Mass Disappearances Police Still Can’t Figure Out

What could have happened?

2. The Martin Family

Mass disappearances that police still can't figure out

The Martins were a happy family busy celebrating with Christmas festivities in 1958. The fact that this tragedy struck an entire family and the festive holiday atmosphere makes this case one of the more grim mass disappearances on this list.

Kenneth and Barbara Martin left their home with their three daughters: Barbie, Susan, and Virginia. Their plan was to gather greenery to make Christmas decorations for their home. When Kenneth didn’t arrive at work two days later, the family was reported missing.

There is little evidence about the family’s movements that weekend. In addition, authorities noted that the family hadn’t taken clothing from the house or money from their bank account; they had even left dishes in the drying rack and laundry in the wash when they left that morning. The house showed no signs of a struggle.

Three months later, a rig drilling in the Dalles River hit something unusual. Police were called, and the bodies of Susan and Virginia were recovered from the site. What makes this case truly baffling is that the other three bodies and the family’s car were never located. If the family had met with some sort of accident, why weren’t all five bodies found together? This question still plagues investigators to this day.

1. Franklin’s Lost Expedition

Mass disappearances that police still can't figure out
University of Waterloo

In 1845, two ships set sail under the guidance of experienced arctic explorer, Sir John Franklin, to explore the Northwest Passage. This was meant to be a long voyage, and over a year into the trip, the ship became icebound in the Victoria Straights. All 129 members of the crew were lost and presumed dead.

Over 150 years later, expeditions are still being mounted to the site where Franklin’s ships met their grim fate. Explorers who have investigated the wreckage of the ships have found a number of startling pieces of evidence that present more questions than answers.

For example, when investigators examined the bodies of the deceased crew members that were found in the area, they noted what appeared to be signs of cannibalism. However, the ship was still stocked with food when it was discovered. Why would they have resorted to this barbaric practice when they still had a supply of food? In addition, the body of one crew member was found preserved in the surrounding ice. When the body was autopsied, medical examiners found that the body had already been autopsied and the organs put back inside in a jumbled mess. Who would have performed this procedure?

Another baffling aspect of the wreckage is the lack of records. The ship carried numerous cylinders in which to store records of the trip. The cylinders were found, but there was no trace of the records. What happened to them? Some say that the British government is covering up the contents of the records by claiming they never existed.

Although this case has abundant evidence, many questions still remain. We may never know the truth behind this case: one of the most baffling mass disappearances in history.

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