15 Strangest Breakfast Cereals Ever Made

Have you tried any of these?

7. Sir Grapefellow

These are the strangest cereals ever made.

A follow-up to Count Chocula and Frankenberry, Sir Grapefellow was a World War One ace who dueled it out with Baron RedBerry. Unfortunately, the premise was just too out of date for kids in the 1970s and the grape-flavored cereal quickly left the shelves.

6. Sugar Corn-Fetti

These are the strangest breakfast cereals ever made

This was the first frosted corn flake cereal. Post released it in 1951, one year before Kellogg’s now famous Frosted Flakes. However, their execution was a little off, as the candy-coating was too hard. Corn-Fetti has been described as ‘sort of like eating little pieces of sweetened glass’. With an endorsement like that, it’s little wonder this cereal didn’t last.

5. Kellogg’s OJ’s

These are the strangest breakfast cereals ever made.

Introduced in 1985, OJ’s was an orange flavoured, ‘ready sweetened cereal’, described as having 10% real orange juice and having the Vitamin C of a 4 oz glass of orange juice. Featuring a cattleman mascot called O.J, Joe, he’d wrangle wild oranges with his lasso. I think it’s fairly obvious why this cereal didn’t last. Mmmmm, nothing like citrus and milk first thing in the morning.

4. New Kids on the Block

These are the strange breakfast cereals ever made

Yep, you heard that right – New Kids on the Block Cereal. Conceived in 1990, this fad cereal was set to tingle the taste buds of fans around the world, sadly though, it never made it to stores. A select number of boxes were produced and are now considered collectors’ items. I guess we’ll never know what it would be like to have New Kids on the Block in our mouths.

3. Prince of Thieves

These are the strangest breakfast cereals ever made.

Mmmmm, Kevin Costner inspired cereal. Released as a tie in for the 1991 movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves this box of dicks was apparently naturally-fruit-flavoured with multi-coloured sprinkles. Seriously though, take a look at what you’re eating!

2. Urkel O’s


Remember that dorky neighbour from the 1989 ABC sitcom, Family Matters? Yep, he had a tie in cereal. The capitalist, money-making-marketing-machine was on overdrive when it spat out this ridiculous product. Boasting nine essential vitamins and minerals, this strawberry and banana abomination quickly left supermarket shelves.

1. Cereal in a Can


That’s right, liquid cereal jammed in a can. Coming in four flavours – chocolate, apple & cinnamon, fruit, and peanut butter – it’s reported to be one of the worst canned products ever made. One consumer said it was the worst thing he ever ate, noting that the runny green liquid had chunks floating in it similar to slimy mucous. Mmmmm, one please!

So there’s our top 15 list of the strangest breakfast cereals ever made. Did this listicle make you wanna nom some breakfast? Let us know your all-time favourite cereal on our Twitter and Facebook.