15 Creepiest Things Found On Google Maps

Some Very Strange Google Earth Images Indeed

7. Giant Graveyard

An aerial view of Wadi us-Salaam cemetery seen on Google Earth.

Amusing Planet

This eerie image is an aerial view of the Wadi us-Salaam cemetery in the holy city of Najaf, Iraq. Quite possibly the largest cemetery in the world, Wadi us-Salaam is the resting place for millions of Muslims. Even though the town is one of the biggest in Iraq, with a population of more than 600,000 there are far more in the cemetery with over than 1 million graves on site. The cemetery stretches for up to 10 km’s along the valley and this image makes for a creepy bird’s eye view.

6. Sinister Crew

Men in white overalls and face masks on Google Maps.

Street View Fun

This creepy Street View image has captured something very strange. The individual’s identities are completely concealed, all but one wearing white overalls and their faces are covered with black and white masks. It maybe a hoax but if it is, it is still unnerving. What do you think? Has Google captured something sinister taking place or is it just a harmless prank?

5. Lone Baby

A baby all by itself out the front of a Gucci store seen on Google Street View.

Business Insider

This is another one of those images that appears to be normal at first glance but after you stare at it for a few seconds, it becomes apparent. There is a baby all by itself on the pavement outside the Gucci store! No one else is in the photo so where are the baby’s parents? Could it be possible that the toddler crawled out of the store all on its own? Perhaps there is someone just out of shot or behind the pillar? What do you think is going on?

4. Mysterious Situation

A man in the boot of his car with a dog lying on the driveway seen on Google Street View.

Viral Nova

In 2010, this image captured on Google Maps created quite a stir on the internet. Taken outside the front of a house in Mannheim, south-west Germany, the picture shows what appears to be a naked man climbing out of the trunk of his car. The contents of the car seem to be by the fence and there is a dog lying in the driveway. What is going on is this photo? Is this man simply fixing his tail light? The image received so much attention that Google subsequently removed it from its archives.

3. Zombie Attack

Zombies in a graveyard seen on Google Maps.

This image captured on Google Street View is just downright creepy. It is almost certainly staged but still creepy nonetheless. Look at the zombie closest to the camera. He is actually standing inside a grave! Why would you do that? Looking at the address in the top left corner of the picture, it appears that it was taken in front of a haunted house. Let’s hope it was!

2. Murder Scene?

An aerial view that looks to show two people dragging a dead body on a pier seen on google Earth.

Buzz Nick

In 2013, user ‘ncav’ posted this image on Reddit claiming it was evidence of a murder near his house in Almere, Netherlands. The picture, seen on Google Earth appears to show two people with a dead body standing at the end of a peer. There looks to be a trail of blood left by the body as it was dragged along the ground. In addition to posting the photo ‘ncav’ said that he had alerted the local police.

After much internet speculation the mystery was finally solved. Turns out it was just a couple taking their dog for a walk. If you zoom in on the image you can see that the ‘body’ is actually a dog lying on the pier. The blood trails are nothing more than water streaks left by the dog that had probably jumped into the river.

Even though this one is solved, it is still a creepy image and unless you know the real story, it will give you chills just looking at it.

1. Lurking Creeper

A man crouched by the side of the road wearing a gas mask seen on Google Maps.

Hack Read

This image is either the creepiest hoax of all time or the most unsettling picture ever taken. It shows a man wearing a gas mask crouched in the bushes along the side of a country road. There appears to be nothing but bushland all around. If he was simply posing for the camera where did he come from? Has the Google Street View car captured a stalker waiting for an unsuspecting victim to take a stroll in the woods or is it just another well orchestrated prank?


That was the 15 creepiest things found on Google Maps. Have you seen any other scary or unexplainable things captured by Google? Let us know!