David Hasselhoff Like You Have Never Seen

Can you handle this much Hoff?

David Hasselhoff knows the score and it seems he is always winning. With those baby blue eyes, German perm and Persian rug chest hair, they don’t call him the Night Rider for nothing. The only question is…can you handle this much Hoff? Well can you?

Sock it to me Hoff

A young David Hasselhoff poses for a photo in just shorts and socks.

Digital Spy

Double Denim David

David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight in Night Rider.

Digital Spy


“Penis Pump? No, I use this to tease out my hair.”

A young David Hasselhoff exercising with some sort of machine.

Digital Spy


“Hi, I’ll be your waiter this evening.”

The Hoff posing in front of a red circle.

Comic Vine


“Blue Steel? More like Velvet Hoff!”

the Hoff and KIT in Knight Rider.

Giant Life


“Iced Hoffee anyone? I know you want me inside of you!”

David Hasselhoff iced coffee sign.



“Sorry Hoff. I mistook your chest hair for my nest.”

David Hasselhoff with an eagle.



David showing off his K.I.T.

David Hasselhoff in blue underwear

The Data Lounge


Merry Christmas! Hoff! Hoff! Hoff!

David Hasselhoff dressed as Santa Claus.

Daily Mail Australia


What can I say? Bitches love the Hoff!

David Hasselhoff posing naked with puppies.


When your Baywatch days turn into Baywatch Nights, may all your dreams be filled with horribly vivid images of a virtually naked Night Rider! Now you know why you should never ‘Hassel the Hoff!’