10 Creepiest Museums in the World

Would you visit any of these creepy museums?

Museums are vital for helping us preserve human history. There are thousands of them all over the world, covering some truly fascinating wonders. Of course, some museums are creepy reminders of some truly unspeakable horrors… Here are ten of the creepiest museums in the world.

10. The Medieval Torture Museum

The Medieval Torture Museum is one of the Creepiest Museums in the World
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The Medieval Torture Museum is a monument to the many ways that humans have hurt and abused each other over the centuries.

Located in Saint Augustine, this museum features an extensive collection of deadly torture devices, as well as detailed descriptions on how they were used. Eerie music helps set the mood and there are many anguished mannequins to help bring all the gruesomely sadistic situations to life.

Even the names of the torture instruments are disturbing! There’s the “Spanish Spider”, the “Coffin Cage” and the deadly “Heretic Fork”. The horrifying applications of these included extreme isolation, physically mutilating female prisoners, and denying prisoners sleep. As you can no doubt tell, this museum has a very dark and tragic history.

9. Vent Haven Museum

The Vent Haven Museum is one of the Creepiest Museums in the World
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Ventriloquist dummies have rightfully earned a reputation for being creepy. They’re often portrayed as receptacles for demons, so it’s not surprising that most people don’t want to be alone in a room with one. But if you pay a visit to the Vent Haven Museum in Kentucky, you can be alone with over 900 of them! Imagine being stared at by 900 pairs of cold vacant eyes. Sounds like a living nightmare!

This creepy collection was started by an eccentric and wealthy amateur ventriloquist named William Shakespeare Berger. Berger blew his vast fortune acquiring over 500 of the dolls, and only created the museum because his personal collection grew too big for his garage.

The Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum has since gone on to become the world’s largest collection of ventriloquist dummies and artefacts.

8. Musee Dupuytren Museum

The Musee Depuytren is one of the Creepiest Museums in the World
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Musee Dupuytren is a museum in Paris that’s known for its disturbing collection of diseased and deformed medical specimens. It was opened in 1835 by an esteemed French surgeon with a macabre penchant for collecting organs, bones and foetuses!

Over the centuries, the collection has grown to over 6,000 grotesque specimens. It includes jars filled with mutated body parts, conjoined twins, and babies with exposed internal organs. There are also wax models with confronting birth defects and the preserved brains of patients with the neurological disorder aphasia.

No doubt this is a valuable collection for medical enthusiasts, but it’s also terrifyingly unnerving.

7. Siriraj Medical Museum

The Siriraj Medical Museum is one of the Creepiest Museums in the World
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The Siriraj Medical Museum is a museum in Bangkok that chronicles every disturbing facet of death.

Here you’ll find such stomach-churning sights as human bodies ravaged by murderers, displays that exhibit the effects of knife and bullet wounds, and the mummified remains of a notorious Thai cannibal!

Despite the disturbing nature of its exhibits, this museum is one of Thailand’s most popular attractions! It’s certainly a unique and memorable experience.

6. The Glore Psychiatric Museum

The Glore Psychiatric Museum is one of the Creepiest Museums in the World

Visitors and unassuming tourists claim a dark and ominous energy hangs over the Glore Psychiatric Museum. This museum, found in St. Joseph, Missouri, opened in 1967 – though it originally served as the state’s ‘lunatic asylum’ back in 1874.

The museum consists of carefully preserved artefacts that were originally used during treatments. Here you’ll find confronting reminders of the torturous and inhumane conditions that patients were kept in.

One such display is the ‘Lunatic Box’, a barely ventilated coffin that patients were placed in to calm down. Patients were also strapped into a chair and made to bleed for months on end because of a theory that excess blood caused mental disorders. Then there was a giant wheel that patients were forced to run on non-stop to tire out their mental demons.

To complete the experience, there are also electroshock devices, antiquated tools that were seemingly ripped straight out of a horror movie, and macabre artwork and graphs detailing all the suffering and diseased minds.


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