Scary Videos from the Weird Side of Youtube

It's 3 AM, welcome to the weird side of Youtube

Today we’re looking at the weird side of Youtube. From an old 1960’s political advertisement embedded with subliminal messages to an eerie encounter with a prowler, this is the weird part of Youtube that seems to emerge when you leave autoplay on for too long.

1960’s Subliminal Messages

Youtube channel, ‘jzsd14me‘ posted this rather convincing video from a televised sign-off in the 1960’s. The poster alleges that this is genuine footage from a broadcast in the United States showing subliminal messages that have been embedded throughout the national anthem.

At first it’s a little confusing as to what’s actually happening. The subtitles at the very bottom are put there deliberately by the poster to help interpret the embedded subliminal messages. Look closely, as the words to the national anthem dissipate, you can see hypnotic statements. When the footage is slowed down, the messages become obvious.

It begins:

‘Trust us the government. God is real. God is watching. Believe in government God. Rebellion is not tolerated. Obey consume. Obey consume. Trust in the US Government.’

It repeats itself. Then ends with: ‘Buy Ultra. Buy Naomi. Worship. Consume. Believe. Obey.’

MKNAOMI is often reported as MKULTRA’s successor – a program ran by the CIA in the 1950’s and 60’s. The often illegal experiments were conducted on humans to identify drugs and procedures used for mind control. The program used US and Canadian citizens as unwitting test subjects. Drugs, such as LSD and other chemicals were administered without consent. Other tactics such as sensory deprivation; hypnosis; and torture including physical, sexual and mental abuse, were deployed in these atrocious experiments.

Could this video be more evidence of MKULTRA seeking to stupefy the masses into unquestioning obedience?

Mass of Daddy Long Legs in a Tree

If you have arachnophobia then this next one is sure to give you the creeps.

Uploaded to a Youtube channel called ‘happysmurfday’ in 2008, the videos shows what looks to be a grass nest of some kind on a tree in Nogales Arizona.

Someone from off camera runs their finger along the object. Hundreds, if not thousands, of spiders begin pulsating, their legs twitching and flexing. The nest is an entire cluster of daddy long legs spiders. The person off camera then takes a stick and pushes the entire cluster over, revealing infinitely more spiders than first thought.

Naturally, this video has gone viral racking up over 4.5 million views with nearly six thousand comments collectively shivering over the creepy encounter.

The poster, who is a veterinarian, thought perhaps the odd behaviour was spurred on by the cold weather. They suggested the spiders were clinging together for warmth against the harsh winter.

The weird side of Youtube strikes again.

Body of a Pig

This is some unsettling footage that is perfectly at home in the weird side of Youtube. It was uploaded to a channel called ‘devinraymond’ back in 2007. Some say it’s the voice of a ghost or demon caught on camera.

The uploader stated they were exploring an allegedly haunted house with a group or association, however, due to legal reasons they’re unable to give specifics on who they are or what they were doing.

In the clip you can see a camera man exploring a dark room. They’re using a torch to light up their surroundings and notice an old red box fixed to the wall. It looks like it once held a fire hose or extinguisher of some kind. As they open the box, a strange voice can be heard. At first it just sounds like a mumbling of sorts. However, if you slow it down, and clean the audio up a little, it sounds like a voice says: ‘I have the body of a pig’, followed by a grunting noise.

The urban explorers stated that they didn’t hear anything during their time in the room. It wasn’t until they rewatched the footage that they heard the bizarre sound.

In the world of paranormal investigation, strange sound bytes are often captured when exploring haunted locations – they’re commonly referred to as electronic voice phenomena or EVP. Experts believe these strange bits of sound are spirits communicating, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Often sound recordings captured by so called ‘ghost hunters’ are indecipherable blips that hardly prove anything. However, this recording is extremely clear. ‘I have the body of a pig’ is such an unnerving statement. It’s all at once, intriguing, chilling, confounding and inexplicable. It has an otherworldly quality to it that makes you think you might actually be hearing the words of a demon.

The clip is not without its detractors. Many have stated the anonymity of the video is its downfall. The location is undisclosed and no one has come forward to give credibility to the recording. It could quite easily just be a dubbed sound byte played over some eerie footage.

Either way, watching this video is an undeniably creepy experience – one that continues to irk you the more you think about it. Is it just a fake or is this genuine evidence of a demonic entity?


This clip is thought to have originated from the deep web. When it first surfaced there were rumours that it was cursed or that a serial killer had made it to confuse authorities about a series of murders.

As time went on, viewers began noticing a series of cryptographic clues embedded within the video. Dozens of internet sleuths began analysing every frame in an effort to crack the code and find the true meaning of the video.

