Creepiest Drone and GoPro Footage Ever Captured

These Drones and GoPros Have Captured Some Really Scary Things

5. Creepy Abandoned Statues


This eerie footage was captured by a drone in Croaker, Virginia. The heads are what remains of 43 presidential busts that where moved to a private farm after the President’s Park tourist attraction was shut down in 2010.

The collection of 20 foot tall heads featured every US President from George Washington to George W. Bush. The move to the farm damaged many of the heads with Abraham Lincoln now sporting a gaping hole in the back of his head while Ronald Reagan has only half a face thanks to a lighting strike.

After an attempt to raise enough money to move the heads to a new museum failed, they have just been left in this field to slowly decay away.

4. Drone Spots Shark At Beach

Shark spotted near swimmers at beach - Creepiest Drone and GoPro Footage Ever Captured

This scary footage was captured by a drone at a beach in Miami, Florida. The drone’s operator originally thought he had videoed some sort of moving shadow but after zooming in, realized it was actually a 9 foot tiger shark! The shark is swimming unusually close to the shore and comes dangerously close to several unaware swimmers!

Luckily, the beast wasn’t hungry or these beach goers would have surely ended up as shark food.

3. Clown Seen Running Through Woods

Clown spotted running though the woods by a drone - Creepiest Drone and GoPro Footage Ever Captured

This footage was captured by a drone in October, 2016. It shows a figure running through a clearing in a forest in an unknown location. If you look closely, you can see that the figure is actually wearing a clown costume. We can only speculate about what the clown is up to, however you get the sense that it probably isn’t good.

This footage has striking similarities to a video captured around the same time in the town of Huntsville, Alabama. YouTuber, Golden Hour claims he was filming some footage for his Instagram when he managed to spot a mysterious clown lurking in a cornfield. When he realizes that he is being filmed, he starts to run. The drone gives chase but eventually loses sight of the clown when he enters a nearby woodland.


While the clowns seen in these two videos appear to be wearing different costumes, could it be possible that the sightings are somehow related? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

2. Grey Creature Captured by GoPro


In 2017, YouTuber, Beqson Producton captured some very creepy GoPro footage while out riding his bike. In the video, he can be seen travelling along a bike path when suddenly a mysterious grey creature jumps out in front of him from on top of a wall. He narrowly avoids hitting the creature as he swerves his bike to the right. The YouTuber claimed that he actually saw the creature a few seconds before it appears in the video. It was perched above him on the wall and that gave him a few seconds extra to react when it jumped down in front of his bike.

Initially, he thought it was just a dog. However, when he reviewed the footage he realized that he had actually captured something else entirely. If you slow the footage down, you can see that the creature looks like some sort of grey humanoid, however it is extremely agile and moves more like a cat. Just as it jumps from the ledge it makes a strange noise.

The biker stops to see what he almost hit but by the time he turns around, the creature is gone.

What has this biker actually captured on his GoPro? Is this evidence of some sort of strange cat-like humanoid or is it nothing more than a cleaver editing job? What do you think this creature could be?

1. Ghost Spotted at Morgue


This creepy footage was captured by two security guards working in a morgue. The lights flash on and off as a loud banging noise can be heard coming from the end of a corridor. The guards decide to investigate. As they make their way down the corridor you can see that the source of the noise is actually the door to a fire hose cabinet that is repeatedly opening and closing.

Just as the pair reach the banging door, it stops and the lights turn off. They open the door and look inside but there is nothing there.

When this video first surfaced, many claimed that it could easily have been staged. However, if the footage was a hoax, it is unlikely that the guards would have had control over the light which mysteriously turns off just as the door stops banging.

Could this be the work of a restless spirit trapped inside the morgue? Or have these security guards simply orchestrated an elaborate hoax? Either way, it makes for a very creepy video.