Crazy world records. Could you beat these?

Feeling stupid? Give a crazy record a try

Fame. Everybody craves it! Even if it does mean doing something so stupid that no one else will ever dare attempt it. These wacky folks have found a backdoor to immortality. Want your 15 minutes? See if you can break one of these crazy world records.



Most Snails on Your Face

Crazy world records. Most snails on your face.


This daring lad is 11 year old Fin Keheler from Utah. Amazingly, Fin entered the record books by attaching 43 snails to his face. With the help of these slimy little suckers, Fin beat the previous record held by some other idiot who didn’t mind having snails crawl all over their face either.


Farthest Distance Covered by Squirting Milk From Your Eye

Crazy world records. Farthest Distance Covered by Squirting Milk From Your Eye


Ilker Yilmaz from Turkey managed to squirt milk a mind boggling 9 feet 2 inches to claim this ridiculous record. Coincidentally, Ilker also holds the record for Turkey’s most ineligible bachelor. Bet he makes a great coffee though!


Longest Distance Thrown in a Car Accident

Crazy world records. Longest Distance Thrown in a Car Accident


In 2004 , Matthew McNight was hit by a car and sent flying 118 feet through the air, claiming this bizarre record. In the process he broke his pelvis, shoulder, leg and tailbone. I’m sure you will agree that it was a small price to pay for… wait for it…LEGENDARY STATUS!


 Heaviest Car Balanced on Head

Crazy world records. Heaviest Car Balanced on Head


English citizen, John Evans managed to balance a 352 pound Mini on his head for a spine crushing 33 seconds. Why you ask? I’m not sure. Maybe he couldn’t find a park at the shopping center.


World’s Fastest Toilet

The world's fastest toilet.

What Culture

Colin Furze is to men what Carrie Bradshaw is to women. This bloke has managed to combine a man’s two greatest loves – fast things and sitting on the toilet, into one extraordinary thrill-ride. This beast of a machine is equipped with a 140 cc engine and can reach speeds of 55 miles (over 88 km) per hour! The ‘dump truck’ also has a button on the handle bars that allows the driver to flush the toilet while at top speed! Too bad if you’re travelling behind.


Most Sexual Innuendos in a Potato-Themed Rap Song

Record Setter


Apparently Eminem and P-Diddy don’t know anything when it comes to producing rap songs about relevant street themes. They have totally missed a huge market segment by ignoring sexually charged potato-based anthems. Billy Disney seized this opportunity and is now the poster boy of potato fanciers everywhere!