The clip itself is very unnerving. It begins with a blue background and a play icon appears in the top right hand corner of the screen. The footage cuts to an unsteady shot of two people standing, visible only from the waist down. The resolution is low and glitchy. From there we see a blurry, faceless figure with no eyes or mouth. A room is shown. Then a series of numbers appear on screen with a strange white line that flickers among them. Next there is a very unsettling shot of a person with no arms stumbling toward the camera. Their eyes and lips are black and distorted. It almost looks as though the person is wrapped in something. Following this is a strange little animation or thermal image of a figure with liquid spewing from their head.

The video continues with a montage of bizarre imagery, each scene designed to give a clue to a much larger puzzle.

There are two other clips that pair with this video that add to the mystery. They’re both filmed in a similar, disturbing style.

Some of the clues have been decoded leading users down a series of rabbit holes. One viewer thought that the numbers that flash up pointed to an eBay listing that has long since expired. No one knows what the product was or who bought it. Others found that the numbers equated to a tiny URL that pointed to ‘megaupload’ a website that was seized by the FBI in 2012 for harbouring millions of illegal files.

A Hex/ASCII string was found and deciphered which produced an email address. Anyone who emailed it received an autoresponder message that read:

‘Subject: im stuck im st

‘Body: uck im stuck im stuck im stuck im stuck.’

The autoresponder has since stopped working.

Ultimately, no one really knows what these bizarre and cryptic messages mean. Some of the clues lead sleuths to maps for Half Life 2, which left most thinking that it was nothing more than an ARG, an alternate reality game. This cryptographic form of story telling often relies on different forms of media for games to play out. Still, a lot of people are haunted by the disturbing imagery of the clips, which harks back to the original rumours, whispers that suggested that a murderer had compiled the videos to hint at their perverse crimes.

So what do you think? Is it all just a fun game or were these videos cooked up by a deranged mind bent on teasing the truth to something far more sinister.

Either way, this is the sort of stuff the weird side of Youtube thrives on and the collection as a whole makes it rank as one of the most disturbing Youtube channels ever made.

Eerie Visitor

A number of years ago, terrifying footage of a prowler emerged that became the stuff of nightmares.

In 2011, Youtube channel ‘Andrew J. Neis’ began uploading footage of a strange man standing outside his apartment. He claims that the man would appear most nights and just stare at his window for hours and hours.

In one of the videos, the uploader calls 911 and asks that police come investigate the eerie prowler. He claimed that the police never came despite numerous calls, yet the hooded man continued to visit, time and time again, staring ominously into the apartment window.

Over the course of several months, videos kept appearing documenting the strange encounter. Naturally, quite a large audience began to take notice and kept coming back for updates. Eventually a video titled ‘WATCHER’ Trailer (2011) was uploaded which seemed to be a compilation of all the encounters making it look like the whole thing was a lead up to some kind of short film.

The film was never produced and an explanation was never given. This lead some to speculate that it was a genuine encounter with a prowler and that the uploader made a ‘trailer’ out of it as his way of making light of such a creepy experience.

Whether this is real or fake it definitely belongs in the weird side of Youtube.

Agamemnon Counterpart

This is an unsettling montage that was uploaded to the weird side of Youtube way back in 2006. It’s a stitched together collection of old cartoons backed by an incredibly unnerving soundscape.

The video begins with an announcement that reads:

‘In the year 2571, a videocassette tape was found in a pile of rubble on the ruins of a certain blue planet.

‘What you are about to witness will not be the contents of the forementioned cassette.

‘This is an entirely different recording’.

This bizarre message serves to confuse the viewer as they’re launched into a psychedelic horror show.

Agonised screaming is dubbed over the entire piece. It sounds as though a young boy is being tortured which is in stark juxtaposition to the cartoon visuals. The end result is an anxiety fueled creation that isn’t easy to watch.

When the video was first released a rumour began circulating that the video was evidence to a terrible crime. It was thought that the original cassette was found deep inside a forest in Japan. One forum suggested the audio was recorded during a vicious murder where a Japanese student was abducted by two unknown assailants.

However, it was later revealed that the montage was created in 2001 for an art competition called ‘DestinationImagiNation’.

The creators, Michael Robinson and Jason Kovac, took the unsettling screaming sound bite from a 1972 movie titled A Cry From Within.

This has got to be one of the creepiest Youtube videos ever made.

So there’s our look at the weird side of Youtube. Have you ever found yourself in the foul depths of Youtube? Let us know in the comments below or on any of our socials.