Terrifying Cursed Items You Should Avoid at All Cost

Could these curses be real?

The following cursed items are said to bring death and misfortune to all those who come near. From a cursed watch said to have brought about the demise of a billionaire Sheikh to a antique chair that allegedly claims the lives of anyone who sits in it, these terrifying cursed items should be avoided at all cost.

5. Billionaire Allegedly Dies From Cursed Watch

Cursed item, the Graves Supercomplication

The Graves Supercomplication just might be the rarest watch out there, but buyers should be warned: it comes with a storied past. The most complex watch to ever be assembled by hand, the Graves Supercomplication has long been coveted by watch collectors around the world.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the reappearance of this watch at an auction in 2014 drew in potential collectors from around the world, willing to pay a large amount of money for this gorgeous watch.

Known as the Holy Grail of watches, the Graves Supercomplication is complete with two faces as well as 24 complications. Originally commissioned in 1925, the watch is the most complexly designed interface predating machine assembled watches.

Displaying the phases of the moon, as well as the sunset and sunrise times of New York and complete with a perpetual calendar, alarm, and stopwatch, this watch is one fine piece of machinery.

While it’s no surprise that watch aficionados would seek out an impressive watch such as this one for their personal collection, it is surprising that they would continue to seek it out after its bloody and torturous past.

It took years for the watch to be perfected for Henry Graves, who went on to claim the watch brought him nothing but bad luck. Shortly after receiving the original watch, the owner’s best friend died, followed closely by his son dying in a horrible car accident.

Graves would even go so far as to confide in his daughter that the watch brought him nothing but trouble. However, the watch would continue to be handed down through Graves’ family after his passing, eventually landing in a museum, where it would catch the eye of one fine art collector.

This collector would turn out to be one Qatari Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed Al-Thani, a man with an eye for fine art known for his extravagant purchasing sprees.

However, trouble manages to find even the richest of us all. In 2012, the Sheikh’s assets would be frozen by the High Court of London over several disputed invoices. In order to settle his debt, the Sheikh would resort to selling a few of his prized possessions; namely, the Graves Supercomplication.

It seems the Sheikh’s plan would have come to fruition too, with the watch set to pass on to its next owner for millions. Only, the Sheikh wouldn’t be so lucky as to see the watch switch hands to its new owner. The Sheikh would be found dead after attempting to sell the watch, mere days before the sale was finalized.

As the Sheikh found out the hard way, and as Henry Graves himself went on to admit, the Graves Supercompication has proven to be one of many cursed items out there set to bring pain to those around it.

4. Cursed Items – The Haunted Mirror

Haunted Mirror on eBay

While some cursed items seem to have their own horrific agendas, others seem to house otherworldly spirits. Unsure of their intentions, seemingly only the bravest of souls would risk owning such items.

Such is the case with items such as this beautifully ornate mirror put up for sale by eBay user brendan.temme.1979. Titled the “haunted spirit mirror”, the mirror’s current owner assures potential buyers that he has communicated with the spirit of the mirror in order to uncover its true identity.

As the item’s description states, the spirit that inhabits the spirit mirror is one man who died in his middle age at 58 years old. Moe was an Australian man who died of a heart attack in 1998, mere decades ago, and has allegedly somehow become attached spiritually to the mirror.

While many haunted items may assert that their spirits are older, there is no rule stating they cannot be more recent. Those brave enough to find out Moe’s true purpose as for haunting this mirror will find it up for sale for $500 Australian dollars.

3. Insane Asylum Doll

Vintage Cursed Doll on eBay

The seller of this creepy and cursed doll, art-by-marcia, seems to be somewhat of an expert in the paranormal. They seem to be well acquainted with haunted and cursed dolls.

As the listing states, the seller believes some spirits choose to inhabit dolls such as this because they may have had an attachment to them in life.

This eerie looking doll was said to be purchased at an estate sale near to the now-defunct Vermont State Asylum for the Insane.

As the original estate sale seller explained, the doll was found by her grandmother, a former nurse who had worked at the nearby asylum. The doll had been allocated to a box she had used to store up the personal items of some of her former patients, sadly passed away from botched lobotomies.

Even at the time, the nurse could tell there was some sort of unsettled spirit present in many of the items. Some believe that after the patients died their tortured souls would be cursed to inhabit items found around the hospital. The way in which some patients died was allegedly so horrific their spirits would imprint themselves into some of the dolls left lying around.

This doll in particular, had come to the asylum with a woman who had gone insane after the passing of her daughter, who had died of natural causes at a young age. Even throughout her time at the asylum, the woman had heard the doll singing, just as she had heard her daughter sing in real life. Some attendants even claim they saw the doll moving on its own.

Passed down throughout her family, the eerie doll is now up for sale on eBay. Is this doll cursed, possessed or a combination of both? The only way to find out is to buy the doll, which at the time of researching this episode, is selling for $99.

If true, this has got to be one of the most haunted dolls on eBay.

