12 Offensive Board Games You’ve Probably Never Played

These board games are shocking!

6. Kill the Hippies Board Game

This weird board game is called Kill the Hippies

Take the role of a band of fundamentalist Christians bent on killing all hippies. The aim of the game is to kill or convert hippies using various religious relics. Players choose the length of the game depending on how many bohemian, alternative-types there are to kill.

So join your fanatical Christian brothers and sisters and rid the world of those pesky, non-conforming flower children once and for all.

5. Gay Monopoly

This weird board game is called gay monopoly

Created in 1983, Gay Monopoly is an unofficial version of the Parker Brothers’ well-known property trading game. Although this version has a rather queer twist. Players choose from a range of tokens including a jeep, teddy bear, blow drier, leather cap, handcuffs or a stiletto heel. Instead of owning properties, players build bars and bathhouses. The chance and community chest spaces are replaced with ‘camp’ and ‘family pride’ cards where players are encouraged to act out certain prompts like say ‘fabulous’ six different ways to earn money.

While this board game is intended to be tongue-in-cheek, the stereotypes and caricatures used in the game are sure to offend a few people.

Gay Monopoly was produced by Parker Sisters, a subsidiary of Fire Island Games. According to Board Game Geek, Parker Brothers sued Fire Island Games for copyright infringement ceasing all production of the game. Copies of the board game are now limited making it a valuable collectors item.

4. What Shall I Be? Career Girl Board Game

This offensive board game from the 60s is titled What Shall I Be? The exciting game of career girls

While the basic premise of this game is somewhat admirable, the career options for girls in this 1960’s board game were limited to: airline hostess, actress, nurse, model, ballet dancer.

The aim of the game is to move around the board collecting school cards, subject cards and personality cards. A player wins when they collect four school cards and two subject and personality cards that would suit that profession.

Aim high girls but not too high.

3. Darkies in the Melon Patch Board Game

Darkies in the Melon Patch is a really offensive board game

This vintage board game, believed to be released around 1910, sees players stealing chickens and watermelons from farms as they attempt to avoid punishment.

However, no one is certain on the origins of the game. Almost all copies sold on eBay and other sites have reported to be forged. Many have speculated that this offensive board game is actually a recent creation, conceived to titillate and evoke a response out of a gagging internet audience. It’s managed to achieve it’s objective as this board game has become a hot item on auction sites around the internet.

2. Juden Raus! Jews Out Board Game

This offensive board game called Jews Out was released pre-world war 2

Released just prior to World War 2 in 1936 by Günther & Co. this racially charged board game had players deporting Jewish people back to Mandatory Palestine.

Each phase of the game had players rolling the dice to move their ‘Jews’ along the board towards ‘collection points’ where they would be deported.

This offensive board game has become known as ‘history’s most infamous board game’, with a reported 1 million copies being sold in pre-World War 2 Germany.

There is a copy on display at the Holocaust Museum in the Wiener Library in Russel Square, London.

1. Four Little N***er Boys

Four little Nigger boys is a really offensive board game.

This board game is so offensive I can’t even say the name of it. Released in 1950, the aim of this game is to shoot these boys with a pop-gun rifle that fires corks. First player to get to an agreed points total wins.

Why are humans so cruel?

So there’s our list of 12 offensive board games. Did this listicle remind you of any ridiculous board games from your childhood? If so, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.