Unsolved Internet Mysteries That Left Authorities Worried

Well these are unsettling!

Let’s take a look at 5 terrifying unsolved internet mysteries that even police haven’t been able to figure out. The internet can be a useful tool for finding information and keeping in contact with people around the world. However, it can also be a frightening place, taking you down a rabbit hole of frightening puzzles that will keep you awake at night.

5. Unsolved Internet Mysteries – Oct282011.com

Screen cap of strange website called Oct282011. An unsolved internet mystery


The format of the homepage for the website Oct282011.com won’t seem very odd to anyone who was using the internet in its earlier days. The page is relatively plain; it contains an all-black background and a few lines of white text linking to other pages. The text is cryptic, and many believed that it might be a page for recruiting others into a cult. It was so concerning that authorities looked into the page, but were unable to trace it.

Many of the internet users who heard about the page were curious about the bizarre links that the page redirected to. It seemed to be filled with strange puzzles that the users were meant to crack. The site took users to crude drawings of pyramids and others that appeared to be Schrodinger’s cat. However, the most tempting part of the mystery was a phone number.

For a while, it seemed like the courage of the internet failed. Despite being part of one of the most prevalent unsolved internet mysteries, no one reported calling the number; that is, until the date referenced on the site, October 28, 2011, came and went without incident. The website never changed, keeping the same mysteries it had always held.

Disappointed by the anticlimactic turn of events, some followers of this mystery finally made calls to the phone number listed on the site. Their reports were terrifying. Many reported hearing a long silence followed by muffled voices or heavy breathing. At least one person claimed to have heard a heavy object being dragged across a floor. Some said that the things they heard were so disturbing that they couldn’t bring themselves to repeat them.

Eventually, the website disappeared from the internet without explanation. Some users believe that the government shut down the page, perhaps to protect the users from whatever horrifying things had been on the other end of the phone line.


Login in screen for Mortis.com one of the Internet's biggest mysteries

If you try to visit mortis.com, you’ll be greeted with an error message. However, that wasn’t always the case. According to the stories surrounding this defunct website, that is because the federal government of the United States shut the page down when it gathered too much attention, leaving it one of the most unusual unsolved internet mysteries in history.

The original website was simple: upon visiting mortis.com, users would see a screen that was largely blank, except for a prompt to enter a username and password. Once the site was discovered, many took the challenge, attempting to crack the login page. Some of the best hackers in the business attempted to break their way into the site, but none were successful.

However, techies who investigated mortis.com were able to determine that the site was hosting huge amounts of data. This added fuel to the mystery: what could a completely locked website contain that required terabytes of data?

Internet sleuths eventually tracked down the name of the site’s owner: Tom Ling. According to their investigations, Ling was the owner of a number of other unusual websites. One of the strangest was Cthulhu.net: a single page with a white background upon which was written the phrase “dead but dreaming.” There was nothing else linked to the site.

Just as the investigation into Ling’s series of websites was reaching a fever pitch, mortis.com and all of Ling’s other sites were abruptly taken down by the FBI. Users immediately began to speculate that mortis.com had been some sort of data warehouse for information about the US government’s more shady activities, but no one knows for sure what was really behind its mysterious login page.

Even  if you put Mortis.com into Web Archive you get the message ‘Sorry. This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine’.

3.Lake City Quiet Pills

Lake City Quiet Pills was an unsolved interent mystery
CVLT Nation

Like many of the most interesting unsolved internet mysteries, the story of Lake City Quiet Pills begins on Reddit. In 2009, a Reddit post was made reporting that a fellow user going by the name u/ReligionOfPeace had passed away. The user who wrote this memorial, u/2-6, had made their account that day to inform the Reddit community of their friend’s passing. While this seems like a simple story, it gets much more complicated.

Users who had interacted with the deceased Redditor began looking through his post history to find bits of information about him. It seemed that he had a history with the military and loved to insult internet trolls. He also moderated a subreddit called r/jailbait, a page for posting racy photos of young-looking women.

