7 Scariest Things Caught on Camera While People Were Sleeping

Maybe Sleep With The Light On Tonight?!

From a photo of a ghostly figure seen looming over a patient during a sleep test to a creepy clown caught on CCTV trying to break into a house, we count the 10 scariest things caught on camera while people were sleeping.

7. The Mysterious Hat Man

The Hat Man appears while people are sleeping - 7 Scariest Things Caught on Camera While People Were Sleeping

People all around the world often report a male presence watching over them as they sleep. Thousands of individual sightings have been described by people from all walks of life, yet somehow they all characterize the same figure – a tall, slender man who is always wearing a wide brimmed hat.

In 2017, a woman captured this unsettling photo while she was dozing in her bed. She was listening to a podcast and just as she began drifting off she felt a dark, ominous presence in the room and glanced over to the window. She claims that a tall figure with a hat was standing by her bed, watching intently. She reached for her phone and took a photo but quickly realized there was no one in the room.

When she looked at the photo however, she couldn’t believe what she saw. There was a solid black figure standing in the room wearing what looked like a top hat.

There are several scientific explanations for shadow people sightings. People who suffer from sleep paralysis often report being watched by shadow beings. They say dark entities enter their room and watch them sleep. Some neuroscientists suggest that these conditions cause the sufferer to wake in a heightened emotional state which can cause a mild hallucination – in this case moving shadows.

The most striking aspect about this phenomenon is that the reports are all so congruent. They all describe almost the exact same thing – a dark, ominous figure that watches them as they sleep.

How is it that thousands of people around the world all see the exact same figure? If you or anyone you know has ever seen The Hat Man let us know about it in the comments section.

6. Intruder Enters Couples’ Apartment

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSMz_od1B9E[/embedyt]

In 2016, this creepy video surfaced of an intruder entering a Chicago home while the couple slept on the couch. The footage, captured on the home security camera shows the man peering down from on top of the stairs. He managed to enter the house through and unlocked door and moved so quietly that he didn’t even wake the couple’s two dogs that were sleeping at their feet.

Homeowner, Jack Mackercher and his girlfriend, Jordan Buranskas had no idea that the intruder had even entered their home until Buranskas noticed that her purse was missing. Mackercher thought that she may have left it at the restaurant the night before so they watched the security footage to help re-trace their steps.

At first, Mackercher thought the figure wearing the white hoodie who was standing at the top of the stairs was his girlfriend. However, the couple soon realized that it was actually an intruder and were immediately terrified.

The thief, who was thought to be responsible for several break-ins in the area was quickly given the nickname ‘The Creeper Ghost.’ After examining the footage, police patrols were stepped up in the area.

5. Masked Man Caught on Camera

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUPV6FOLh0Y[/embedyt]

On New Year’s Eve, 2015, a man wearing nothing but a Ronald Reagan mask and a sock was caught lurking outside reality TV Star, Danielle Yancey’s Alabama residence.

The security camera footage shows the creeper crouching outside the house and peering into the windows.

Danielle’s husband, Bart had just taken out the trash when he caught a glimpse of the shadowy intruder. He yelled at the man and briefly gave chase whilst calling 911 from his cell phone.

Danielle Yancey, who is the star of the TV show, Jersey Belle, posted the footage to her Facebook page in an effort to identify the masked invader. After the footage went viral, the man came forward and issued an apology, saying that he was part of a group that had approached the house as part of a dare.


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