10 Bizarre Nicolas Cage Facts

Although Nicolas Cage has won a Best Actor Oscar for his work in ‘Leaving Las Vegas’, more people know him for his reported bizarre behavior and the weird facts that surround this mercurial actor. So join us as we take a look at 10 weird facts about Nicolas Cage that you may not be aware of.



10. Successfully Sued Kathleen Turner: In Turner’s memoir ‘Send Yourself Roses’ she claimed that Nicolas Cage had once stolen a dog. Cage sued and managed to win a public apology from Turner.

9. Best Global Actor according to the People of China: For reasons that are not fully understood in the Western world, Nicolas Cage was awarded by the people of China for being one of the very best actors ever. Perhaps it’s because his movies have been popular in China or perhaps he’s cast some dark magic over the whole nation – who knows with Nicolas Cage.

8. Buried Like an Egyptian

10 weird facts about Nicolas Cage

One of the oddest facts about Nicolas Cage is that he has a nine-foot pyramid in a New Orleans cemetery that will hold his remains after he dies. Needless to say, this will certainly make his plot stand out from everyone else’s. Let’s hope it’s not near a beehive.

7. Collects Dinosaur Bones: Nicolas Cage is well known for being an avid collector, but one of his more unusual tastes is purchasing dinosaur bones. He once purchased a dinosaur skull for around $200,000.

6. Stalked by a Mime: Stars of Nicolas Cage’s caliber often get stalked by crazed fans, but few have been as bizarre as this. While filming ‘Bringing Out the Dead’ Cage noticed he was being followed by a mime. He would appear unannounced on set and start doing strange things. Finally producers realised that the mime was there illegally and had him removed. One can only imagine that it took Cage’s security team several hours to reach the mime as I’m sure he was housed in a near impenetrable see through box.

5. Earned $20 Million Without Having to Work

10 Weird Facts About Nicolas Cage

In the late 1990s, Nicolas Cage was set to play the part of superman. Warner Bros offered cage a US$20 million ‘pay or play’ contract, which means even if the film was produced or not, he would be paid that sum of money. The film never made it past pre-production and Nicolas Cage earned $20 million for doing absolutely nothing.

4. Master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: For reasons that remain secret only to Nicolas Cage, he has mastered several martial arts including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

3. Who Needs Anesthetic? When preparing for his role in Birdy, Nicolas Cage still had two of his baby teeth. When visiting the dentist he told them not to use anesthetic when pulling them out so that he could feel the pain and be better prepared for his role.

2. Sharing Mushrooms with his Cat: In mid 2010 while on the Late Show with David Letterman Nicolas Cage admitted to eating magic mushrooms with his cat. He said that his cat Lewis would get into his freezer and voraciously eat his psychoactive mushrooms, so one afternoon he decided to join in. He said he sat on the bed for hours staring into the eyes of his cat. At the end of his psychodelic journey he was convinced that the cat was his brother.

1. Woke Up Next to a Naked Guy Eating a Fudgesicle

10 Facts about Nicolas Cage

In late 2011 Nicolas Cage discovered an intruder inside his house. At 2 am the actor woke up to see a naked man wearing his leather jacket eating a Fudgesicle at the foot of his bed. Cage managed to talk the man out of his house before police arrived to make an arrest.

No charges were made as the intruder was found to have mental problems. Following the incident Cage moved to the Bahamas.

Of all the interesting facts about Nicolas Cage, the most interesting may be that there are far more than just ten facts about his personality and career that are fascinating.

So there’s our top 10 list of, shall we say, interesting facts about Nicolas Cage. Have heard any other strange facts about this wild actor? What about some saucy rumours? If so, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.