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Weird Candy From Around The World

Would you eat any of these?

From chocolate dipped insects to a white sludge that you eat out of a toilet bowl, join us as we take a sweet tooth look at weird candy from around the world.



10. Narwhal Horns

Weird candy from around the world

On a scale of one to abstract candy, this is definitely up there. From what we can tell these are sharp, pointy mints shaped like narwhal horns. There’s nothing like teaching kids that it’s okay to harvest the horns of rare and exotic animals.

If you’re keen to try a minty narwhal horn you can get them here.

9. Liquid Candy Urine

Weird candy from around the world.

Have you ever wished there was a socially acceptable way to drink vials of fake urine? Well now you can, thanks to Tower of Sour Liquid Candy Urine! This tasty treat is a warm, yellow and sour liquid candy that you sip from little ‘sterile’ vials. You’ll be the king of the party when you pull out a couple of these bad boys.

If you want to drink, warm faux-piss you can pick up a sample here on Amazon!

8. Chocolate Dipped Insects

Weird candy from around the world

If you love eating insects but find you have more of a sweet tooth then this is the product for you. Created by a company called Hotlix, these are chocolate dipped insects. Each box contains two crickets and two worms dipped in both white and milk chocolate.

In all seriousness, insects are actually really good for you. High in protein, low in fat, if humanity ate more insects and less traditional meat the environment would be infinitely better off. So mad props to Hotlix for at least trying.

If your interest is piqued then you can pick up a packet of these chocolate dipped insects on Amazon.

7. Spermies

Weird candy from around the world

Billed as the ‘candy you love to swallow’, these sour-worm looking treats are obviously marketed as an novelty for adults. The thing is, I’m not convinced this weird candy actually exists. No one seems to have tried it themselves and there’s only one photo of them on the entire internet. So probably for the better, it would appear spermies are a hoax or were a once off marketing gimmick.

6. Kracie – Popin’ Cookin’ Hamburger Set


This DIY hamburger set lies somewhere in the middle of sweet and savoury. The kit comes with six different powders and molds to create your own fast food mini-meal. When mixed with water, each packet of powder creates a component of the meal like the meat patty, fries and cheese slices etc. Once you form the powdered-mush in the mold, whack it in the microwave for a few seconds to finish it off. Then it’s a matter of assembling the meal.

I haven’t tasted this set myself but from what I’ve read it tastes either vaguely savoury or like a overly sweet mush.

If you want to try this weird candy hamburger set, you can pick it up on Amazon here.

5. Hotlix Insect Suckers

Weird candy from around the world

Here’s another tasty selection from the demented, Willy Wonker-esque minds over at Hotlix. Chow down on their range of insect suckers, including crickets, ants and worms. However, the most intimidating of the lot, would have to be the scorpion sucker. That’s right, a real scorpion encased in a hard sugary coating. I can’t even imagine what it must be like when you get to that gooey, arachnid centre! Mmmmm, tasty!

If you’re game, you can pick up a box on Amazon here.

4. Vag Fresh

Weird candy from around the world

This is more a case of normal candy having a very unfortunate name. Vag Fresh Mints are a brand of mints from a French company called Lutti. According to their website ‘Vag Fresh gives you an amazing feeling of liquid freshness like never before!’ Mmmmm, one please!

While we’re on the topic of vagina mints, a company called Linger have created just that, a mint that’s designed for lady parts.

Weird Candy from around the world

Marketed as a ‘feminine flavoring system’, this awful product preys on the insecurities of women that feel they aren’t minty fresh downstairs. It should be noted that putting sugary treats in your bits is a very bad idea as it can cause nasty infections. Not surprisingly, it appears that ‘Linger’ went out of business and no longer exist since their website has been taken down.

3. Toilet Candy


In terms of weird candy, Japan sure knows how to do it right. This bizarre treat is served in a miniature toilet. Once assembled you place a packet of sweet powder into the back of the toilet. Then pour a small amount of water into the ‘cistern’ and wait for the magic to happen. Before long, you’ll have a sweet, white sludge expanding out of your mini toilet. Mmmmm, tasty! From what we can tell, you can get melon and cola flavours.

If you’re super keen and want to eat weird candy out of a toilet, Amazon has it here.

2. Chocka Ca Ca Diaper Favors – Poop Candy

Weird candy from around the world

Chocka Ca Ca Diaper Favors are little nuggets of chocolate made to look like poop wrapped up in a diaper. Marketed as a ‘great’ gift idea for baby showers, these brown, sugary shards are sure to raise a few eyebrows. Go on, encourage your young ones to eat brown stuff out of diapers, see how that turns out. And you wonder why you keep seeing German scat porn in your teenager’s browser history.

If you can’t help yourself and want to try some, you can grab a pack here.

1. Lick Your Wounds Candy Scab

Weird candy from around the world

This is some gross candy right here. From the twisted minds at Cap Candy, a division of Hasbro, comes Lick Your Wounds Scab Candy. This weird candy comes in a bandage that you can place on your skin. In the middle of the bandage there’s a little latched container that opens up revealing the scab inside. Then from there, I guess you can lick the nasty looking scab candy. Apparently it tastes a bit like Pixy Stix, if that helps at all?

So there’s our list of the weirdest candy from around the world. Did this listicle make you want to try some of these bizarre treats? If so, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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