12 Offensive Board Games You’ve Probably Never Played

These board games are shocking!

Offensive board games. From a stereotyped Gay Monopoly to removing Jews from Germany, join us as we take a look at 12 offensive board games you’ve probably never played.

12. Subway Vigilante Board Game

Subway vigilante is a weird and offensive board game that involves players taking a ride from Brooklyn to the Bronx

With so much debate about U.S. gun laws at the moment this weird and offensive board game from 1985 is sure to rub some people the wrong way.

Armed with a handgun and six bullets, you and up to three other players attempt to survive a ride on New York’s subway network from Brooklyn to the Bronx. On your way you’ll face wave after wave of riff-raff bent on harassing you. Ultimately you’ll face the decision on whether you should use your gun for self-defense or not.

At the end of the game, the rules encourage an open discussion about vigilante violence and how you felt about the decisions you made to survive.

11. Big Funeral Board Game

This weird board game is called Big Funeral

Nothing says fun like arranging your own funeral. This bizarre board game created in 1964, pits players against each other to see who can win the most money to throw lavish funeral parties while still alive. The losers are sent to a place called ‘slob hill’ in an orange crate coffin. The aim of the game is to be the first player to accumulate $50,000 worth of funerals, hearses and tombstones.

The only problem is I think dying might actually be more fun than playing this weird board game.

10. Camel Cigarettes Card Game

This weird board game was produced by Camel Cigarettes.

Nothing like teaching kids about a cigarette company nice and early.

Produced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, this 2-6 player card game comes packaged in a big Camel cigarette packet. While the game itself is wholesome enough, it’s all just one big marketing campaign for Camel Cigarettes.

The crux of the game is to roll six dice with the letters C, A, M, E, L on them. Players then try to match their cards with the letters that roll up on the dice.

The weird thing is, the look and theme of the game seem mid-century but the game was actually produced in 1992. Smoke up, Johnny!

9. Amanda Knox Board Game

This weird board game is based on the Amanda Knox murder case

On a scale of 1 to distasteful this one is off the charts. Based on the 2007 Amanda Knox murder case in Perugia, Italy, players take the roles of various individuals that were present at the time of the incident. The aim of the game is to pursue variable, hidden goals as you move about the house where the murder took place. Turns are taken in real time as a sand timer moves along fifteen minute intervals represented by clocks at the bottom of the board. Dice are rolled each turn to move players around the apartment – it’s up to you whether you re-create or alter the tragic events that took place on the 1st of November 2007.

8. Beat the Border Game

This offensive board game is about drug trafficking - beat the board board game

At first glance this board game looks to deal with immigration issues but in actual fact it’s about smuggling drugs into the U.S. from Mexico.

2 – 4 players are tasked with getting into Mexico to score ‘kilos’. First they must find their sources Edwardo, Renaldo or Jose. Then it’s a matter of smuggling the score back into the U.S. where they must sell it. First player to sell enough product to hit a predetermined monetary figure wins!

7. Capital Punishment Board Game

This weird and offensive board game is called Capital Punishment

This weird board game has a strong agenda. Created in 1981 by Hammerhead Enterprises, this politically driven board game sees players roll the dice in a corrupt judicial system. The aim of the game is to get all four of your ‘criminals’ in life imprisonment, death row or the electric chair. Alternatively, a player may use two of his ‘liberals’ to manipulate the opposing players. These ‘liberals’ can remove the opposing players ‘criminals’ out of the ‘Path of Justice’ back onto the street. The objective here is to do it often enough that your opponent’s ‘Innocent Citizens’ become victims of violent crimes. The victims go to a section of the board called ‘heaven’ – I assume the ‘criminals’ don’t end up in this space.

If for some reason you want to play this game, it’s available here on Amazon. 


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