Scary Pictures Sent to Us by Viewers

Thanks for the chills, HamFam

Here’s a collection of scary pictures sent to us by Slapped Ham viewers. From a possible witch spotted on Google Maps to a ghostly handprint on the outside of a window, 16 storeys up, these are the scariest pictures sent in by you the viewers.

Entity in Window

Ghost in window, St Andrews Church, Norwich

This is just one of a few scary pictures sent to us by a viewer called ‘Beauty–mumma’.

In August, 2008 the viewer was taking a pleasant stroll with their husband around an area of Norwich, England called Elm Hill. They were taking some practice photos as part of a photography course they were studying at the time. As they strolled past St Andrew’s Church an eerie photo was taken that can’t quite be explained.

The viewer didn’t notice anything unusual about the church while taking the photos and they certainly didn’t see anything in the window. It wasn’t until later that night, when reviewing the snaps that they noticed a strange entity in the stone archway atop the church.

It appears to be a white figure, with a strange, translucent almost smokey quality to it. It sits in stark contrast to the dark, stone archway and the shadows behind it.

The viewer claims that there was a tall building behind them when they took the photo, which would have blocked any chance of cloud or sun reflections.

Beauty–mumma said that her husband is somewhat of a skeptic and doesn’t believe in ghosts, however he was at a loss to explain this image.

Scary Face Behind Dad

A scary face appeared behind man. Is it a ghost?

User, ‘izz_ur_gurl_tori’ sent us this very scary picture on Instagram that may well show the face of a ghost.

Tori said she was in her parents bedroom getting her hair brushed by her mum. Her dad was watching on, all tucked up in bed. Tori’s mum decided to take a quick snap of him as he was covered in pillows and blankets. When they looked at the photo their blood ran cold as they noticed a strange face looking out over the dad’s shoulder.

The figure looks to be a young, blonde boy or girl. They have an intense look in their eye which creates a really uneasy contrast to the cheerful, cheeky expression of the dad.

Tori said that it couldn’t be her sister as she was in her room and has dark hair.

Since the bizarre incident, Tori claims she doesn’t go into her parents room despite it being over 5 years since it happened. The family has never been able to explain the eerie ghost photo and rarely look at it because it’s far too distressing.

Creepy Visitor

When this photo was taken there was no boy in the photo, this is one of many photos that have left skeptics stumped.

This terrifying photo was sent to us by a viewer called CitrusLemon.

The story goes that when they were young they were playing a modified game of hide and seek with their new camera phones. The rules were simple enough, find a spot to hide in a dark room and one person would take a photo with a flash then see if they could spot anyone hiding in the photo.

They played several rounds and all was normal. People would hide. The flash would go off. Then one round, the person with the phone let out a horrible scream after they took the photo. Quickly the lights came on and everyone gathered around. The person who had taken the photo was noticeably shaken and had tears welling up in their eyes. When everyone looked at the phone this was the image on the screen. Everyone stood around shocked at what they saw.

In the photo a thin boy can be seen crawling eerily through the doorway. He’s in a bizarre upside down posture with his head tilted backwards.

The most chilling part of it all, there was absolutely no one playing the game that day that looks anything like the boy in the photo.

CitrusLemon said they don’t like looking at the photo. It’s the first time they’ve seen it in years and it still makes their stomach churn. To this day, they have no explanation for this image.

Eerie Face on Google Maps

Scary picture of a face in a shack on Google maps

Google Maps has seen its fair share of scary pictures over the years but an eerie face has been spotted on the side of the road and it’s starting to freak people out.

Viewer, Paul DT, said they were bored one day and decided to cruise around in Google Street View. They were clicking along the S Dupont Hwy in Felton, Delaware when they spotted some old abandoned shacks on the side of the road.

If you zoom in on the dilapidated house in this image, you can see an eerie looking face peering through the open doorway. The face looks to be grey and gaunt, with a long chin and nose similar to a common portrayal of a witch.

Delaware and surrounding states have a long history associated with witchcraft. Indigenous tribes describe shamans or witches that once lived among them. They would practice a form of dark magic and be referred to as ‘night travellers’. These mysterious, occult practitioners were often accused of transforming into owls and flying about at night. One legendary tale states that a hunter managed to shoot an owl out of the sky. When they went to investigate the kill, they found a shaman wounded in the bushes.

Furthermore, in 1955, witchcraft as a crime was purged from Delaware’s statutes for being archaic – in effect making witchcraft a legal practice. Then in 2010, Delaware US Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell came under fire for being a suspected witch. In 1999, on Bill Maher’s television show Politically Incorrect O’Donnell admitted to being involved with witchcraft, stating she, at one point, sat on a satanic altar. This caused widespread criticism which lead to O’Donnell creating a tongue-in-cheek commercial in which she declared, ‘I’m not a witch’.

