4 Strange Casino Games That Actually Exist

Are you bored of the same old wagers? Then why not try some of these truly strange casino games. From betting on the decisions of a gerbil to hanging out for the longest bird call – these are some truly bizarre ways to gamble your hard earned dollars.

4. Tic Tac Toe Chicken

Strange casino games

Casinos across America have started pitting their punters against chickens in all out tic tac toe mayhem. That’s right, you can challenge a chicken to a tense game of naughts and crosses. Simply walk up, cuss the chicken out, make your move then wait as the bird aimlessly pecks around in its cage. It might actually press the button…eventually.

Some casinos have payouts as high as USD$10,000 if you can beat the chicken!

3. Rodent Roulette

As if betting on a ball randomly falling into slots wasn’t enough, now you can compulsively lose your money to a gerbil. The game itself is simple. Place a bet on a number, if the rodent, usually a gerbil decides to go into the hole that corresponds with your number – you win! I know right, easy money.

2. Dreidel

Strange casino games

While dreidel is traditionally a betting game, it’s normally played in living rooms with buttons or raisins the only thing at stake. However, some casinos across America are now hosting dreidel cash games, where punters battle it out by spinning the four-sided spinning top.

1. Belgian Birdsong

Fancy yourself an avian enthusiast? Do you know your crested loons from your tit warblers? Then you should head straight to Belgium to collect your license to print money. Casinos across Belgium have a game called ‘birdsong’ where birds in separate cages take it in turns to sing. Punters then place bets on which bird will sing the loudest and the longest.

Well there’s our quick listicle of strange casino games. Some people like to keep it simple and play casino games online, others like to have a flutter on the random pecking of a chicken – who are we to judge?