20 Photos You Have To Look At Twice

These Photos Look Fake But They Are Actually Real!

From a photo of a tree full of goats to a picture of a boy with a gigantic hand, we take a look at 20 photos you have to look at twice.

20. Aerial Ice Cream

A boy that looks like he is holding an ice cream made of clouds.


The ice cream the boy in this photo is about to eat looks light as a cloud. I wonder how many calories there is in a cumulonimbus?

19. Goats In A Tree

Goats climbing in a tree.

Web Ecoist

This amazing photo of an Argania tree in Morocco grows nuts that are so tasty even the local goats can’t resist climbing into the thorny branches to get a mouthful. After the goats have gorged themselves on nuts the farmers wait for them to poop out the seeds and then gather them up. The seeds are then pressed into Argan oil – the rejuvenating elixir of youth that thousands rub on their faces every day!

18. Uplifting Speech

A woman giving a speech at the beach that looks like the podium is hovering.


This amazing photo of a woman giving a speech creates the optical illusion that she is actually levitating! The wooden podium appears to be floating due to the shadow of a flag on the sand.

17. Cat Hair Combover

A photo of a cat that looks like its ear is part of the man's head.

Bored Panda

This perfectly timed photo of a cat and its owner will definitely make you look twice! It appears as though the brown fur on the cat’s left ear is actually the man’s hair and forehead!

16. High Flying Hijinks

Two US AIr Force jets flying, one is upside down.


This incredible photo of two US Air Force jets performing maneuvers looks fake but it is actually real! The picture was taken at just the right moment to make it look like the planes are actually touching!

15. Something’s Fishy

A photo of a fish on a rod in front of a man's head.

Viral Tales

This photo will make you do a double take! That’s a fish hanging from the rod in front of his face.

14. Dog In Heat

A photo of a dog that looks like it is breathing fire.


The dog in this photo looks like he has the power to breathe fire! Not ideal if you’re planning on taking Rover for a bush walk on a hot summer’s day.

13. Unwelcome Mat

A door mat designed to look like it is stairs leading to the basement.

Mighty Optical Illusions

The rug in this photo looks like a set of creepy old stairs, descending into the basement.

12. A Titanic Fail

A couple standing at the front of a boat and a seagull has flown into the woman's face.


When the couple in this photo decided to recreate the famous scene from Titanic, the last thing they expected was a wayward seagull to fly into the woman’s face!

11. Twin Trousers

College Humor

This photo captured the moment two identically dressed women hired a DVD. I wonder if they picked the same one?

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