However, the most interesting thing that they found was only discovered through a lot of digging into both the deceased Redditor and the friend who memorialized him. Dedicated Redditors eventually found a link to the place where u/ReligionOfPeace worked: an image-hosting site called lakecityquietpills.com. Some speculated, based on the fact that u/2-6 had only created an account to inform the site of his friend’s passing, that the whole thing may have been a publicity stunt for the creepy website.

Despite these speculations, many users began using the site for their own images to memorialize the fallen Redditor. Then, some of the more tech-savvy members of the Reddit community began noticing unusual things in the website’s code: bits of text that seemed to be hidden calls for hitmen. After further research, some Redditors discovered a factory called Lake City Ammunition Plant, giving a chilling new meaning to the “quiet pills” referenced in the website’s title.

Some users reported the information to local authorities, but no one knows what became of the investigation.


Four images of Chip-Chan one of the Internet's biggest mysteries
Sick Chirpse

The story of Chip-Chan sounds like a terrifying and surreal version of the Truman Show, but it is all too real to many internet users who are fascinated by unsolved internet mysteries. Many of those who follow this story are in fear for a young woman’s life.

She is known only as Chip-Chan. She appears to be a young Korean woman whose life is constantly streamed on a strange webcam on the internet. It isn’t a hidden camera, however; she is clearly aware that she is being filmed. She spends much of her time sleeping, but when she is awake, she often seems to be hiding from the camera. At other times, she attempts to communicate with those watching the footage by holding up signs written in Korean. According to those who can read the language, her messages are terrifying.

She claims that she is being held hostage and controlled by a microchip implanted in her ankle. Her communications are often cryptic, such as: “The stalker use this skill from 2006, I have slept for 20 hours everyday since then. I do not know what have happened while I sleep, I have been always afraid of sleeping.” Users believed that she was a kidnapping victim, as she often mentioned a mysterious person called “P” who she blames for her situation.

People watching the live stream were eventually able to get in contact with Korean police, who investigated the incident. They later stated that Chip-Chan is just mentally ill and is being a nuisance to police. However, many believe that the young woman really is in danger from her mysterious captor and continue watching her footage, hoping for clues that may lead to her rescue.


A still from the video 11B-X-1371 or Plague Doctor. An unsolved internet mystery

11B-X-1371, also known as the Plague Doctor Video, is one of the few unsolved internet mysteries to immediately catch the attention of authorities. In this cryptic and frightening video, one of the most powerful people in the world was directly threatened, leading to an immediate response from police.

The video appeared on a tech blog in 2015. It is a 2-minute black-and-white video featuring a mysterious figure in a plague-doctor mask and a long robe. In the video, the figure paces around what appears to be a run-down, abandoned building. In the background, there is a jarring buzzing noise. There are some trees visible through the windows, suggesting it is near a forest. The figure holds up his hand, revealing a light that blinks with no discernable pattern.

While the video itself is creepy enough, viewers found even more encrypted in the video. The hidden elements are truly horrifying, depicting mutilated bodies and torture scenes. However, the element that got authorities interested was hidden in the video’s soundtrack: the phrase “kill the president” was heard in the sound’s encryption.

Many believed then-President of the US Barack Obama to be in danger from the video’s creators. Authorities attempted to locate the person who posted the video: Parker Wright. Although traces of a user with the same name were found all around the internet, no one was able to link the accounts to a real person, even after Wright began to promise (and deliver) a sequel video containing even more cryptic clues. He has since promised to continue delivering clues until the mystery is solved.

Many users (and police) tried to crack the code of the video, but the clues were just too numerous and too bizarre. President Obama’s time in office has since ended without incident, but that hasn’t stopped internet sleuths from continuing their attempts to decipher the video’s series of cryptic clues.

So there’s our look at some of the strangest unsolved internet mysteries to date. Have you heard of any of these unsolved internet mysteries before? Let us know in the comments below or on any of our socials.