7 Weird Zelda Mario Crossovers you never knew existed!

Guest Post from our friends over at Mario Mayhem

Today we have something a little special from our friends over at Mario Mayhem. It’s a gaming Easter egg hunt through the mystical lands of Hyrule and the Mushroom Kindom. So dust off those orange Dorito dipped fingers, pull up your trackies and prepare your eyebrows to raise somewhat. Enjoy!

7 Weird Zelda Mario Crossovers you never knew existed!

Super Mario and Zelda in the one post, it doesn’t get much more Nintendo than that! These games however seem to share more than just the console that they are brought to us on. Both Zelda and Mario were created by the master mind Shigeru Miyamoto and this perhaps already explains some of the cameos, Easter eggs and other bits and pieces that these two legendary game series share!

Join us now if you will, through a journey of 7 Weird and Wonderful Mario and Zelda crossovers you never knew existed!

1. Super Mario stole the fire bar

The old firebar/fire stick might be solidly associated with Super Mario now but it was actually originally designed for Zelda!

Zelda wanted it but either way it's a good example of Weird Zelda Mario Crossovers

Because the 2 classics were actually being developed at the same time some gaming elements and ideas were still being decided on if they were more Mario or Zelda style.

However the Mushroom Kingdom’s Piranha Plant also made its way into Zelda under the interesting enemy name “Manhandla”!

A great example of Weird Zelda Mario Crossovers

2. The Bowser Broach

Have you played Ocarina of Time lately? Go and check out Lon Lon Ranch and take a close look at Malon.

Check out her Broach! Talk about a Bowser Supporter! Talon (her father) also wears one.

That traitor! Here is a good example of Weird Zelda Mario Crossovers

3. Mario and Zelda Cereal

Nothing spells appetizing like “Nintendo Cereal System”. After all let’s not forget that “this tastes super!”

Way to sell out Mario.

Back in the 90’s Mario and Zelda even shared a cereal! Apparently you even got a random sticker in every box…

Mario and Zelda cereal is an example of Weird Zelda Mario Crossovers

4. The Talon and Ingo bros

Side by side it becomes obvious that old Talon and Ingo may as well be plumbers too!

Notice any similarities between Talon and Ingo and Mario and Luigi?

A great example of Weird Zelda Mario Crossovers

5. Fairy fountain theme is a lie

Even if you don’t know it by name the famous “fairy fountain theme” is almost synonymous with Zelda and features in many of the games.

This theme however was actually first used in Super Mario Bros 3 (SMB3) as the over world theme for the water land.

The Warp Whistle is an example of Weird Zelda Mario Crossovers

The noise the warp whistle makes from SMB3 is also used in the title screen theme for the Ocarina of time! You can get the SMB3 warp Whistle sound here! 

6. Wart was in Link’s awakening

That’s right, Wart from SMB2 had a Cameo in Link’s Awakening as the character “Mamu” (which is also Wart’s name in the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2).

This game also features other Mario themed cameos ranging from Goombas to pet Chain chomps and apparently even a Yoshi Doll in one of the mini games!

mamu is an example of Weird Zelda Mario Crossovers

7. Mario Pics in Hyrule Castle

There is another Mario Easter egg hiding in the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time!

If you look in the windows of Hyrule Castle you can see pictures of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser and Peach.

An example of weird Zelda Mario crossovers

I also suspect that re-using characters from other game franchises not only decreases Nintendo’s costs of character creation but also acts as a nice little cross promotion between the two games! Works for me!

Check out the video below for the more lazy video game fan:

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