50 Crazy Facts That Will Melt Your Mind!

Do You Know Any Of These Amazing Facts?

25. When you’re 31 years old, you experience your 1 billionth second of being alive.

24. 41-year old, Aitabdel Salem from Queens, New York spent five months in jail because he didn’t know his bail was $2.

23. Try multiplying 259 x your age x 39. Give it a go, the answer is quite surprising!

22. On April 18, 1930 a radio news report on the BBC announced that ‘there is no news’ at the beginning of their broadcast. They then played 15 minutes of piano music.

21. There is a Twitter profile, @big_ben_clock, that tweets ‘BONG BONG BONG’ on the hour, every hour.

20. Coca-Cola is 31 years younger than Italy.

19. A small bag of Skittles contains 50% of an eight year old’s daily recommended vitamin C.

18. A man by the name of Fred Lidgren holds the record for the most amount of text messages sent in one month. His staggering one month message streak comes in at 566,607. That’s around 18,887 texts per day, 787 per hour or 13 texts each and every minute.

Reportedly, his bill comes in a large parcel by Priority Mail.

17. There are so many varieties of apple in the world it would take more than 20 years to try them all.

16. There is a Pizza Hut perfume that smells like a pizza fresh out of the oven!

15. In 2013, an Australian pig stole 18 beers from a campsite. The wild animal got drunk, terrorised locals and eventually got into a fight with a cow.

14. Dogs can actually laugh. However, it’s hard to recognise as it sounds just like they’re panting.

13. The founder of Puma and the founder of Adidas, were actually brothers.

12. In 2013, a wealthy Michigan man purchased the house next to his ex-wife. To get back at her, he installed a giant bronze statue of a hand flipping the bird. He illuminates it with a flood light 24 hours a day for maximum facetiousness.

11.  If you put your finger in your ear and move it up and down, it sounds like Pac Man.

10. In 2013, a Texas man staged his own gun-point kidnapping in front of his wife just so he could go out drinking with his friends.

9. Blood donors in Sweden get a text message when their blood is used to save a life.

8. Misophonia is literally the hatred of sound. It can be exacerbated by the sound of other people eating, breathing or tapping a desk.

7. Panama is the only place in the world you can see the sun rise on the Pacific ocean and set on the Atlantic ocean.

6. Tom Monaghan, the founder of pizza chain Domino’s, met his wife on his first ever pizza delivery.

5. In 2012, a 46 year old man tracked down and attacked a teenage boy after he lost an online Call of Duty match to him.

4. Online messaging app, Snapchat was originally called ‘Picaboo’. It was designed to share explicit, self-deleting photos.

3. Conservationists in China dress up in panda costumes when they help captive-born panda cubs adjust to the wild.

2. The average person will walk past 36 murderers in their lifetime.

1. Americans eat 700 million pounds of peanut butter every year. That’s enough to coat the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

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