Cursed Movies That Still Haunt The Cast and Crew

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These are the most cursed movies ever made. It isn’t unusual for movie productions to have setbacks. However, sometimes the cast and crew for a film face so many horrific tragedies that they begin to believe that the production may be cursed. Below, read about 10 cursed movies that gave the cast and crew way more than they bargained for.

10. The Passion of the Christ

This is one of many cursed movies that still haunt the cast and crew

The Passion of the Christ was no stranger to controversy. However, numerous accidents on set led many of the actors to believe they were working on the set of one of the most cursed movies they would ever be involved with. Some even believed that the mishaps were signs from God that the movie shouldn’t be made.

Perhaps the most unusual accident on the set of this film is shocking simply because of the odds: the star of the movie and its assistant director were both struck by lightning. The odds of this happening twice during filming must be astronomical.

In addition to the lightning, the film’s star, Jim Caviezel, suffered from numerous other unexpected injuries. He came down with hypothermia and pneumonia, dislocated a shoulder, and was accidentally hit with a real whip during one scene. The actor playing Jesus certainly seemed to have a dark cloud following him during this film.

9. The Wizard of Oz

This is one of many cursed movies that still haunt the cast and crew

The Wizard of Oz may seem like a wholesome family movie, but many of the actors described the set as hellish. Judy Garland, the lead in the movie, later claimed that she worked a grueling schedule, only allowed one meal per day and fed barbiturates to keep going. She ended up addicted and died of an overdose at age 47. Certainly, The Wizard of Oz was a cursed movie for her.

Although Garland’s suffering can be blamed on those running the set, other incidents are certainly eerier. For example, both of the actors who took on the role of the Tin Man suffered from painful allergic reactions to the silver makeup. The first actor was even hospitalized. Additionally, the actress playing the Wicked Witch suffered from severe burns and several of the actors playing flying monkeys were injured when the wire that allowed them to “fly” snapped.

8. Superman

This is one of many cursed movies that still haunt the cast and crew
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According to those who have worked on movies in the Superman franchise, the role of the Man of Steel carries a terrible curse. The actors in many of the cursed movies in the franchise suffered unfortunate consequences after taking the role.

The first two actors to wear the cape, Kirk Alyn and George Reeves, struggled to find work after acting in the Superman movies. These struggles drove both of them to depression. The next Man of Steel, Christopher Reeve, also struggled to find other roles. However, the Superman curse hit him harder; in 1995, he was paralyzed after being thrown from a horse. He later died from a heart attack brought on by routine antibiotics.

Perhaps the biggest tragedy was Lee John Quigley, who played an infant Superman in 1978. He was often bullied, which led him to abuse solvents. He died at age 14 as a result of this addiction.

7. Poltergeist

This is one of many cursed movies that still haunt the cast and crew
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Poltergeist was certainly a creepy movie franchise, but was it cursed? Many of the people involved in creating the series seem to think so. Two members of the film’s cast died while the series was being made. This may not seem like much to base a curse on, but the fact that the two actresses were so young makes their untimely deaths seem too eerie for coincidence.

Dominique Dunne died at age 22 when her ex-boyfriend strangled her. Heather O’Rourke, the lead child actress in all three films in the franchise, died unexpectedly because of complications when she had a bowel obstruction. She was 12 when she died.

6. Rosemary’s baby

This is one of many cursed movies that still haunt the cast and crew
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Some call Rosemary’s Baby one of the most cursed movies ever made. Unlike many of the other films on this list, the tragedies didn’t begin until after the movie was made. However, after filming ended, those working on the film suffered misfortune after misfortune.

Krzysztof Komeda, the film’s composer, died after falling onto rocks at a party; this accident mirrors one of the deaths that the film portrayed. The next year, producer William Castle was hospitalized with kidney stones that were so severe he began hallucinating; his hallucinations were of scenes from the film. Even Ira Levin, who wrote the novel on which the movie was based, suffered. His marriage fell apart and he spent the remainder of his life feeling guilty and afraid of the book he had written.

However, the most horrifying tragedy struck the film’s director, Roman Polanski. His pregnant wife was brutally murdered by members of the Manson family. Many blame Satanic influences for the activities of the Mansons.


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