2. Cursed Items – The Conjure Chest

The Conjure Chest, said to be a very cursed item
From Tiny Pennies

When it comes to cursed items, some have pasts so horrific that no one will take a chance on personally owning them. Such is the case of the conjure chest. The product of a horrific act of creation, the chest has been at the center of further evils ever since.

Created by a slave at the request of his slavemaster, Jacob Cooley, the chest was originally meant as a present for Cooley’s first child. When the ornate chest was not up to Cooley’s standards, however, Cooley would resort to murdering his unnamed slave in cold blood, brutally beating him to death.

Vowing to avenge this horrible act, the other slaves owned by Cooley took measures to ensure that Cooley would never enjoy the resulting chest with his family. In order to curse it, they spread dried blood from an owl over the chest, enlisting a conjure man’s help in forming a curse.

It appears that the measures taken to avenge the slave’s wrongful murder would go on to work their way through Cooley’s family for generations to come. Cooley himself would escape death at the hands of the cursed chest but would suffer a fate in many ways worse than death, having to watch members of his family fall prey to the curse one by one.

The chest was first placed in the room of Cooley’s firstborn child. Just days after being born, Cooley’s son would meet an untimely death. Moved to the room of Cooley’s second son, that son would go on to be stabbed to death.

Eventually handed down to Cooley’s third son after he reached adulthood and settled down with a wife, the conjure chest would be hidden away. Fully aware of the deaths associated with the chest and unwilling to take their chances, the chest was placed in the couple’s attic.

The chest would stay there until Cooley’s youngest daughter and her husband began to face marital tedium of their own. When this news reached Cooley’s third son and his wife, the couple wished to bring some small joy into the younger couple’s lives. As they had owned the chest for years without experiencing any tragedies, the couple had come to regard the chest as powerless and sent it the young couple’s way in an effort to bring them some cheer.

However, within days of the chest’s arrival at the young couple’s home, the husband of Cooley’s daughter would abandon his wife. Leaving her destitute and alone, Cooley’s daughter would shortly die of grief in her own bed, the husband who abandoned her dying shortly later.

Their orphaned children were split up amongst the remaining surviving Cooley family members. One of their daughters, Evelyn, would go on to have a happy marriage of her own. The curse of the chest either forgotten or no longer taken seriously, the chest was given to the family as a wedding present.

While no tragedy would befall the family for years, the family would place the wedding dress of their adopted daughter Arabella in the chest. Arabella’s husband would die shortly after this, as would their child after its baby clothes were placed in the chest.

Tragedy after tragedy would continue to strike the Cooley family until Evelyn would go on to take her own life. Inherited by Virginia Cary Hudson, a firm denier of the curse, tragedy would strike another family.

Placing her family’s clothes in the chest as well, Hudson would suffer the death of an infant, paralyzed child, abandoned child bride, and another son’s stabbing. Even a family friend who had placed his clothes in the chest would die.

Hudson would go on to break the curse through an elaborate ceremony, and the deadly chest would remain locked away in the vaults of the Kentucky Historic Museum in Frankfort US.

1. Death Chair

Outside shot of the Baleroy Mansion
The Line Up

The Baleroy Mansion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a sprawling 32-room estate long rumored to be haunted. Eerie happenings have been reported on the property for decades.

When the Easby family moved into the manor in 1926, George Meade Easby and his younger brother Steven were playing by the fountain in the courtyard. It’s said that they were laughing at each others reflection in the water when suddenly Steven’s reflection turned into a skull. George’s remained normal. Just five years later, Steven died of an unknown disease.

Since then, it’s been alleged that the spirit of young Steven haunts the estate. One day a young servant witnessed an enormous portrait of Steven fly off the wall and land some 15 feet from where it was hung. The rope that was used to fix the painting in place was said to be still intact and no sign of interference could be found.

Some years later, a pair of workers, one named David Beltz, claim they were working in the garden at the rear of the house. The workers spotted a young blonde boy that looked very similar to Steven, staring ominously out one of the upper windows of the house. When both the workers acknowledged the boy, he slowly vanished right before them.

One of the most infamous rooms in the mansion is known as the ‘Blue Room’. Inside the room is a 200-year-old blue chair known as the ‘chair of death’. The chair’s origins are mysterious and jumbled. Said to have been made by an evil warlock in the 18th century, been owned by Napoleon, and be haunted by the spirit of a woman named Amanda, the rumors surrounding the chair vary. It’s said that anyone who sits in the chair will die painfully at the hands of a mysterious red mist. At least four people have died shortly after sitting in the allegedly cursed chair. The Easby family have forbidden anyone from sitting in the chair, fearing more blood will be spilled at the behest of the curse.

The estate was once open to organised tours, showcasing the many antiques harbored within the mansion. However, in recent years the house has been closed off to the public. No one knows for sure if the chair of death still resides in the house or whether young Steven’s spirit continues to roam the halls of this old mansion.