While the event did get blown out of proportion, becoming easy fodder for political diatribe, it does hint at something a little more sinister. It suggests that perhaps there are groups of people congregating in Delaware to practice black magic. Some people infer there are covens of witches thriving in Delaware, making the most of the reformed witchcraft laws.

Could this seemingly innocent Google Maps image be a glimpse at one of the Delaware witches?

Strange White Mist

Young girl with white, ghost-like entity next to her

One of our viewers, Collette, sent us this very scary picture. It seems to show a strange, white object hovering above her daughter’s left shoulder. Whatever the object is, it seems to have a blurry quality to it despite the rest of the image being in focus.

Collette said that her daughter Natalie has experienced all sorts of paranormal events her entire life. She said that her daughter would often talk about an imaginary friend named Penny with long, blonde hair.

One day when Natalie was only 3 or 4 she screamed from her bedroom. When her parents ran to check on her, they couldn’t open the door. It was as though it was being held by something. Eventually they noticed that the door’s hinges had been bent, forcing the door closed. Collette’s husband had to get his tools out and hammer the hinges straight before Natalie could come out of her room.

Collette said she got their house blessed after a slew of other supernatural events. Often Natalie would complain that strange lights were following her around the house. Objects have been known to inexplicably fly off shelves as well. One night a heavy pop corn maker fell off an upstairs shelf while the family were having dinner. It smashed to pieces on the floor without any explanation.

At this stage, Collette has zero explanation for the strange photo of her daughter. She claims she’s passed the picture on to photography experts who are at a loss to explain the white object.

Collette also mentioned that she herself has had a strange encounter with a glowing orb of light. She said she was getting ready for bed one night when a ball of light, slightly larger than an orange, came to rest on her chest. Frightened, she called for her husband who ran into the room. He too could see the orb and was dumbfounded by what it was. Then just as they tried to take a photo of the mysterious energy it disappeared.

A famous magazine in the UK, Fate and Fortune, are writing an article on this family, the house and all their scary pictures in lieu of the paranormal events.

With the family’s history in mind, what do you think this photo has captured? Could it be evidence of one of the balls of light that seems to follow the family around, is it the spirit of Natalie’s ‘imaginary’ friend or is there a more rational explanation? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Menger Hotel Monk

Menger Hotel Ghost Monk

A fan of ours, known as ‘Johnny’, sent this scary picture in claiming he’s captured the spirit of an old monk.

Johnny said they were staying in the famous Menger Hotel, located near the Alamo in San Antonio Texas, when they took a rather bizarre photo.

The area is notorious for ghost sightings, harking back to its heritage as a military compound and political prison. Disembodied battle cries are often reported by tourists visiting the area. Soldiers in 19th century attire have been spotted, only to disappear moments later. Even visions of monks in robes have been seen haunting this blood soaked land.

Johnny’s photo purports to show one of these infamous monks. If you look in the top left hand corner of the image, you can see a black entity that appears to be wearing a robe. The figure is hunched, yet partially see-through and almost looks as though it’s hovering.

The Menger Hotel is famous for being the place where Theodore Roosevelt recruited men to fight with him in the Spanish-American War. Hotel staff have reported all sorts of strange paranormal happenings such as objects inexplicably flying across the room. Others also claim to have seem the spirit of Roosevelt himself sitting at the bar after hours.

With so much reported supernatural activity in a relatively small area, it’s fascinating to consider Johnny’s photo as some small proof that spirits may actually be haunting this old hotel.

Ghostly Handprint

Scary picture of ghostly handprint on outside of hotel window

A scary picture has emerged showing a ghostly handprint on the outside of a hotel window and it’s super unsettling.

Viewer ‘John Samosa’ sent us this eerie photo via email. In December, 2018, he and two friends were enjoying a holiday together when something truly chilling happened.

While staying in an undisclosed, 4 star hotel in Taipei, Samosa awoke one morning to see a strange hand mark printed onto the window. Freaked out, he and his friend tried opening the window to investigate but were unable to do so, as the window was sealed shut for safety reasons. Samosa and his friends were staying on the 16th floor, making it impossible to be some kind of prank.

Somosa, also pointed out that he later noticed what looks to be a little face just below the handprint. It looks like two eyes peering into the hotel room.

While the face might simply be a case of pareidolia, the handprint is undeniable.

The hand mark could be left over from a window cleaner but Samosa swears it wasn’t there when they checked in – it appeared overnight. He also noted that it was unusually cold outside and that it would have to be a particularly devoted prankster to pull such a trick off.

Love to get your opinion on this one. How does a handprint mysteriously appear sixteen storeys up, on an ice cold winter’s night?

This one definitely belongs among the best scary pictures sent to us by viewers.

So there’s our look at some scary pictures sent to us by viewers. What do you think these scary pictures show – ghosts, demons, witches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on any of our socials.