Monsters That Have Been Spotted in Real Life

Do Monsters Actually Roam The Earth?

From a monster seen rising from a volcano to a possible megalodon sighting in the Mariana Trench, we look at monsters that have been spotted in real life.

7. Volcanic Fire Elemental

A giant fire elemental rising from a volcano - Monsters That Have Been Spotted in Real Life


User Bemy_Gunshot posted this eerie photo to Reddit in April, 2015. They claim that it was taken by a friend during the eruption of Calbuco volcano in Chile.

Several viewers were quick to point how much the towering plumes of ash and debris resembled a giant smoke man, possibly an Earth spirit or fire elemental.

You can clearly see the creatures head, body and limbs as it towers above the city below. Its one fiery red eye seems to be scanning the terrain as it moves forwards.

What makes this sighting even more believable is that the giant figure was photographed a number of times from several different angles.

Giant monster rises from the ash of a smoking volcano - Monsters That Have Been Spotted in Real Life


This picture was captured by Hariet Grunewald who lives in the nearby town of Puerto Montt.

‘When I heard the eruption I rushed to the window of my house and just started taking photos and then I saw this man appear. At first I thought perhaps it was just me who could see him. But when I showed my friends and family they all agreed.’ Grunewald said.

The appearance of the smoking giant had many locals terrified. Some even thought that it may have been a sign from God.

Local resident, Juanma Ortiz Arredondo noted that “An erupting volcano is God’s way of showing he is unhappy. This smoke man is probably a message. That he is keeping a watch on us and our behaviour.’

Could it be possible that the volcanic eruption actually unleashed some sort of spirit or demon from deep inside the earth? Or is it all just a striking coincidence? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

6. Megalodon

This video, uploaded to Ken Ho’s YouTube channel in August, 2010, purports shows what many believe to be a living megalodon.

Scientists have suggested that the megalodon probably looked like a stockier version of a great white shark and was known to have grown up to 18 meters (59 feet) in length!

Megalodons are thought to have gone extinct around 2.6 million years ago and it is believed that they probably died out due to oceanic cooling brought on by the ice ages. That, coupled with fewer suitable breeding grounds and a decline in food sources are all believed to have contributed to its demise. However, some believe that several specimens may have survived and could still be living in the deepest parts of the ocean.

This footage is said to have been captured while scientists were laying bait deep in the Marina Trench. Several smaller sharks are seen eating the bait when suddenly a gigantic shark swims past. Its head, gills and fins are all visible as it slowly moves towards one of the bait cages.

While the shark seen in this clip is certainly not 59 feet long, it is extremely large. But is it large enough to actually be a Megalodon?

5. Werewolf

This video, uploaded to America’s YouTube channel in February, 2015, shows some sort of bizarre creature roaming around late at night. The video, which was supposedly captured somewhere in Brazil has many viewers wary that a werewolf might actually be on the loose.

The creature is seen bounding around on all fours and appears to be able to move very fast. At one point, the camera manages to catch a closer look at its face. It has an elongated snout similar to that of a dog or wolf. Naturally, this lead several viewers to suggest that the video might have actually captured evidence of a real life werewolf.

Since the video first surfaced, the creature’s identity has been heavily scrutinized. It has been labelled everything from a bear or ape to werewolf and some claim that it might even be some sort of hybrid pig-faced humanoid. Others with a more skeptical viewpoint were quick to point out that it may simply be a prankster wearing a costume and mask.

What do you think? Have this backyard camera actually captured proof of a werewolf? Or is it something else entirely?

4. Thunderbird

This video is purported to show evidence of a thunderbird – a giant creature from Native American mythology. The thunderbird, which  is considered a supernatural being of power and strength was thought to exist only in legend however, fossil records show that some giant birds with wingspans of up to 5 meters (16 feet) likely coexisted alongside early man.

More recently, several sightings of extremely large birds have been reported.

On 26th April, 1890 a story appeared in the Tombstone Epitaph claiming that two ranchers had chased and killed ‘a winged monster that resembled an alligator.’

The beast was described as having a smooth, featherless body with large wings composed of a thick and nearly transparent membrane. It had a large head with sharp teeth and an extremely elongated tail. The creature was said to have measured 90 feet (27.4 meters) in length and have a wingspan of 160 feet (48.8 meters).

The photo below is believed by some to show a similar beast to that caught by the ranchers however, skeptics generally consider this picture to be a hoax.

Thunderbird captured by hunters - Monsters That Have Been Spotted in Real Life

While the beast described in the story printed in the Tombstone Epitaph if often thought to have been a thunderbird, it actually sounds more like some sort of pterosaur.

One of the most bizarre reported sightings of a thunderbird is the encounter three boys had in Lawndale, Logan County, Illinois. At about 9 pm, the boys where chased by two large birds while playing in a residential backyard. Two of the boys managed to escape unharmed however, the third boy, Marlon Lowe was reportedly grabbed by the bird’s claws and lifted into the air. The boy struggled and the bird eventually dropped him after he was carried for some distance.


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