10 REAL Ghost Photos That Have the Internet Spooked

These ghost photos will give you chills!

From a ghostly child warning a girl to wear her seatbelt to a ghoulish monster spotted at the top of an English pub, we take a look at ten real ghost photos that have the Internet spooked.

10. Ghost Child in Selfie

This is one of many real ghost photos that have the Internet spooked

This extraordinary photo seems to show the moment a ghost child appeared in the backseat of a car. Some paranormal experts are claiming that this is the spirit of an accident victim who is trying to warn the young girl that she’s not wearing a seat belt.

In November 2016, Melissa Kurtz was driving her daughter Harper to a beauty pageant. Thirteen-year-old Harper decided to take some selfies to entertain herself and couldn’t have known the chilling image that would develop.

Both the mother and daughter claim there was no one else in the car, yet somehow there is clearly a pale, curly haired boy sitting in the back seat.

The boy has a really eerie quality, with a sad, slightly warped expression.

Kurtz was reportedly so spooked by the image she decided to investigate the stretch of road that the photo was taken on. She discovered that the boy’s appearance coincided with the anniversary of a tragic road accident in which one person died.

Experts have tried to debunk the photo but haven’t been able to offer an explanation. One investigator suggested that perhaps the accident victim was this very boy, who is now trying to warn Harper to wear her seat belt.

Kurtz believes Harper has always attracted supernatural energy, claiming that orbs of light are often seen in photos of her. She also mentioned that when Harper was young she was found drawing strange symbols on a window. When she researched the images, they resembled glyphs that told the story of archangel Raphael banishing the demon Asmodeus to hell.

What’s going on in this image? Is it possible that Harper can attract supernatural energy and somehow summoned the young boy’s spirit?

9. Ghost Spotted in Old Museum

Here some some real ghost photos that have the Internet spooked.

This creepy ghost photo was taken in May 2015 at the Torquay Museum in Devon, England.

The pic was snapped during one of the museum’s famous ghost tours in which participants hope to encounter something from the realm of the paranormal.

The photo seems to show a ghostly apparition walking through a candlelit room. It looks to be a woman casting her eyes toward the floor, wearing period attire. She has a strange blue/grey complexion and seems to be illuminated by a light source other than the candle in the corner.

Staff took the photo inside the museum’s Old Devon Farmhouse Gallery, an exhibition filled with 300-year old artifacts and furniture.

Staff claim the room was completely empty at the time the photo was taken. It wasn’t until several days later that they noticed the eerie figure.

The museum is notorious for supernatural events. There have been fingerprints discovered on the inside of a mummy sarcophagus that hadn’t been opened in years. A centuries old crib has been spotted rocking on its own and some very creepy CCTV footage was captured in the gift shop sometime in 2016.

As the two employees are chatting in the gift shop, several leaflets inexplicably fly off the shelf to the left of screen. It’s enough to catch their attention but they think nothing of it. Then when they go to pick up the mess, dozens more leaflets pour onto the floor.

Since the photo and footage were released to the public, hundreds of tourists have flocked to take part in the museum’s ghost tours. The event runs in the dead of night, walking participants through the long dark hallways of this Victorian heritage building. Members can learn how experts investigate paranormal disturbances, study ghost-hunting techniques and perhaps even have an encounter of their own.

8. Google Ghost

Striking real ghost photos that have the internet spooked.

In May 2015, Google Street View captured a chilling image that many are calling a demon ghost.

Twitter user, keswickbro, was looking for a local fish and chip shop on Google when he noticed something very eerie in the top window of the Stuart Hotel in Liverpool, England.

In the photo you can see a ghoulish face peering out of the top floor window of the centuries old pub. It has demonic looking eyes, a bald head and sharp features. Whatever it is seems to be snarling at the passing cars.

The user tweeted: ‘Was looking for Byrnes chip shop Walton on Google Maps. Come across Stuart Hotel pub, opposite. Something in top window caught my eye. I zoomed in on Google Street View and what can only be described as a weird face or a possible ghost is staring out of the window.’

When the image went live, it got shared hundreds of times scaring the heck out of the majority of viewers. No one can quite explain what the picture shows.

Tom Slemen, a local expert on all things supernatural, commented on the photo saying that it’s not the first time the pub has been noted for paranormal activity.

In 1897, the owner of the establishment Robinson Pemberton, reported that the pub was haunted. He claimed that he could hear strange noises almost every night coming from the cellar. Initially he thought it was just rats scratching around but eventually the mysterious noises got so loud that neighbours began complaining. After a thorough investigation there was no known source of the noise.

Today many locals claim that the pub is haunted. They say they’ve heard inexplicable noises, felt cold spots and even had their clothes pulled from behind without anyone else being around.

Could this photo be proof that the Stuart Hotel is haunted? Is this definitive evidence that spirits have lingered on in this old building?

7. Empty Swing

This is one of many creepy real ghost photos that have the internet spooked.

This photo has captured a ghostly shadow that has defied explanation for generations.

A Reddit user posted this photo with a chilling story attached. The user said that when his grandpa was young, he would often see the swing in his backyard swaying back and forth, even when there was no wind. It started happening so often that he pleaded with his mum to buy him a camera so he could photograph the swing. Finally she bought him an old camera from a thrift store and he immediately started taking photos of the swing any time it moved.

Several days later, when the film was developed, nothing particularly interesting showed up in the photos. It was just a swing and nothing else. That was until he got to the 6th photo in the set that an eerie shadow showed up in plain sight. He couldn’t believe what he had captured and was certain that it was a ghost.

Apparently the grandpa kept the photo hidden for years, only showing a select few people.

The Reddit user claims that when he finally saw his grandpa’s photo he hired some experts to analyse it. They deemed it authentic and were certain it hadn’t been tampered with in any way.

6. Hospital Spirit

Real ghost photos that have the Internet spooked

This mysterious photo was taken in the hospital room of a dying grandfather right as a priest prayed by the bedside.

In 2014, Bob Large, who was 76 at the time, was in the Countess of Chester Hospital suffering from bladder cancer. Doctors had given him just days to live.

Grandson, Chris Leadbetter took the photo and couldn’t quite believe what had been captured.

In the picture a saintly figure can be seen standing at the end of the bed. It’s a grey apparition that looks to have a hood draped over their head.

Leadbetter was so shocked by the image he immediately went to the ward manager. But before the manager even saw the image they described the figure perfectly saying that ‘lots of patients see her at the end of their beds’.

When patient Bob Large saw the photo he said: ‘The picture is of my guardian angel. I’ve been in that hospital, on the same ward so many times. The vicar always comes in and says prayers and then goes and I always feel much better. Every time I feel like there is a presence in the room.’

According to staff it’s not the first time the figure has been reported in the hospital. One incident saw a patient screaming out in the middle of the night. When nurses rushed to their aid they said a ghost was standing beside their bed.

On the whole, patients say the figure comes in peace. Many have been bed ridden, unable to move, then they say a presence can be felt nearby and often make a miraculous recovery.


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