6 Creepers Caught Living in Other People’s Houses

Don't Forget to Check Under Your Bed!

From a man found hiding under a couple’s bed to a woman found living on the top shelf of a man’s closet we count 6 creepers caught living in other people’s houses.

6. Murderer Living in The Attic

Theodore Coneys - 6 Creepers Caught Living in Other People's Houses


Theodore Coneys was born on the 10th November, 1882. He suffered from poor health and was told by doctors not to expect his 18th birthday. He didn’t finish high school and had a series of jobs but spent much of his life homeless. He was a frail man who resented the way he was treated by others, often expressing that he wanted a place where he could be alone and free from the judgement of others.

In September 1941, Coneys visited Philip Peters, an old acquaintance who lived in Denver, Colorado. Coneys went there with the intention of asking Peters for some money but when he arrived, Peters was not home so he broke into the house. In a closet he found a small door that led into a cramped attic space.

Coneys lived in the space undetected for more than five weeks. He would occasionally venture out for food when he was sure Peters was not around. One day when Coneys thought Peters had left the house, he made his way into the kitchen to take some food from the refrigerator. However Peters, was in another room napping. He heard a noise and went to the kitchen to investigate. Peters confronted the startled Coneys who clubbed him to death with an old pistol before returning to the safety of his attic space.

When Peters failed to visit a neighbor’s house for dinner that evening, the police were called. They found no sign of forced entry and could not explain what had happened. They noted the small door in the closet but believed that a normal sized man could not have fit into such a tiny space.

Soon after, Peters’ wife who had been in hospital recovering from a broken hip, returned to live in the house. The frail Mrs Peter’s hired a housekeeper to help out with daily duties. However, it wasn’t long before the housekeeper began to notice things going missing and she swore that she would sometimes see strange shadows in the hallways late at night. Convinced that the house was haunted, the housekeeper quit, forcing Mrs Peters to move to Western Colorado to live with her son.

Coneys remained in the empty house and neighbors would often report ghostly noises as well as strange lights turning on and off in the middle of the night.

On 30th July, 1942, police were performing a routine check of the property when they heard a lock click on the second floor. They quickly ran upstairs just in time to see Coneys legs protruding from the door in the closet.

He was taken into custody and confessed to the murder of Philip Peters.

5. Ex-Boyfriend Found Living in Roof

Ex-boyfriend found living in woman's roof - 6 Creepers Caught Living in Other People's Houses

In 2012, Tracy, a resident of South Carolina thought that her house was haunted. She would often hear strange noises coming from the roof and nails would sometimes pop out from her bedroom ceiling.

Concerned, she asked her sons to investigate. Inside the attic, they discovered a man sleeping in one corner. The man was Tracy’s ex-boyfriend whom she had broken up with 12 years earlier. He was recently released from prison and had been living in her attic for about two weeks. He had packed several old coats into the heating unit and was sleeping inside to stay warm. The creepiest part was that the man had positioned himself next to an air vent that allowed him to watch Tracy as she slept!

It was thought that the man must have gained entry to Tracy’s house when she was out, climbing into the attic from a door in the hallway.

When the man was confronted he fled the house before police could arrive.

4. Woman Found Living on Man’s Shelf

Japanese woman found living on shelf in man's house - 6 Creepers Caught Living in Other People's Houses

In 2008, a man in Kasuya, Japan began to notice food going missing from his home. Confused, he decided to set up a surveillance camera that relayed images to his cell phone. One day while he was out he viewed the footage and was shocked to see a strange woman wandering around inside his house!

He promptly reported the break in to the police who arrived at his residence only to find that it was still securely locked. Once inside, they searched the house and eventually found 58 year old Tatsuko Horikawa hiding on the top shelf of the man’s closet in a room he rarely used.

Horikawa told police that she had been living on the closet shelf for more than a year. She had entered the house one day when the man left without locking the door.

Police described the intruder as looking neat and clean. When the man was out she would come down from the shelf to eat and even shower before promptly returning to her hiding spot.


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