance. What waited beyond that gate, further down into the crypt, were scenes of gruesome suffering. Piles of human remains, bloated corpses chained, floating in murky green water. This is the crypt of the upside-down sinners. Persecuted souls left to rot in the depths of an off-limits gaming area.

3. Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Creepy Watson

Here’s some unsettling footage taken from a demo of the video game ‘Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis’. Watson’s character wasn’t programmed to have walking animation which causes him to appear behind you like slender man.

Remember, Watson is always watching.

2. Red Dead Redemption’s Menagerie of Manimals

Red Dead Redemption 2 is OUT, so before you look online for cheats for the sequel, have
look at these creepy glitches from the franchise’s first installment. Throughout Red Dead Redemption there are a series of glitches that seem to morph non-playing characters with animals. No one seems to know how to replicate these ghastly glitches but you can’t deny that these defects are hilarious and often very unsettling.

First up, is this terrifying pig-man. He’s wearing a dapper suit, has a swollen, animal face and squeals like a pig when shot.

A creepy video game glitch for sure.

Then there’s these surreal, flapping bird-men that can be seen flying over the open deserts.

Another creepy video game glitch for you to check out!

Next is the Incredible Donkey Lady captured by Youtube channel WhereDaBootz. She’s half lady, half donkey. Sporting an equine-like face this mutant halfcast can be ridden around for the gamers pleasure.

One of many creepy video game glitches.

And lastly uploaded to the same Youtube account is the Infamous Cougar-Man. This possessed little man is doomed to scoot around on his knees and growl viciously like a cougar, attacking unsuspecting passerbyers.

1. Skyrim’s Living Mannequins

Creepy video game glitches you have to see to believe!

Once you own a home on Skyrim, in the basement are a number of wooden mannequins that you can place armour on. Occasionally though, whilst rummaging through your belongings these demonic mannequins sneak up and stare soullessly at you.

When it was first discovered, gamers speculated that it was part of a curse or myth belonging to the house but Bethesda released a statement saying that sometimes a glitch occurs that causes the mannequins to run on NPC coding, making them wander creepily about your house – lovely.

Well there you have our countdown of 10 creepy video game glitches. What do you think, did this top 10 list miss anything? Are there other creepy video game glitches you’ve seen? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.