5 Historical Mysteries That Have Left Experts Stumped

Do these mysterious events have rational explanations?

Here are 5 historical mysteries that are sure to make you wonder.

Often when we think of historical events, our thoughts immediately turn to major incidents such as the Civil War or the expeditions of Christopher Columbus. But there is more to history than the major events that are taught in school. From the mysterious moon-eyed people of Georgia to the disappearance of an entire village in Canada, world history is filled with unexplained events that are sure to leave you wondering.

5. The Strange Case of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B Cumpston

The strange tale of Mr and Mrs. Thomas B Cumpston is one of many Historical Mysteries That Have Left Experts Stumped
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In early December 1873, a very strange event took place in Bristol, England. On December 8th, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B Cumpston traveled to Bristol for a brief vacation. They checked into a quaint hotel, thinking that they would have a restful holiday, but what took place was a bizarre occurrence that frightened and confused them so much that they were arrested for disorderly conduct.

Early that evening the Cumpstons heard unusual noises emanating from the vicinity of their room. They promptly reported the disturbance to the proprietor, who while having heard the noises, didn’t really think too much about it. Eventually, the Cumpstons retired for the night, but they awoke at around 3am when they once again heard the strange noises. As they leapt from the bed, the Cumpstons discovered that not only had the disturbing sounds returned but it also seemed as if the floor was eroding beneath them.

Mrs. Cumpston immediately cried out for help, but their voices had taken on a strange hollow quality that gave the impression that their shouts were being echoed by disembodied entities. As the floor opened up, Mr. Cumpston found himself being pulled toward the chasm, only escaping when his wife pulled him to safety.

The frightened couple exited through a window and ran away into the night thinking that criminals had broken into their room intending to kidnap them. They made their way to a railway station, where they caused such a stir that they were arrested for disorderly conduct.

When they appeared in court, the proprietor of the hotel testified that while she had heard some unusual noises, she had not perceived them as any sort of threat. During the investigation, the police examined the couple’s room but didn’t find anything out of order. The court eventually decided that the Cumpstons had suffered from a shared hallucination and they were allowed to go.

No explanation has ever been given about what actually happened to the Cumpstons. One theory involves the possibility of a portal opening to a parallel universe. The mystery remains unsolved.

4. Fort Mountain and the Moon-Eyed People

Fort Mountain and the Moon-eye people is one of many Historical Mysteries That Have Left Experts Stumped

Located in Chatsworth, Georgia, Fort Mountain is a part of the Cohutta Mountains in the Appalachians. The mystery of Fort Mountain is the ancient rock wall located on the mountain. It’s an impressive structure, measuring 885 feet long with 29 pits, stone rings, cairns and the ruins of a gateway scattered along its path. In some areas, the wall is seven feet tall and 12 feet thick, but the average height is two to three feet tall. But who built this mysterious wall?

It was first thought that the wall was built as a fort by Hernando De Soto around 1540 as a defense against the Creek Indians, but this theory was abandoned when it was pointed out that De Soto was only in the area for approximately two weeks.

The most interesting and lasting theory actually comes from the Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee stated that the wall was built by a tribe of moon-eyed people. These individuals were called “moon-eyed” because they had pale grey eyes. They were also described as being smaller in stature than other native tribes and they were pale skinned. Cherokee legends state that this tribe lived in the area before the Cherokee arrived in the late 1700s and drove them out. The Cherokee went on to say that not only did the moon-eyed people build the wall; they also built a temple inside the fort that included a large stone snake with ruby stone eyes.

So, who were the Moon-Eyed people? A popular theory suggests that they were actually of Welsh descent. It’s thought that Welsh prince Madoc ab Owain Gwynedd left his homeland after his father passed away due to upheaval among the surviving sons fighting over their father’s land. Madoc set sail in 1170, and it’s thought that he landed in the vicinity of Mobile Bay, Alabama. Madoc eventually returned home and gathered resources as well as followers before returning to the Alabama region on ten ships. It was the last time that they would be heard from in Wales. Some historians think that Madoc and his colonists built the fortifications on Fort Mountain, along with a similar fortification near Desoto Falls, Alabama, which is said to be identical to the layout of Dolwyddelan Castle, Madoc’s birthplace. All of this has lead to the conclusion that the Moon-Eyed people were actually the descendants of Madoc and his people.

Historians, geologists and archaeologists still wonder about the origin of the fortifications on Fort Mountain. Many feel that the structures had some sort of ceremonial significance, while others think that the wall and other structures were intended for defense. Ultimately, the answers lay buried in the past, but it is interesting to note that many strange occurrences have occurred on Fort Mountain, including the sounds of phantom drum beats and the sighting of shadow figures that seem to be patrolling the ancient wall.

3. Lake Anjikuni Disappearance

The Anjikuni disappearance is one of many Historical Mysteries That Have Left Experts Stumped
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In November 1930, fur trapper Joe Labelle headed for an Inuit village located on the shores of Lake Anjikuni in Canada hoping for a warm and safe place to get in out of the cold for the night. Labelle was quite familiar with the little village, but what he found there that evening was rather disturbing.

The village was normally a bustling hive of activity, but when Labelle called out a greeting, the only response that he heard was the echo of his own voice dancing across the lake. Labelle immediately sensed that something was terribly wrong. There was no smoke coming from the chimneys, no voices to be heard in the distance, not even the barking of the sled dogs that resided in the village.

Labelle checked all of the shacks in the village, expecting to find that the villagers had packed their belongings and left. Instead, he found that food, weapons and personal belongings had all been abandoned. In some cases, Labelle even found meals prepared but left uneaten as well as half-finished chores that seemed as if they had been suddenly discarded. There was no sign of a struggle anywhere.

Even though he was cold and tired, Labelle exited the village and headed to a telegraph office located several miles away. He later admitted that the empty village frightened him and that he was concerned that he too would disappear as the villagers had.

Labelle sent an emergency message to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who immediately made their way to the village. Along the way, they stopped to chat with a local trapper who informed them that he had recently seen an unusual gleaming object in the sky that seemed to be headed right for the Anjikuni village. Once they arrived at the village, the Mounties not only confirmed Labelle’s account, they made even more bizarre discoveries.

Every tomb in the village burial ground had been opened and emptied, with the marker stones stacked in two orderly piles. Things continued to get more disturbing. The Mounties discovered the bodies of the village sled dogs, dead of starvation.

After an investigation, the Mounties came to the conclusion that the villagers had disappeared approximately eight weeks before Labelle’s arrival based on berries found in a cook pot. Other than an approximate time of the disappearance, the Mounties weren’t able to determine anything else, including where the villagers went.

So what happened to the missing villagers? Several theories have been tossed around, including alien abduction, angry ghosts, curses, and even vampires. The Mounties have since discredited the story as a legend, but there are simply too many accounts about the event to simply dismiss it.


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